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More on Catholicism and Socialism October 11, 2010

Posted by Garibaldy in Irish History, Reaction, Religion.

Last week we had a link to Shane’s new blog where he had posted up Fr. Kane’s lectures attacked by Connolly in Labour, Nationality and Religion. This week he has come up with a lot more goodies drawn from Catholic pamphlets on socialism, Marxism and Communism.

Capital and Labour

Communism from the Inside from ex-Communist Douglas A. Hyde.

Christian Aspects of the Labour Question

Catechism of the Social Question

And two parts of a multi-part series by Father John Meagher on Communism: Its Foundations, Aims and Claims.

Marx the Man – an Idol with Feet of Clay

The Land of Make-Believe (an interesting title for someone who believes in the supernatural some might say).

Thanks once again to Shane for all this.

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1. WorldbyStorm - October 11, 2010

I like it!

2. EWI - October 11, 2010

(an interesting title for someone who believes in the supernatural some might say).

Now that’s putting it politely.

3. C. Flower - October 11, 2010

Thanks. Would you suggest any equivalent sources on the other side of the equation – irish socialist/atheist propoganda against the Church ?

4. HAL - October 11, 2010

I’d say Socialist/atheist propaganda would ask that you read the bible and any other church material you come across and then try and back it up.

Budapestkick - October 11, 2010


5. Paschal - October 11, 2010

The back of the cover of the Douglas Hyde book advertises Communism and Man. I remember buying a box of old left club publications in a charity shop back in the late seventies and that was left amongst them.I remember that there was a certain sadness about it. There was also a couple of books by the Dean of Canterbury, Soviet Strength was the one I remember.

Garibaldy - October 11, 2010

Soviet Strength sounds like a great read. The full list of Meagher’s series sounds fascinating.

6. RosencrantzisDead - October 12, 2010

I detect a frustrated poet in Meagher. Take this rather avant garde piece:


DublinDilettante - October 12, 2010

Is that about Papa Marx or God?

Garibaldy - October 12, 2010

If it were the latter, you may have outed the good father as a secret Nietzschean.

7. Starkadder - October 12, 2010

I remember Eamonn McCann stating he had come across an anti-Marxist magazine article with anti-semitic overtones from 1950s Ireland called “Marx the Man”.
Maybe he was reading what would become this pamphlet?

8. shane - October 12, 2010

Thanks again for the links Garibaldy. There’s also this by Fr EJ Coyne, SJ, from 1935. As with Fr Kane’s piece, they were originally given as Lenten lectures in Gardiner St. Unfortunately I only have part II.

Garibaldy - October 12, 2010

Good stuff Shane. I particularly liked the back cover of that new pamphlet.

“One of the most powerful weapons at our disposals for fighting Communism is prayer.”

Quite so.

shane - October 12, 2010

lol. In those days (and still in traditionalist churches) Low Mass was followed with these prayers intended for the conversion of Russia.

Garibaldy - October 12, 2010

No messing about there anyway.

9. shane - November 7, 2010

This may be of interest. (I have the full report (over 500 pages) – might scan it in sometime)

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