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Enda Kenny = Adolf Hitler. Apparently. July 28, 2011

Posted by Garibaldy in Crazed nonsense....

The last European leader to make such a blistering attack on the Pope was the ruthless German dictator Adolf Hitler.

No comment needed

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1. C. Flower - July 28, 2011

It is an attempt at appealing to our anti-Blueshirt sensibilities ?

Garibaldy - July 28, 2011

We can hope.

2. PanchoVilla - July 28, 2011


Perhaps they mean it in a positive manner?

3. Starkadder - July 28, 2011

Enda Kenny = “Otto von Bismarck” would probably have been a better choice. What’s “Kulturkampf” in Irish? ;)

WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2011


4. Niall - July 28, 2011

It’s a funny story, but I can’t help but feel a little uneasy about the way some people treat rants by parish priests as though they were offical RCC statements.

Budapestkick - July 28, 2011
LeftAtTheCross - July 28, 2011

Maybe so, but an opinion voiced publicly by a representative of any organisation, in that capacity, has to be treated accordingly. Same goes for members of political organisations, management of companies, football teams, whatever. It’s a responsibility of the job to accept that one can’t make public statements in a purely personal capacity without clarifying strongly that it IS in a personal capacity, especially if it’s going to be controversial or somehow contrary to the official line. I’d have thought anyhow.

WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2011

Tricky one though. You’re right LATC about the theoretical situation but it seems that at PP level it’s a lot more flexible.

LeftAtTheCross - July 28, 2011

WBS, I take your point but we don’t get parish newsletters here (I reckon the local CoI community think we’re RC and vice versa) so I don’t know the score on what passes as normal in that specific context. I’m just making the extrapolation from say a local party newsletter, it’s not the sort of platform for voicing inflammatory rhetoric that might have a dim view taken by head office, for example. Or likewise on say Facebook, people have to have the cop on to filter their personal peculiarities if they’re a well known public face of an organisation, whether that’s the RC or otherwise.

5. Niall - July 28, 2011

LATC, what you’re describing is what people should do. Unfortunately, as any of us who have been involved in any organisation will know, the kind of people who you’d rather kept their personal opinions private, are the kind of people who won’t think twice about voicing those opinions without making it clear that they are speaking in a personal capacity and not as a representative of an organsiation.

What we, as readers, need to do is make sure that we treat outlandish statements with a little caution and remember that members of organisations don’t always do as they should.

WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2011

True, and I’d also wonder what the mood inside the RCC, and I mean amongst church goers, is. Hard to think that this guys take is representative of it.

Niall - July 28, 2011

P.S. I attended a Mass last weekend. The priest who gave the sermon talked about how he, not for the first time, thought about leaving the priesthood again after the Cloyne report. He praised much of what Enda Kenny said and called on the state to start improving its own performance in regards child protection.

It’s not the kind of sermon that’ll make it to the papers.

WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2011

Yeah, that sounds more like it.

LeftAtTheCross - July 28, 2011

I have little sympathy or empathy with priests personally and I’d just make the point that it’s one thing thinking of resigning in protest, it’s anothe rthing actually carrying through with the courage of their convictions.

Same deal with Left-inclined LP members in the context of their misgivings with their parties participation in the gov’t austerity regime, and fair play to Helela Sheehan for her resignation from the LP the other day on that score.

Back to the priests again. Sure Bishop Martin comes across as a well-meaning guy with his heart in the right place, but is that enough to atone for the past organisational behaviour? While in parallel the RC lawyers haggle with the state over the monetary compensation and the deeds to the church properties to be transferred to state ownership. It smacks of good cop bad cop and little else.

Niall - July 28, 2011

LATC, I think that priests would make the point that the Catholic church is not an organisation, or at least, not just an organisation. It is a set of beliefs, and complicated ones at that.

If you hold the beliefs that define one as a Roman Catholic, you believe that leaving because men have proven unworthy of their roles is illogical.The priest I spoke of believed he has a vocation to pastor and preach the Gospel. For him, his vocation and ministery weren’t the kind of things he could make political statements with. To use them as a means to an end would have been wrong.

LeftAtTheCross - July 28, 2011

“For him, his vocation and ministery weren’t the kind of things he could make political statements with. To use them as a means to an end would have been wrong.”

…followed by…

“He praised much of what Enda Kenny said and called on the state to start improving its own performance in regards child protection. “

Is that not a political statement? Albeit with a small “p”.

As for the RCC “not being an organisation”, well that’s just balderdash. I was in Rome last year for the first time, on holidays. (Well second time if you include the Ireland-Italy game in the 1990 World Cup, but that doesn’t really count). In that city it becomes clear exactly how much of an empire, a political organisation, an ecomonic machine, the RCC is and has been for it’s entire existence. The concentration of wealth in the RCC, the upwards distribution of wealth across centuries when the mass of European population lived in absolute life-destroying poverty, is sickening to behold. I’ll grant you that the opiate of the masses may appeal to some, and no doubt there are many priests who devote their lives to the RCC in the belief that their mission is a positive contribution to the progress of humanity, but Rome’s might and wealth makes it clear that their is a more worldly aspect to that organisation, one which is as imperial as any secular equivalent.

6. Jackson Way - July 28, 2011

This is all a bit unfair on Hitler.

7. Gerryboy - July 29, 2011

For starkadder’s linguistic interest, the Gaelic words for Kulturkampf are coimhlint chulturtha probably. An bhfuil Enda ag deanamh fiorcoimhlint chulturtha, no an bhfuil se ach ag caint sa Dail? Ta mor difriocht idir caint agus gniomh eifeachtach.
Sorry I can’t locate the sinius on my computer software.

Paddy M - July 29, 2011

Ctrl + Alt + if you have the keyboard set to Irish.

Paddy M - July 29, 2011

Ctrl + Alt + <letter>

8. Gerryboy - July 29, 2011

Thanks Paddy M. Perhaps you will give a sample comment on Enda as Gaeilge, with the Fadas correctly imposted?

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