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What you want to say… League Of Ireland Open Thread 29th June June 29, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

Just in case one or two regulars have reasons to gloat :(

Luckily my wife had arranged to meet a friend back from Australia so I missed a certain match in Dalymount tonight.
Its incredible how Stephen Kenny has managed to destroy a league winning squad in such a short time.

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1. sonofstan - June 29, 2012

Both sets of fans fans chanting ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’ after 3 – followed by loads of lads each taking off one Adidas trainer and waving the 3 stripes at you lot.

What Euros?

sonofstan - June 29, 2012

Don’t know how to post pics here, but there’s a photo on Sportsfile on Kenny under the ‘Exit’ sign at the Connaught Street tunnel you might appreciate.

irishelectionliterature - June 30, 2012

Just added it. A great photo.
Cant see Kenny lasting after that, especially with Pats up next in Tallaght Sunday Week , never mind the European game which is a write off at this point.

2. RedandBlackPride - June 30, 2012

Some stuff doing the rounds – it’s happy here on the Northside.

“One thing i cant figure out ! why at four nil down didnt rovers start singing the fields of athenry….cause that makes everything better !”

“The bohs have got no money….we beat the scum four nil”

You’re going to bring more shame on Ireland in Europe than Delaney.

Hard to describe Bohs’ complete dominance.

irishelectionliterature - June 30, 2012

Been on the phone to some lads who were at the game and they were well pissed off.
Thats the thing we’ve been hammered buy Sligo, Pats and now thrashed by a bunch of kids and has beens. Kenny is clueless, his signings have been shocking. We’ve a woeful goalkeeper (two of them actually) Gartland and Gilbert are dreadful players and his one signing who was doing OK Kavanagh he leaves out of the team in favour of Gary O’Neill. I could go on…..
He’s lost the dressing room but is on a hefty 3 year contract.
We’ve gone from a management team of Michael O’Neill, Jim Magilton and Andy Myler to Stephen Kenny, an assistant Stephen Glass where it is his first job in management and a defensive coach Colin Hawkins who is also in his first job. Madness.

RedandBlackPride - June 30, 2012

Rovers are going to be in a serious mess for sometime, for a result like that in this season for Bohs could change the dynamic for some time in LoI in Dublin – a great result for football and it looked like Rovers were on the road to league dominance for an age. They hit the woodwork twice, it could have been different but that is possibly a bit of history.

3. sonofstan - June 30, 2012

Eamonn said it before, but Rovers seriously miss Stevens and Sullivan. And is Sives injured? because if he isn’t, there’s no excuse for playing Gartland instead. In the dim and distant, when Kenny was at Bohs, he took against Derek Coughlin, by common consent our best centre half, and insisted on picking Paul McNally instead, a man memorably christened ‘Paulo De Cameo’ for his somewhat enigmatic performances.

And to think, youse were often critical of MON……

irishelectionliterature - June 30, 2012

Sives has been playing like like a pale imitation of his former self, I think we actually miss Murray an awful lot for his leadership and organisational skills and he seemed to get the best out of Sives. At least Sullivan is back and can play the next game.
Re Powell and Gilbert at full back , Greene (who I’m no fan of) was supposedly decent for Sligo as full back yet we’ve yet to see him played there. Even Rice is better at full back than Gilbert. Theres also Sean Gannon and Jack Memery from the under 19s who should be getting games ahead of the current jokers.
Anyway I’m sure the board will sit down and do the right thing and put Kenny on gardening leave at least.
As for who would take over, I’d take anyone at this stage its so bad. A gamble on Kenny Cunningham? would Brian Kerr be interested? Would Magilton come back?

4. Wendy Lyon - June 30, 2012

Without wishing to detract from Rovers’ ineptness last night, Bohs were magnificent and it was the culmination of a series of really impressive performances from them. I’ve actually enjoyed watching them more this season than I did in some of the years when they won the league. Huge credit is due to Aaron Callaghan, considering what he’s been given to work with. As well as the fact that at the start of the season our yardstick for a good year was no more than whether the club would survive it.

5. EamonnCork - June 30, 2012

The point about Bohs improving is a good one, in their previous two games they held us to a scoreless draw, and might have won the game, and then led Pats for almost the whole game before losing to two late goals. So perhaps this was coming.
The one thing that puzzled me about IEL’s Rovers is that they didn’t make any moves in the transfer window. I expected, and feared, at least three or four new players of a high standard to come to Tallaght. I mean, Sligo Rovers have a better team than them at the moment and we’ve added two apparently excellent players, Jeff Henderson and Ryan Connolly, to the squad. It looked like Kenny believes all that MNS nonsense about the awesome strength of the Hoops squad.
Greene was indeed very good at left-back for us last season and seems to have been under-used by Kenny. Gilbert has looked awful when I’ve seen him yet been praised and ended up in media teams of the week solely on the grounds that a lad who once played in the Premier League must be really good.
Looks like it’s between us and Pats now but personally I won’t believe Shamrock Rovers are dead till I see the stake through the heart at the crossroads at midnight. They’re eight behind us and four behind Pats and have four games against those sides.
From our point of view, Danny North is an extraordinary player, a centre-forward like Coyle or Haylock, and might prove to have been the final piece in the jigsaw. Baraclough is, I think, in the O’Neill mould, which makes him a bit more pragmatic than Cook which is also helping.
But you never know, I remember Rovers being written off after the Cook departure and the bookies giving even money on Hoops minus eight. Long way to go yet.
And there’s always the possibility of Dundalk dropping out which will improve Pats position by three points and make a joke out of the season altogether. Which would be a pity because it’s been a very good season with a lot of goals and most teams playing very decent football.
Is Pat Fenlon not the obvious candidate to replace Kenny? Or am I missing something?

sonofstan - June 30, 2012

The fact that he’s at Hibs maybe? And will presumably want to prove he can make a go of it outside this league (or even outside Dublin – though I suppose Wicklow would count).

I’ve been buzzing all day obviously, but the thought occurred to me a while back that beating Shamrock possibly isn’t as impressive as it feels considering some of their other results. Beating Sligo or Pats is the real benchmark now.

EamonnCork - June 30, 2012

I always think that Hibs job doesn’t look particularly steady though and that he would suit Shams down to the ground. It’s interesting that Kenny has done really well except at the two big Dublin clubs. And it’s probably a tribute to our friends from Tallaght, reluctant though I am to give them credit for anything, that a win over them means so much to not just Bohs but most clubs.
I’d agree with you on Sunday afternoon soccer by the way. Or even Saturday afternoon, our biggest crowd of the season and best atmosphere came in our one afternoon match.

sonofstan - June 30, 2012

the two big Dublin clubs.

Nightdub will be along in a minute :)

I notice, BTW, that while the management around here might be hoop-inclined, there appears to be a solid Bohs cadre among the commenting proletariat.

Dr.Nightdub - June 30, 2012

Bohs were the original self-appointed “The Big Club” until results in Europe proved That’s Not So (punctuation as typed).

Rovers were beginning to have similar delusions until we put 5-1 manners on them at Easter.

A hooped mate of mine describes us as a “jumped-up LSL team”. I can live with that. But I’m SOOO looking forward to playing them in Tallaght tomorrow week.

irishelectionliterature - June 30, 2012

@Dr Nightdub not too many Hoops looking forward to Sunday Week.

Re Fenlon, why would he quit Hibs? This will be his first full season with them. With Rangers gone he’ll be thinking they’ve a great chance to get to Europe , win a cup or come second.

Mark P - July 1, 2012

Who are these “the two big Dublin clubs” you speak of? I thought he used to manage Bohs?

6. Villan - June 30, 2012

Pesonally disappointed that Rovers take a hammering, though thats because I had a nice amount of money on a Bohs HT/Shams FT.

Didn’t see the game but I’m going to assume its just one of those fluke results that happens. We’ll see how great this Bohs team are when they venture into the citadel that is Turners Cross next week…..(easy win for Tommys boys last night).

sonofstan - June 30, 2012

Now that the Cork game is on Sunday, I might be able to make it down – I’ve missed TC. Bring back Sunday football as standard I say

7. Jim Monaghan - June 30, 2012

A good overview of the political situation by Des Derwin.Deserves an audeince

LeftAtTheCross - June 30, 2012

22 thousand words…

Jim, do you want to give us a synopsys or a flavour?

8. GypsyBhoy - July 1, 2012

Still on a high since Friday. I had to check a couple of papers yesterday to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It’s been a while since Bohs have demolished a team as completely as that. Cup semi against Pats comes to mind. I agree with Wendy that it’s all the more satisfying considering the supposed quality of the team.
IEL, I’ve been hearing stories all weekend that Kenny is gone? With Magilton or Rico to replace depending on who’s talking. What news you? Shame really because he seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

sonofstan - July 1, 2012

…..remember our four wilderness years after sacking Kenny mid-season…….

A repeat of that in Wicklow really would be the gift that kept on giving. :0

9. irishelectionliterature - July 1, 2012

Yes theres all sorts of rumours flying at the minute. .. Tony O’Donoghue and MNS tweeted that he had been sacked then a few minutes ago RTEMNS tweet..
“Good news for @ShamrockRovers fans. Stephen Kenny has not parted company with the club.”

Good news for everyone else but Rovers!
Kenny is supposedly in Lithuania scouting our European opponents. I’m sure we’ll find out more in the morning.

sonofstan - July 1, 2012

Rumour on our forum that he’s not in Lithuania – your board told him to stay home…

irishelectionliterature - July 1, 2012

Well there were hopes that the ticket to Lithuania was one way.
All sorts of almost Official sources (ie Hawkins) saying that the rumours aren’t true.
We’ll have a clearer picture in the morning I’d say. Funny though that there has been nothing official either way.

10. irishelectionliterature - July 2, 2012

No real word today. Rumour is that Kenny has been given two games to get it sorted or hes out.
Kenny is still in charge for tonights Leinster Senior Cup game against Shels in Tolka.

EamonnCork - July 2, 2012

Are you in a ‘I hope he sorts it out’ mood or a ‘put us out of our misery’ mood? It strikes me that your Worst Case Scenario is a battling 1-1 draw with Pats.

Dr.Nightdub - July 2, 2012

Best case scenario, surely? They’ll be dancing in the streets of Shamrock if they get away with a 1-1 on Sunday.

irishelectionliterature - July 2, 2012

I’m in the put us out of our misery mood. Just watched MNS and Kennys interview was pathetic. Sadlier hit the nail on the head with his analysis too.
However , despite signing Kenny on a 3 year contract , I still trust the boards wisdom .
Its possibly only a matter of time before the Derry job is up again and from talking to a few Derry fans I know Declan Devine isn’t doing too well and they’d welcome Kenny back. So you wouldn’t know what’s going on in the background.
To be honest anything other than a win against Pats in Tallaght and Kenny has to be gone.
Yes they beat Shels 4-2 in the LSC tonight but that doesn’t really matter as he put out a strong side.
Lose to Pats and if its in the manner of the Bohs, Pats and Sligo defeats Kenny has to be gone.

sonofstan - July 2, 2012

The LSC won’t save your season :)

Though apparently youse are 3-0 up at HT

A meme catching on around our was is this piece of text enhancement – Sh4mr0ck…..

GypsyBhoy - July 3, 2012

IEL, I saw this on the Bohs message board and it made me laugh. Kind of in line with what you’re saying.

“……..base to Agent Kenny, congratulations Agent Kenny phase 1 has been a success. Phase 2 – Operation Europe is “go” reapeat “Go”. Time may be short so recommend maximum use of Oman/Gartland

On completion of your mission the usual safehouse is Derry will be made available. Good Luck”

irishelectionliterature - July 3, 2012

Very Good…. Sure we had agent Murphy and some others doing our dirty work over there for a few years too.

eamonncork - July 14, 2012

I think after last night Agent Kenny must be close to blowing his cover.

irishelectionliterature - July 14, 2012

Its a huge dilemma for the board. If he didn’t have a 3 year contract he’d surely be toast.
Tuesdays game against Ekranes is going to be huge. A lot of Hoops had a laugh at Bohs loss to Thor but we stopped pretty quickly when we thought of the (further) embarrassment that’s coming our way in Europe.
Our opponents are supposedly in turmoil with a number of players having left and wages being unpaid. But even with that we’ll be lucky to get anything out of the tie.
A far cry from our time under Michael O’Neill.
I can only hope that the board (who are fans) will have a chat with Kenny and get someone in sooner rather than later to replace him.
A win in Europe pays half the compo for Kenny! But they may have left it too late.

eamonncork - July 14, 2012

I actually have a feeling you’ll do OK in the European match due to the experience of last year, the absence of expectations and just a change of scenery funny enough. Whether that will save him you know better than I do.

Dr.Nightdub - July 14, 2012

I dunno about “the absence of expectations”, Eamonn. While Kenny’s performance has been objectively poor so far – just three wins since we demolished them at Easter – I was at the 50th birthday party of a Hoop last weekend and from talking to others there, it’s the very burden of expectations that they think is part of the problem. After a landmark season last year, many of their fans thought world domination was next on the agenda and have spent much of this season throwing their toys out of the pram because it hasn’t materialised.

If Ekranas even score on Tuesday – very likely, given the way Rovers have been defending this year – I fully expect Tallaght to spontaneously combust.

11. EamonnCork - July 2, 2012

Apparently the French and Americans want Kenny to go but the Russians think he should stay.

12. Blissett - July 2, 2012

I have to say I am surprised he is doing so badly. Would have rated him previously. Actually think that 02-03 Bohs league winning team was possibly the most accomplished team I’ve seen in the LOI, although perhaps some of that was inherited. Did okay at Longford years ago as well

irishelectionliterature - July 2, 2012

Yes he did well at other clubs although he did get the chop at Bohs and at Dunfermilne.
Its been apparent all season that the defence is disorganised and that there was an issue with having inexperienced goalkeepers. Aside from signing up Pat Sullivan again last week Kenny has done nothing.
Part of it has to be his choice of inexperienced backroom staff. Hawkins had coached in the AUL and that was it, whilst Stephen Glass had no experience whatsoever.
The team look demoralised and I dont think Kenny or his backroom staff have the answer.

13. irishelectionliterature - July 3, 2012

Michael D interview after the Pats match on Friday.

14. irishelectionliterature - July 12, 2012

Some bad news coming from Iceland this evening ….

crocodile - July 12, 2012

Recent hubris punished…

irishelectionliterature - July 12, 2012

Can’t be saying too much with our European adventure yet to come.

15. crocodile - July 13, 2012

I’ve been offered a free ticket to Paul Simon’s ‘Gracelands’ gig tonight. Can I go with a clear conscience? I’ve forgotten how the whole Simon validated apartheid/ hastened its downfall controversy ended.

eamonncork - July 13, 2012

With lots of valedictory documentaries glossing over the former reading and bigging up the latter one.

Tomboktu - July 13, 2012

Does a filmed-for-25th-anniversary-documentary apology by Paul Simon count?

crocodile - July 14, 2012

Went. Fairly Las Vegas. 2 full nights of the Point at around 100 euro a ticket. Ladysmith Black Mambazo great; Martin Hayes played quite a big role too.

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