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Ó Cuív set for martyrdom? May 7, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Fianna Fáil.

Interesting day or two ahead for Fianna Fail as Dev Og decides to jump or not over his stance on the Fiscal Treaty Referendum.

Deputy Ó Cuív received a letter this weekend from the party whip asking him to refrain from media interviews camaigning for a No vote in the fiscal treaty referendum.

And if he doesn’t stop campaigning for a No vote?

The former minister told RTÉ News that the implication of the letter was quite clear: he would have to leave the party if he did not agree.

Interesting though that

….. the letter was sent to Mr Ó Cuív at his request following discussions with the party whip on Friday and Saturday.

Is he preparing the ground for martyrdom?

From The Week in Politics on Sunday night it looks as if he has a good deal of support from Fianna Fail Councillors and grassroots in both Galway West and Galway East.
The fact that no other TD has come out in support of him speaks volumes, that is unless some come out to support him now.

If he does jump will it end up as an Ó Cuív Independent Fianna Fail ala Blaney or will a broader Fianna Fail Nua be set up?
Would Sinn Fein take him?

Then again he might just back down.

Why would he though?
He’s in his early 60′s and highly unlikely to see Ministerial Office again whilst in Fianna Fail.
It also looks as if the Fianna Fail leadership don’t share his vision of where the party should go.

We’ll see ….

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1. shea - May 7, 2012

looks like he wants them to kick him out. would this be a case of kicking him out of FF or kicking him out of the parliamentary party. if its the former i’d be inclined to believe its game over for him if its the latter would it be comparable to heaughy’s chicken and chips circuit around the state when he was kicked out of the FF parliamentary party.

WorldbyStorm - May 7, 2012

Totally agree shea. Without other TDs he’s a footnote, though a damaging one, if he walks. With TDs it’s another matter entirely. But who and why would they jump? Precarious enough inside FF, worse again outside.

combatliberalism - May 8, 2012

I’d think it unlikely that any TDs would join him but councillors are a different matter, especially in his heartland. An FF Nua at this stage is unlikely but something akin to a less corrupt Team Lowrey wouldn’t be highly unusual. Given their current position, this would actually be a large blow to the FF organisation. They’re not in a position where they could afford to lose a chunk of rank-and-filers and grassroots support, even if it were localised.

2. que - May 7, 2012

these things take lives of their own. If he backs down now then I think he hurts himself but consideing how dire FFs talent pool is he could probably do all types of things and remain in contention.
Maybe resign the whip and see if they boot him. Martyrdom except he can rejoin.
Would SF want him? Him no. But it’d kill FF. How then to use this to help destroy FF without getting a nasty bug of ff.

Hard call

rockroots - May 8, 2012

He has the sort of mythological/dynastic baggage that the republican movement used to thrive on, but on a more practical level it would inch SF a little closer to outnumbering FF in the Dail – a big psychological victory if/when it happens.

TheOtherRiverR(h)ine - May 8, 2012

They’d still be two short from overtaking FF.
IMO I can’t see them taking him with his baggage.

que - May 8, 2012

it wouldnt be the physical numbers, about over taking FF, but would be about taking their space – owning them effectively.

That being said i’d hate to see the p**** there. I think all would

WorldbyStorm - May 8, 2012

I don’t think he’s a great fit for SF to be honest… doesn’t he seem a bit yesterday, rather than today… if you see what I mean?

que - May 8, 2012

no he himself would be an awful fit for any party bar FF but wouldnt such a move represent a serious below for ff and effectively signal their replacement by FF. But maybe thats happening anyhow

WorldbyStorm - May 8, 2012

It surely would. Next few polls will be interesting.

3. Jack Jameson - May 7, 2012

Might he be tempted to either resurrect the old ‘Independent FF’ banner or just go Independent, thinking he’s big enough a name to be wooed back in again after a period of quarantine similar to Beverley Flynn?

4. irishelectionliterature - May 7, 2012

Rumours (on Twitter and Politics.ie ) that he’s gone.
Cant see any Fianna Fail TDs joining him, although stranger things have happened.
I wonder would Tom Fleming or even Mattie McGrath be interested in linking up in a new party fighting for the rights of Rural Ireland?

5. Oireachtas Retort - May 7, 2012

Great that Fianna Fáil’s uselessness only affects them now eh?

6. shea - May 7, 2012

on twitter that he has resigned. FGers saying it though

7. McBride - May 8, 2012

Expect a neo Clann na Poblachta encapsulating traditionalist FF, moderate SF, and elements of Labour.

Clive Sullish - May 8, 2012

… or a neo-Clann na Talmhan encompassing frustrated turf-cutters, constipated septic tank owners, and the lonely inhabitants of one-off houses.

Jim Monaghan - May 8, 2012

With Ming as leader surely?

Clive Sullish - May 8, 2012

… or better still a neo-Rocky de Valera and the Gravediggers

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9. irishelectionliterature - May 8, 2012

O Cuiv has published the letter that was sent to him by the party’s Chief Whip Seán Ó Fearghaíl.


seems reasonable enough from Ó Fearghaíl.

We’ll see in a few minutes what the story with O’Cuiv is as he makes his announcement.

WorldbyStorm - May 8, 2012

Hah hah, he blinked!

Jack Jameson - May 8, 2012

Talk about being whipped.

WorldbyStorm - May 8, 2012

Boom… tish!

que - May 8, 2012

In jail talk o’Cuiv is now Michael’s bit** ahem

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11. shea - May 8, 2012

listening to an 80′s pirate station the last few weeks got me thinking about the mood in the country. although it was a bit bland theres kind of a nostalgic feeling to a row in FF, sort of like wispa’s which have made a come back.

12. shea - May 8, 2012

watching vincent browne. either he doesn’t know when to shut up or this isn’t over

irishelectionliterature - May 9, 2012

A bit of both, He behaved as if he wants to be kicked out…. rather than leave.

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