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Clare Daly resigns from the Socialist Party September 1, 2012

Posted by doctorfive in Socialist Party.

New thread for discussion.


On Friday 31 August Clare Daly TD handed in a letter of resignation to the Socialist Party. We feel obliged to give notice of this development and to offer some initial comments.

The Socialist Party sincerely regrets that after many years in our ranks, Clare Daly TD has decided to resign from the party.

Clare’s decision is a setback and undoubtedly will be met with surprise and shock from activists in the labour and trade union movement and on the left. However, it is a setback that the Socialist Party will recover from and the members of the party and its public representatives, including Paul Murphy MEP, Joe Higgins TD and our six councillors, will continue with our principled approach to campaigning and will continue to argue for the socialist alternative so desperately needed at this time of profound capitalist crisis.

This statement outlines the Socialist Party’s view as to why Clare Daly has taken this course of action. In our view, the fundamental reason for Clare’s resignation is that she now places more value on her political connection with Independent TD Mick Wallace than on the political positions and work of the Socialist Party.

Over the last number of months, Clare’s political connection to Mick Wallace, who engaged in tax evasion and the falsification of VAT returns, has damaged her reputation but also, by implication, has potentially damaged the reputation of the Socialist Party.

Clare’s approach has unfortunately also given the establishment and sections of the media the opportunity to attempt to undermine the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT), which is a vital campaign in the battle against the disastrous policies of austerity.

The Socialist Party condemned Mick Wallace’s actions and demanded that he use whatever resources he has to pay the outstanding money immediately to the Revenue Commissioners. We did not go along with the chorus of demands for his immediate resignation. This was not because we in any way support Mick Wallace. It was because we think it is the place of voters, not the pro big business media to determine who should be a TD.

In contrast, Clare Daly offered political support to Mick Wallace despite the opposition of the Socialist Party to her acting in this way. Clare publicly vouched for Mick Wallace and his fitness for office, intervened on his behalf and consciously and consistently sat beside him in the Dáil which amounted to public political endorsement. Her actions and words were seized on by sections of the media to link the left in general and the Socialist Party in particular to Mick Wallace.

Clare refused to support or put her name to Socialist Party statements regarding Mick Wallace, including one which defended the party after he directly attacked the party and others on the left in the Dáil on 18 July.

Clare Daly’s promotion of Mick Wallace in the anti-household tax campaign late last year and early this year, despite his tax evasion, was a reckless misjudgement. The CAHWT is opposed to Mick Wallace having any involvement in the Campaign and the Socialist Party supports this stance.

Since the start of June, leading members of the Socialist Party have repeatedly met and discussed with Clare in a genuine attempt to positively resolve these differences and limit the damage to all concerned. Unfortunately, Clare did not seriously engage in those discussions and ignored the advice offered.

Clare’s resignation reflects the fact that her actions and approach resulted in a complete breakdown in the political and working relations between her and the Socialist Party nationally, in the Dáil and between her and the branches of the Socialist Party in the Dublin North constituency.

This situation also reflected two aspects in Clare’s approach that unfortunately have become apparent since her election as a TD in February 2011.

Clare has tended to politically orientate to the Independent members of the Technical Group in the Dáil. This has gone beyond working on specific issues to build the strongest possible campaigns, which is an approach we agree with. In Clare’s case, it was also co-operation and collaboration of a broader political character with Independents instead of trying to build the profile of the United Left Alliance (ULA) and a new left movement on a principled left and socialist basis.

Clare has also not worked in a genuinely collective way with her colleagues in the Socialist Party. Instead, she has avoided democratic discussion as well as the democratic check and accountability of the party’s elected structures and members. Democratic discussion and the accountability of public representatives is essential in any party that claims to represent working class people.

We have no difficulty in recognising Clare’s many years of hard work, her outstanding record and the public esteem in which she is held. All of this was achieved as a Socialist Party activist. This makes the approach that she has adopted and her resignation from the party all the more disappointing for the many members who worked with her through the years and who also played an important role in achieving her election to the Dáil.

The Socialist Party is disappointed by this turn of events but it will not deter us from the tasks at hand.

The household tax, the property tax and the impending imposition of water charges pose unique opportunities for working class people to fight against austerity and potentially defeat this Government. This campaign is approaching a crucial point this autumn and the Socialist Party will do everything in its power to ensure that it is successful. In the North our members will continue to fight for working class unity and against sectarianism and we will continue to argue for a socialist alternative to sectarian politics and the misery of unemployment and poverty.

In these campaigns, in the ULA and generally, we will also redouble our efforts to win support for the genuine socialist policies that alone can end this capitalist crisis by using the wealth and resources of society for the benefit of the majority and not the super rich.


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1. Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

Have pulled down my posting of the same thing so as to avoid having 2 threads (this one being done better).

2. TheOtherRiverR(h)ine - September 1, 2012

She wouldn’t be the first person to support someone unpopular (cue Michelle Gildernew) but that’s hardly a reason for resignation. It’s quite the surprise for me I must say.

I take it Daly has ceased to be a member of the ULA as well. This is a massive massive blow for them.

[Oh yeah can someone delete my comments on the "What do you want to say thread"]

3. doctorfive - September 1, 2012

Will be interesting to hear the other side. Disaster for the SP and probably the ULA

4. Jim Monaghan - September 1, 2012

Offered a choice between principled politics and loyalty to a minor speculator, she picked the wrong side. She has thrown away a career as a workers leader for a mess of potage. A pity but that is life. ULA and the constituent parts have to avoid the temptation of Leinster House. Congratulations to the SP for having set the line. I said it about McGrath I don’t want any involvement with those open to compromise and coalition with bourgeois parties. Wallace is a minor bourgeois. We should not be in this to set up another Labour Party or Greens in order to do what they have done in the future.
Good riddance.

Shay Guevara - September 1, 2012

The SP statement is claiming that her support for Wallace was the reason for her resignation, but at this early stage we only have their word for that. I think it would be wise to wait for a statement from Daly herself before jumping to conclusions. Wallace may be only one aspect of a wider problem. Either way, we only have one side of the story so far, and that’s one less than we need to judge things properly.

Glen Clifford - September 1, 2012

If the Wallace issue is any part of it, then for a party of socialists it’s fairly clear cut.

James - September 1, 2012

it was Wallace, that’s it. Depressing but that’s it. What a waste.

John Cunningham - September 1, 2012

This is a disappointing development – insofar as it represents the further fracturing of an already-fractured Irish left. Clare Daly has been a conscientious socialist public representative over a long period of time and her debating and communication skills developed very quickly since she became a TD. It is unfortunate that in the hothouse of national politics – media intrusion, pressure to achieve results, etc., – an unbridgeable gap has been created between herself and her party. And the resignation must be tragic for someone who has devoted her entire adult life to the same party. On the face of it, it might seem (as Jim writes) that she has ‘thrown away a career as a workers’ leader for a mess of pottage’, but there are two sides to every relationship breakdown, and it would be sensible to wait for her statement before rushing into judgment.
I would be very surprised if Clare Daly walked away from the ULA. In fact her resignation, in bolstering the ‘independent’ element (i.e., non-SP, non-SWP, who will now be a majority of ULA TDs) has the potential to transform the ‘Alliance’ into what it set out to be in the first place, and has manifestly failed to become.

Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

I had a comment started along these lines about the ULA, that it wouldn’t necessarily mean her exiting from that, but it seems to me that the Mick Wallace thing is a potential issue there. RBB called for him to go strongly and quickly, and so I can see an issue arising where her attitude to the Wallace thing is used to try and keep her out of that on the grounds that the project could be more damaged by being associated with him that it would gain from keeping her.

Kevin Higgins - September 2, 2012

I agree totally John. 100%. The idea that this is only about the Mick Wallace issue is nonsense, an attempt by the SP to put themselves on some high moral ground which they certainly don’t deserve (not their leadership anyway). The truth will out in time. In the meantime it is just possible that her becoming an independent within the ULA could lead to it becoming something which those who want to oppose the austerity agenda but don’t want the Dear Leaders (Kevin & Kieran) might join. Personally, I know that Clare is a person of unrivalled principle and integrity.

pat - September 2, 2012

The Socialist Party statement doesn’t say that Clare’s resignation is only about Mick Wallace. It was however a major factor.

What I can say, as a member of the Socialist Party, is that it had absolutely nothing to do with any disagreement about the ULA. Certainly not about a lack of building the ULA.

revolutionaryprogramme - September 2, 2012

Well Clare said on This Week today that the SP’s claims about a difference over Wallace was a “complete lie” and the split was actually over a difference on building the ULA. Now you say there was absolutely no difference over building the ULA.

It seems one side or other in the split must be lying.

I guess we will find out pretty quickly as Clare’s approach to building the ULA will become clear in how she responds to the existing non-aligned grouping and our pushing for greater movement towards a party-type organisation.

dmfod - September 2, 2012

RP, having made the decision to deny that she fell out with the Socialist Party over Wallace, Clare it seems feels that she has to have something to say to explain her departure.

However, if someone had told me two weeks ago that Clare had a difference of opinion with the Socialist Party over the ULA, I’d have presumed that she’d be arguing for less resources to be put into it. It’s actually pretty amusing to have the ULA of all things presented as her new cause.

That said, now that the ULA is apparently her only political vehicle, I would expect her to work to build it with the same energy she has always shown in helping to strengthen the Socialist Party. She’s perhaps the hardest working person I’ve met in politics. So the ULA may well gain in that sense, but the idea that the ULA was itself the cause of her departure is simply silly.

5. Nessa Childers - September 1, 2012

What is a ” minor bourgeois “?

James - September 1, 2012

a member of the bourgoisie with limited capital as compared to the larger fish. though wallace has no capital at all now.

Bill OBrien - September 2, 2012

. Jim Monaghan

6. Well Well - September 1, 2012

She has been in a (personal) relationship with Wallace for sometime. Whatever way Daly spins this it is her loyalty to her significant other which has led to this, a sad state of affairs when your significant other is a tax cheat on a major scale.

Dr. X - September 1, 2012

Is this for real – the claim about her being in a personal (i.e. intimate?) relationship with MW?

debarr - September 1, 2012

A bit of an open secret I’m afraid Dr. X.

7. Jim Monaghan - September 1, 2012

Big bourgeois types are the Sean Fitzpatricks, small are those who are just minor millionaires who fail to pay their taxes. Oh add Johnny Rohan to the bigs.
The bigs ruined the banks, the smalls the credit unions.

8. James - September 1, 2012

I could never understand Daly’s support of Wallace – the guy was taken to court by an employee for failing to pay her wages. Wallace is just another developer scumbag no matter how cuddly he may try and frame himself. Depressing.

9. WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

Bloody hell. Well it’s not often Irish politics (or Irish left politics) throws up something quite that unexpected.

10. WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

Sorry, has she definitely resigned from the ULA?

Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

I don’t think so. There’s nothing on her twitter or website about all this when I checked them. Maybe a media interview tomorrow in the offing?

11. revolutionaryprogramme - September 1, 2012

Reblogged this on revolutionaryprogramme and commented:
Quite an amazing development for the far-left in Ireland. Will be interesting to see what Clare’s explanation for the split is and whether any other members of the SP will do going with her.

12. Ayr - September 1, 2012

They really didn’t hold back in their statement. After all her years in the SP I thought she would have deserved more than this public kicking on the way out of the party. I’d be very interested to hear Clare’s side of the story. What a mess.

13. Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

No sign of any intentions as to her holding on to her seat or not is there?

14. debarr - September 1, 2012

As regard this in the statement:

“Clare has also not worked in a genuinely collective way with her colleagues in the Socialist Party. Instead, she has avoided democratic discussion as well as the democratic check and accountability of the party’s elected structures and members”

I’m going to guess that, roughly translated, this means:

“Kevin McLaughlin told Clare what she had to do and Clare Daly told McLaughlin to go f**k himself.”

Glen Clifford - September 1, 2012

“… and then rode into the sunset with developer and tax cheat, Mick Wallace”

debarr - September 1, 2012

and the spite begins…

It’s going to be funny to read the language of the sindo stupid statement of the week coinciding with the socialist party’s statement.

The right-press press have played the socialist party and they reacted like true amateurs.

Search for Croydon Park and Jim Larkin and you get a similar story.

D_D - September 1, 2012

A PR coup for the Socialist Party to have this sensational piece of news announced in the form of a long statement putting the event across couched in their explanation and preferred interpretation. It was from this statement that RTE carried the ‘breaking news’ on the Marion Finucine Show this afternoon.

This is a thorough excommunication.

Clare Daly’s own letter is not included in the statement. Why she, an experienced politician, has not made her own announcement remains to be seen.

If she leaves the ULA too it would be a very big blow to it. There may be an issue of conflict between the ULA’s position on working with Mick Wallace and hers. But whether it is a resignation issue for the ULA, actually a very laissez faire entity, is another matter. As the Socialist Party statement itself intimates the differences with them seem to go beyond Mick Wallace.

To say “good riddance” (which even the Socialist Party do not say) is shockingly inappropriate.

Kevin Higgins - September 2, 2012

It would be the only appropriate reply to give Mr McLoughlin, whatever the issue.

pat - September 2, 2012

Coming from an apologist for George Bush and his imperialist war in Iraq, I’m sure Mr McLoughlin would expect nothing less.

15. AndyC - September 1, 2012

This is extremely disappointing news. It wouldn’t be so bad if she stayed as an Indo voice within the ULA, but is that really going to happen, seems unlikely?

To be honest, I’ve heard from many people, including reps from outside the ULA (who are not unfriendly to them) that they were just a shambles organisationally within the Dáil. Upon election, one would have expected the ULA to carve out a distinct identity and for the TDs to be working in unison, almost living out of each others pockets. This did not materialise as far as I can tell.

I also find it disappointing that such a harsh statement was released by the SP, it stinks of bitter small-mindedness. Why not release a statement, much like other more professional parties, which do not go into such detail as to the disagreement? This statement is a thinly-veiled attack on Daly, and it’s akin to airing their dirty laundry in public.

The SP (and possibly the ULA) have lost their best communicator IMO, who has been supremely impressive in recent months. This is extremely disheartening, but upon reflection, not altogether unsurprising. There are too many egos about the leadership of the SWP(Pb4P)/SP, too much infantile dogmatism, of which I have personal experience.

This being said, if what the SP say is true about Clare then I’d be disappointed in her. I eagerly anticipate what she has to say, and hope she stays within the ULA.

smiffy - September 1, 2012

I also find it disappointing that such a harsh statement was released by the SP, it stinks of bitter small-mindedness. Why not release a statement, much like other more professional parties, which do not go into such detail as to the disagreement? This statement is a thinly-veiled attack on Daly, and it’s akin to airing their dirty laundry in public.


It really is bizarre, and seem very short-sighted. Regardless of the details behind the resignation (and no doubt much fun will be had in speculating about it in the days and weeks to come), getting into this level of recrimination does no one any favours, least of all the SP.

doctorfive - September 1, 2012

She’s had deserving praise from a few unexpected place over the last year. Very unexpected in some cases. The reality is quite at odds with the charge of failing to engage in ULA profile building above.

citizenpartridge - September 1, 2012

This failing to properly prioritise the ULA is charge is bizarre. As an outside, but sympathetic, observer I despair every time I walk through Dublin and posters for public meetings – often on the same, or very similar, topics – separately hosted by the SWP and SP. If neither of the main orgs involved in the ULA are interested in working together on something as simple as a public meeting, then it seems sensible to assume neither are all that interested in building the Alliance. Tragic.

Jack Jameson - September 2, 2012

Given the SWP/SP organisations’ rivalry/egos and experience (e.g. Respect in England), was ULA ever going to be anything but a flag of convenience for them if not for lefties seriously seeking a broad front?

16. D_D - September 1, 2012

AndyC says:

“The SP (and possibly the ULA) have lost their best communicator IMO, who has been supremely impressive in recent months. ..

This being said, if what the SP say is true about Clare then I’d be disappointed in her. I eagerly anticipate what she has to say, and hope she stays within the ULA.”

Should have included these thoughts myself.

17. http://www.organizedrage.com/ - September 1, 2012

Shock horror, split away from Trotskyist party.

Instead of washing their dirty linen in public the SP leadership would have been better to have played this down, having learnt a lesson from the the sorry saga which took place within the Scottish Socialist Party when Tom Sheridan upped and left (whatever). By playing it up in this way is bound to have angered some comrades and edged them into taking sides.

If there was a time for unity amongst the broad left it is surely now? While the SP may have lost Clare lets hope the ULA has not, for she understands how it works, and if she does walk away from it will be because she believes it does not have enough democratic space to make it a viable vehicle for indie leftists.

And the rot will set in. who gains from this brouhaha is pretty obvious and its not the SP, Clare, or the working class.

18. AndyC - September 1, 2012

Few people saying, and I see it on twitter also (from lefties and non-lefties alike), that the SP statement is remarkably unprofessional. As I think about it more, I have to agree, it’s absurdly small-minded and certainly doesn’t serve the SP or ULA.

Is it just me, or do the SP think they are speaking directly to the revolutionary masses, condemning Daly for her brush with liberalism, when they should have played damage limitation, laconically cited “personal/political reasons” for the move like other parties do, and just move on with as limited amount of hassle as possible?

It now seems the SP are holding a press conference on the issue! Should be “interesting”.

Michael Carley - September 1, 2012

Without taking sides on this until, at least, Clare Daly makes a statement, I think the SP statement might be a sensible move. It may well be better to make one clear statement now, rather than have rumours trickle out over the next few days.

19. ejh - September 1, 2012

I don’t think the SP’s statement is particularly poor by the standards of the genre: it’s just a question of whether you like that sort of thing or not.

20. gfmurphy101 - September 1, 2012

yet again the irish ‘left’ shoots itself not in the foot, but in the head. Don’t know the true circumstances cause we have’nt heard from Clare Daly yet, but when one of the brightest and most able performers walks away from the socialist party, maybe its time Joe et al had a good look at themselves! At a time when capitalism has brought this country to its knees, if this is the best the ‘left’ can do, they might as well throw their hat at it!

p.s maybe some day it will dawn on Joe that many people don’t want capitalism, but they don’t want to be Trotskyites either !

21. shea - September 1, 2012

the sp statement sounds like a number of reasons to fire her but they didn’t. she resigned. looks like a mud slinging exercise. bad pr from their point of view.

debarr - September 1, 2012

And the worry here is if Clare Daly decides to respond in kind, because she’s got 25 years of rocks she can throw if she does.

Small-minded and petty pretty much sums up the statement, especially as she resigned.

Normally a statement of that kind states the “regret” the party feels that the person has had to resign but also acknowledges the sterling work etc, etc, etc.

Instead the statement is, she resigned: what a cow.

Ugh. There are no winners here.

debarr - September 1, 2012

There are now more ex-members of the Socialist Party as TDs than Socialist party TDs in the dáil.

That is depressing.

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

An interesting thought. I wonder how that plays out. Also, and as an addendum will she leave the Technical Group? What about staff?

irishelectionliterature - September 1, 2012

I see Brian Greene has resigned also.

debarr - September 1, 2012

This is getting worse. Brian goes back 25 yrs as well.

ejh - September 1, 2012

Normally a statement of that kind states the “regret” the party feels that the person has had to resign but also acknowledges the sterling work etc, etc, etc.

Actually the statement does in fact make that acknowledgement.

shea - September 1, 2012

it says a bit more than that in fairness. should have left it at that.

debarr - September 1, 2012

But that is by no stretch of the imagination the overall tone ejh, even you should be able to pick up on that.

ejh - September 1, 2012

I didn’t say it was. But what you said wasn’t right.

debarr - September 1, 2012

Yes it was, because it was a statement not a curate’s egg we were discussing.

When we get to the curate’s eggs I’ll give you a shout.

ejh - September 1, 2012

“Although what I said was factually wrong, I will nevertheless declare it right. This is because the view in this hole improves with further digging.”

debarr - September 1, 2012


amazed to actually comes across someone with a curate’s egg for a brain. Sees only the good bits!

you do realise that a statement is a totality, yeas?

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

But that’s not what you said in the comment ejh referred to. It’s also worth pointing out that a) ejh has no horse in this race politically and b) earlier you dismissed some one else’s comment as being spiteful when you’d been the one to make a particularly partisan (and yes spiteful) comment about the SP decision making process.

debarr - September 1, 2012

you know, in fairness to Mark Anthony he did come along to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

ejh - September 1, 2012

I do. I also realise that if somebody said “a bun should have currants in it”, and I showed them that their bun did in fact have some currants in it, it would not cease to have currants in it purely because it was mostly bread, or because other buns contained more currants than this one did.

This is a statement of the obvious.

Keep on digging.

debarr - September 1, 2012

And he does say that Brutus is an honourable man, you know, in fairness and all that…

debarr - September 1, 2012


From curate’s eggs to buns.


So, overall comprehension, did you just stay at home that day?

ejh - September 1, 2012


(Watches ongoing digging)

(Goes back to following football scores)

debarr - September 1, 2012

so when you watch the scores is it like this?

Aston Villa 1 – Everton 3

*rubs chin*

“Well In fairness, they do say that Anton Villa was 1.”

D_D - September 1, 2012

debarr and ejh, end this exchange now.

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012


debarr - September 1, 2012

@ worldbystorm

what did I say that was spiteful against the Socialist Party?

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

“I’m going to guess that, roughly translated, this means:

“Kevin McLaughlin told Clare what she had to do and Clare Daly told McLaughlin to go f**k himself.”{”

I don’t have a horse in this race either except for a sense that this is bad for the Irish left and for everyone involved, but you’re the one who introduced a sour note which someone else picked up on.

debarr - September 1, 2012

Oh come on. you’re stretching there. a starred “f**k” as a sdhorthand is a sour note? The same framing of words in the recent statement was used in the statement when Joan Collins et al were dismissed, as was when John Throne was expelled – hardly a stretch to speculate (and it is speculation, nothing more but hey this is the internet and if one can’t can’t speculate on the internet etc etc etc).

For whatever reason WBS, you’ve decided to treat my use of strong language as evidence of spite.

What nonsense.

We can see from Daly’s statement that the Wallace situation may have meant that the tensions within the party came to the fore, but the use of the relationship by the framers of the statement was the spiteful act, not my starred f**k.

Really and truly, strong (but still self-censored!) language is now spite.

It’s just ridiculous. As is the idea that the mealy-mouth reference to Daly’s work over the past THREE DECADES is somehow worthy of an “in fairness” statement, the working of a pendant in a world of bigger pictures.

Mark P - September 1, 2012

There’s always such joy to be had when one of our regulars picks a new name to troll under.

For the record, the Socialist Party didn’t expel John Throne, nor did it release a statement about him, so it would be quite a good trick to use “the same framing of words”.

Clare fell out with the Socialist Party over Wallace. She has not been making some sort of argument within the Socialist Party for more emphasis on the ULA. It’s unfortunate and disappointing, but it’s true. The Socialist Party had a duty to be honest and clear with its supporters but it has no intention of getting into a slanging match with Clare, who is someone the SP will still seek to work with.

shea - September 1, 2012

except mark claires statement came second. the SP wasn’t countering an argument it was setting a tone. if it wasn’t for the use of the word opinion in the statement mrs daly could have a strong case for deformation. still might. theres a lot of suggestion in it.

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

debarr, you wrote:

“I’m going to guess that, roughly translated, this means:
“Kevin McLaughlin told Clare what she had to do and Clare Daly told McLaughlin to go f**k himself.””

Glen Clifford then wrote in response to that:

“… and then rode into the sunset with developer and tax cheat, Mick Wallace”

To which you said:

“and the spite begins…”

But in terms of introducing spite you’re culprit number 1, so give me a break.

BTW, way to go on the ‘for whatever reason’. I’m not the one being belligerent towards ejh et al.

Mark P - September 1, 2012

Shea, the SP could have released a bland and contentless statement, treating its supporters and the rest of the population like fools. That would certainly be how all of the larger parties would have dealt with it. But people aren’t fools.

Normally, the best approach when someone very high profile leaves a left wing party or group is to stick to the political issues at stake. Unfortunately there aren’t any political issues at stake here.

Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

Someone on politicalworld pointed out that the SP statement contains phrases like political support 6 times. I thought that was an interesting point, that was is at stake here are political issues (which there appear to me to be in terms of democratic centralism, who it is appropriate to work with etc).

Mark P - September 1, 2012

Well, yes.

Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

Granted though they seem to spring from personal issues.

Must be some mixed feelings within the ULA between wanting to keep her involved and fear that now that she is an exclusively ULA TD the Wallace connection will be turned against the thing as a whole, instead of mainly against the SP.

Mark P - September 1, 2012

I don’t think that there’s much of an issue there. The Socialist Party would prefer to have her stay as an SP member, despite that issue, and I’m sure that the ULA as a whole will prefer that she remain as a ULA member despite the same problem.

It will be interesting to see though if anyone in the ULA tries to use Clare’s (rather surprising to anyone in the SP) turn towards the ULA opportunistically.

Garibaldy - September 1, 2012

I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m not sure that it would take that much new negative heat relating to him for the issue to raise its head (even as a stalking horse for something else as you suggest), especially given the speed and strength of the RBB and Healy statements calling for him to resign.

shea - September 1, 2012

hmm as a member of the public i appreciate being afforded the respect of that position and not being treated like a fool but still, think they would have been better of leaving it bland. that statement to me looks vindictive. if she was so bad why wasn’t she disciplined, kicked out etc. she wasn’t she resigned. few people on this thread have said they don’t have a horse in this race and i should probably take a so what attitude as well but just think there was a nievity about that statement. you made a comment on the other thread that summed it up fairly. SP should have got you to draft the statement.

Mark P - September 1, 2012

Clare left for a reason. It would be neither desirable nor for that matter possible to conceal the reason behind some bland fluff about a parting of the ways. It’s much better to make everything clear from the start rather than have potentially damaging stuff drip feed out over months and weeks as the media pursue the story.

As for why she wasn’t disciplined, despite the nonsense you sometimes hear about the tyrannical internal regimes of left wing parties on the internet, the Socialist Party bends over backwards to convince its members of its politics and decisions (whether they be prominent or rank and filers) and has probably the rustiest, least used, disciplinary machinery of any political organisation in the state. You’d really have to take the piss to get yourself kicked out of the SP, and certainly, despite Clare’s deeply irritating behaviour over a particular issue recently, it wouldn’t be the sort of thing that would get anyone filing the rust off.

shea - September 1, 2012

unless the socialist party are echoing a rational in a resignation letter i don’t think it is their place to explain her reasons. looks like mud slinging to me. have been involved in stuff like this before and know the power of feelings that are involved. in my experience less said easier mended but i’ll agree to disagree.

revolutionaryprogramme - September 2, 2012

Clare says it is a “complete lie” that she left because of a difference over Wallace and instead that it was due to differences over building the ULA. Yet you say she expressed no difference over the ULA and imply she did so over Wallace.

Seems one side in the split must be lying…

22. Dr. X - September 1, 2012
smiffy - September 1, 2012

To forgive, divine.

23. doctorfive - September 1, 2012

Significant financial implications here too with SP down a TD’s salary (minus AIW..) and resources

24. LeftAtTheCross - September 1, 2012

Maybe this is a positive development. Daly is impressive. Whatever about the details of the Wallace situation, in the longer run a bit of critical mass on the Left which falls outside the internal dog fights in the ULA may not be a bad thing. Bottle is half full. As Dr X said above, this is human stuff. Messy, but not necessarily bad.

25. irishelectionliterature - September 1, 2012

Clare Dalys statement

LeftAtTheCross - September 1, 2012


TheOtherRiverR(h)ine - September 1, 2012

Whoever drafted the SP press release should take note – that’s how you write a resignation statement. Don’t bother slinging mud with it.

PS Any truth to the rumour on the twitter machine that she’s joining PBPA.

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

Interesting if she did. That said RBB was very very strong on the MW issue so would that be a bit problematic?

garrettmullan - September 1, 2012

Garrettmullan.com i have blogged on this. i was closely involve wt clare over the years in the sp

WorldbyStorm - September 1, 2012

Agree with IELB, excellent piece Garrett, very fair. And some interesting points.

EWI - September 1, 2012

She is impressive. My FF-loving immediate family know who she is and hate her with a passion, which is a considerable badge of honour as far as I’m concerned.

I think that the simple fact that she’s in a personal relationship with Wallace is all the response she needs to make to Indo ot IT mischief on this issue – ordinary people can understand being, well, human.

Jack Jameson - September 2, 2012

She’s a serious loss to the SP.

How will the SP react to or work with her staying as a ULA TD? Tough one.

Shay Guevara - September 2, 2012

More likely than her joining PBPA, I think, would be Joan Coillins leaving PBPA to join Daly as a “non aligned wing” of the ULA parliamentary party.

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

I wonder if that’s so Shay. Maybe. Maybe not.

neilcaff - September 2, 2012

+1 and then some dmfod

CMK - September 2, 2012

Eh, I think Clare Daly’s continued involvement with the ULA will be deeply problematic and will, in fact, damage that organisation. The drip-drip of information about Wallace’s practices as an employer will continue and an organisation (and its constituent elements) that has a declared objective of building to a ‘mass workers party’ will be constantly pinned down by having one of its parliamentary members linked, politically and personally, to an individual who, for all his good qualities, has left a legacy that will provide rich pickings for media organisations who are determined to limit the development of the Left.

Moreover, Clare Daly’s credibility will erode quite quickly the longer she sticks by Mick Wallace. Her impeccable record as a Socialist, one of the giants of the Irish Left over the past 30 years, will be gone by the time of the next election. Someone who built up her reputation as a fighter for workers’ is going to have to explain, again and again, between now and the next election why she is linked with an individual who we know was equivocal in his handling of his responsibilities as an employer and as a home vendor.

Wallace has proved to be a gift, who’ll keep on giving, for the establishment. Getting tangled with him has damaged the SP, not irrevocably but significantly for the time being, and Clare Daly’s connection with Wallace will be used against the ULA if she remains active in that organisation.

And, the media will be merciless in their efforts to build up cynicism about the Left, making no distinction between the different groups, between now and the next local elections and the next general election. As well as trying to undermine the CAHWT. A truly tragic development for the Left in this state, deeply depressing. Will set back ALL Left forces in this state, not just the SP and the ULA. The tiny bit of momentum that have developed over the past few years has been turned back.

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

I think that’s a very convincing analysis. For all that he is a decent man – which he is – the problem is that none of this is going away any time soon and the collateral damage is going to continue to be inflicted. It’s going to be a case of every time something new crops up, or something old reappears in terms of litigation or revenue it will see the demands for explanations etc laid at peoples doors. I’m not saying this out of spite or some animosity but simply that there’s a process that everyone is engaged in which there’s no control of and this seems to escape far too many people who’d I’d have expected to know better.

dmfod - September 2, 2012

I agree it’s a big setback and on a personal and political level I’m so disappointed in Clare after all the years of hard work that went into building an electoral base for the SP in Dublin North. But I don’t think things are nearly as bleak as CMK is painting it.

The CAHWT has been a huge success and still has a long way to go with property and water taxes to be introduced and we are still in the middle of a massive national and international capitalist crisis with no end in sight. The left in Ireland is the strongest it has ever been in my living memory and there are huge opportunities for growth due to the basic reality of deteriorating economic conditions. The class war has been relatively one-sided so far but there will be a stronger response from the working class at some point. We have already seen flashes of this but as the crisis grinds on it will become more sustained. No amount of right wing media spin or the actions of any one person can change those fundamentals.

The ULA has had its problems, but the important thing is that it still exists. There has also been no split in the SP despite a really tough time over the last few months with all this stupid Wallace shit and the expenses smear campaign. At least now Clare has left there will be absolutely no truth to any claims of any association of any kind between the SP and a capitalist enemy of the working class – which from a socialist perspective is of more fundamental importance than whether he paid his VAT.

Wallace could still be perceived as linked to the CAHWT and the ULA, but they can both decide not to have anything to do with him politically, as the vast majority of their members want. It’s true Wallace has been involved in the CAHWT but it is a democratic organisation and so can end that democratically and he’s obviously not a member of the ULA, none of whose constituent groups, including the non-aligned, are going to agree to involve him in anything. This is where democratic structures come into their own in constraining the influence of individuals – no matter how prominent.

Sure the media will keep slinging mud in the hope some of it will stick, but if it wasn’t Wallace,it would be something else – as the whole expenses saga demonstrates. It’s true the Wallace story is particularly attractive for the right wing bastards in the media and has had them rubbing their hands in glee ever since it broke, but it’s part of the landscape now and just has to be dealt with.

Despite this, it’s a massive exaggeration to say all the momentum that’s been built up in the last few years ‘has been turned back’. Yes it’s a setback, yes it’s shit but the broader picture remains immeasurably brighter for the left, in Ireland and internationally, than at any time since 1989.

ejh - September 2, 2012

the broader picture remains immeasurably brighter for the left, in Ireland and internationally, than at any time since 1989

Don’t overdo it

neilcaff - September 2, 2012

Bah, bloody confusing wordpress! I’ll try again…

+1 to dmfod. Really puts some of the doom and gloom in a proper prespective.

Garibaldy - September 2, 2012

Have to say I’m with EJH here. I just don’t see how the situation is brighter for the left than it was in 1989. As for the idea the workers will fight back at some stage, I worry that history suggests otherwise.

D_D - September 2, 2012

It is not such a convincing analysis (@cmk).

The position of the nonaligned in the ULA (Motion sent to the Steering Committee) is that the ULA should have called for Mick Wallace’s resignation when the scandal broke. The Socialist Party refused and continues to refuse to call for Mick Wallace’s resignation, citing the need to defy the bourgeois media. The PBPA and the ULA Steering Committees both followed a consensus on this position and have never issued such a call.

If she had not resigned Clare Daly would be still in the Socialist Party despite any projected drip-drip of information about Mick Wallace. Clare Daly has today publicly supported the Socialist Party position that Mick Wallace should pay taxes owed.

In what way will she be politically linked to Wallace?

Jolly Red Giant - September 2, 2012

I hope this ends up in the right place – in answer to D_D

Two points of clarification -
1. The Socialist Party opposed the calls for Wallace to resign as a TD, not because of some wierd idea of defying the bourgeois media, but because it is the right of the electorate to decide who represents them, not the media or the political establishment.
2. Clare Daly has not fully supported the Socialist Party position on Mick Wallace. For example, the Socialist Party’s position on Wallace’s relationship with the CAHWT is consistent with the Campaign’s Steering Committee, namely that Wallace should not have any role as a spokesperson, platform speaker or have any kind of a role in promoting the CAHWT. As late as yesterday at the CAHWT meeting Clare Daly supported Wallace acting as a spokesperson for the CAHWT in Wexford.

Mark P - September 2, 2012


Clare consistently refused to add her name to Socialist Party statements on the issue.

Sickened observer - September 2, 2012

Daly appeared on the platform of a group claiming to be the CAHWT in Wexford last week. This group has gone directly against the stated democratically voted upon position of the CAHWT steering group in continuing to have tax defrauder Mick Wallace as a spokesperson. Yesterday it is reported that Daly voted to support the multi-million euro tax defrauder continuing to be a spokesperson for the CAHWT. Daly would seem to have an issue with democratic votes, the concept of white collar crime and treating the public with respect in being honest about what led to her departure.
This whole sorry debacle has a certain Tommy Sheridan/SSP feel to it where a golden opportunity for the hard left was squandered due the personality issues of few long term militant members – I feel sorry for the decent activists that have had their hard work thrown in their face by Daly – anyone that believes that it is politically feasible for her to remain in the ULA and CAHWT is quickly declining in my estimation. I also feel sorry for Joe Higgins; he does not deserve this from a person who has obviously lost the run of themselves after one year in the Dail.
A sorry mess, I can see Daly being a kind of Derek Hatton talk show celebrity in the not to distant future – pathetic.

dmfod - September 2, 2012

@Garibaldy Do you not think the biggest crisis in capitalism since the 1930s, the near-election of a genuinely socialist government in a Western European country as in Greece, 5 socialist TDs here and a mass boycott movement led by socialists with thousands of activists and the support of 800k+ people gives any basis for optimism? Especially when the terrible legacy of Stalinism which for decades perverted socialism into a grotesque deformation of itself is finally starting to fade from memory and a new young generation is growing up to experience socialist ideas untainted by it.

Garibaldy - September 2, 2012

@dmfod I never said there was no cause for optimism. I said that I doubted that things were brighter than they were at any time since 1989.

I think that had you said since, say, 1995, you would have had a better case. Taking your definition of SYRIZA as genuinely socialist, then we can say that there are fewer socialist TDs now than there were in 1989 (when 7 were elected), the same number of socialist MEPs, and fewer councillors, never mind a lot less influence in the trade union movement, which has itself of course moved to the right (partly it must be said under the influence of people who were socialist in 1989). Added to all this is a context where the centre of political gravity has moved radically to the right since 1989, as illustrated by the fact that traditional social democracy – which is, roughly speaking, where the overwhelmingly dominant faction within SYRIZA is at – has collapsed and the social democratic parties have largely embraced neo-liberalism. In fact, SYRIZA only looks so radical to many eyes precisely because of that general shift to the right. Never mind the issue of the international balance of power, and the extent to which imperialist military forces have been running riot in a way simply inconceivable in 1989.

There are positive signs of resistance as you suggest, but also massive challenges.

Garibaldy - September 2, 2012

Actually, probably more than 7 socialist TDs if we take Gregory as a socialist. Not sure what to do about the Labour Left in those days either. But the point stands either way I think.

CMK - September 2, 2012

@ D_D. Well, she’s politically linked to Wallace by continuing to stick by him despite all of the revelations about him and the political implications of those revelations. Indeed, I saw it yesterday myself at the CAHWT meeting where she stuck to her guns regarding Wallace’s relations with the campaign and the implication for the campaign in Wexford. And she was impressive, firm and articulate, as always, in her, implicit, defence of Wallace.

I’m aware that she has endorsed the SP’s position that he should repay the taxes owed, but that resolves nothing. I wasn’t aware, until recently, of aspects of his history as an employer that do not cohere, to put it mildly, with anyone basing a good part of their political appeal on an uncompromising defence of workers’ rights.

But I stick to my view that this, to use a cliché fashionable nowadays, ‘kicks the can down the road’. If Clare Daly follows through on her stated intention to build the ULA the Wallace issue will re-emerge and the spectre will likewise emerge of the possibility of the ULA having to face one of three choices, none of them pleasant: a) keep a parliamentarian as a member whose credibility is being shredded weekly the right wing media; b) that Clare Daly finds that she has to resign from the ULA, or 3) that ULA finds that the benefits of her association are cancelled comprehensively by her ongoing association with Wallace and, therefore, the ULA move to expel her.

There are no winners in this imbroglio for the Left. While commentary here and a couple of other places will be sympathetic and motivated by genuine sadness at this turn of events, the Right in this country do not need to be asked twice to attack the Left and Clare Daly’s political association with Mick Wallace provides them with perhaps the most fruitful avenue since the economic crisis began.

A final thought: I’ve not doubt the upper echelons in the unions are pleased with this as they’ll surely have a dossier of breaches by Wallace’s businesses that they can fling at Clare Daly from now on any time she attacks them.

Jolly Red Giant - September 2, 2012

As was addressed yesterday at the CAHWT meeting – if Wallace had a modicum of interest in building the CAHWT as a campaign against austerity he would voluntarily withdraw from any role within the CAHWT in order to avoid his tax evasion etc being used as a big club to batter the CAHWT. However, he has not done this and the very fact that he has not done so raises serious questions as to his movtivations for continuing his involvement with a group in Wexford. Furthermore this also raises questions about Clare Daly’s political judgement in continuing to support his involvement with a section of the Wexford campaign.

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

Fair enough JRG re yours and Mark P’s point about not aligning with agreed party positions, though this is hardly a revelation to those of us who were watching on over the past number of months, but I wonder if you’re entirely accurate about not calling for resignations etc…

Didn’t the SP implicitly agree with the motion of censure against Lowry in the last year or so which called for his resignation? It certainly didn’t vote against it or raise any criticism that I can find.

In fairness I understand that there’s a fluidity to these things, but I’m not sure that was the strongest ground for the SP to stand on since the problems arose.

Jolly Red Giant - September 2, 2012

WbS – remember the Socialist Party stands for the right of electorate to recall all public representatives – the opposition to establishment demands for resignation (which is a demand of political expedience within a bourgeois parliamentary system) is based on the interests of working class people not the elites.

Furthermore – the Socialist Party and the ULA were the only people in the Dail to call for a change in company law to use Wallace’s assets to pay his tax debts.

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

I’m not quite following you. Surely the the motion of censure cut straight across that right of the electorate by demanding that Lowry should resign.

I’m not dismissing what the SP asked – indeed good for the SP – though realistically surely anyone in that position (and I’m not focussing on individuals here) would transfer assets – no?

Scabby Rabbit - September 2, 2012

@WbS If a motion to censure Wallace is put to the Dail the Socialist Party, depending on the wording, will vote for it just as they voted to censure Lowry without calling for his resignation.

It will be interesting to see how Clare Daly votes if and when such an eventuality arises.

smiffy - September 3, 2012

Sorry, but if they supported the motion of censure against Lowry, they did call for his resignation. The motion explicitly does so.

Jolly Red Giant - September 3, 2012

The motion of censure against Lowry was passed by the Dail without a vote.

smiffy - September 3, 2012

Yes, it was. And if the Socialist Party had any difficulty with it, they could – and would – have said so.

WorldbyStorm - September 3, 2012

Not only but also this was an all party motion, it was agreed before hand that it would be passed without a vote (in other words that it was de facto unanimous), there was some controversy over Lowry being allowed to make a 30 minute statement (Catherine Murphy as rep of the TG/Indo’s made the complaint that prior agreement had been that he wouldn’t). All this is on the public record.

Lowry in his statement famously complained in particular about Mary Lou McDonald’s comments in the Dáil discussion on the matter prior to the motion being passed – they made him ‘retch’. There was every opportunity were there an objection to this process, both inside and outside the Dáil, for those who objected to articulate that position.

26. Statement from Clare Daly on her resignation from Socialist Party « The Cedar Lounge Revolution - September 1, 2012

[...] the Statement by the Socialist Party, We deemed it appropriate that Clare Dalys statement deserved a new Post of its own. Statement from [...]

27. JP - September 1, 2012

Meanwhile the Shinners are pissing themselves. It’s now so terribly easy on the doorsteps to say ‘If you want a real opposition you can’t trust this independent shower, they’re a rag-tag rabble of backbiters.’

D_D - September 2, 2012

Like, eh, opposition to the Quinn oligarchs?

28. smiffy - September 2, 2012

It seems Daly is receiving the support of the Sunday Independent, in a piece by Anne Harris today.

+1 to the Socialist Party.

29. Jack Jameson - September 2, 2012

Sindo says SP to hold press conference today. It’s said its piece in statement, so why? More fuel to fire that does not help Left.

pat - September 2, 2012

Socialist Party reps will be hounded for comment on this issue in the media, as the statement clearly doesn’t answer all questions. It will therefore hold a press conference today to answer whatever questions remain, and then hopefully will be done with it.

Jack Jameson - September 2, 2012

Any idea what time press conference is at?

pat - September 2, 2012

Around 4.30 I think.

Jack Jameson - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Pat.

30. Kevin Higgins - September 2, 2012

For anyone who might be interested, I have blogged on this here http://mentioningthewar.blogspot.ie/2012/09/clare-daly-and-the-true-meaning-of-word.html

Jolly Red Giant - September 2, 2012

I see the bitterness has not abated after all these years.

31. Ivorthorne - September 2, 2012

Bottom line: I’m less likely to vote for a Socialist Party that lacks Clare Daly.

32. Garibaldy - September 2, 2012

Looks like her constituents will still get the chance to vote for an SP candidate at the next election


33. no debate - September 2, 2012

Now THAT was quick! Clare Daly, ULA. It’s possible that this could give the ULA the clear identity it has been lacking as Clare is now the only TD who is not a member of another party.


The socialist party press conference – oh well. I suppose if only Jim Larkin had given a press conference the media would have left him alone. :-)

smiffy - September 2, 2012

I understand that the conference will be involve Joe Higgins addressing the crowds on O’Connell Street from a window in the Gresham Hotel, then escaping while wearing a false beard.

Garibaldy - September 2, 2012

Entertaining though that would be, not as entertaining as the Mayo-Dublin match

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

That was highly entertaining, to put it mildly, and fair dues to Mayo though Dublin ran them close.

EamonnCork - September 2, 2012

First Connacht-Ulster final since 1948 coming up, and only the third in history. The great only appeared great because we were on our knees. We have arisen. Or something like that.

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

Cheers. It was great craic.

BTW, I finally saw The Damned United last week and though I’m not a soccer fan I have to admit to finding the actual events it was based upon fascinating. Clough was quite a character and that interview with him and Revie is astounding television even at this remove (indeed I can’t help but feel Clough was ahead of his time on some level in terms of instinctively understanding and being comfortable with the medium).

Garibaldy - September 2, 2012

Great match alright. Really thought that Mayo was going to lose it. Did well to pull themselves together.

I’ve seen the original interview, but not The Damned United. Brilliant television.

WorldbyStorm - September 2, 2012

I might put up a link to it next week if I can find one. It’s stunning stuff really. This is very very dangerous, I may actually begin to develop an interest in football, albeit 1970s football.

ejh - September 3, 2012

As it happens I’ve not seen it. It was on in Spain (I didn’t go because it was dubbed rather than subtitled) and I wondered at the time whether it would mean anything to people who didn’t know who Brian Clough was. But apparently so.

eamonncork - September 3, 2012

By the way the book on which The Damned United is based, the novel of the same name by the English writer David Peace is terrific, even better in my opinion. As is his excellent novel on the miners strike GB 84. Peace kind of started out as a James Ellroy tribute act but has become a much better writer than his main influence. A bit like The Undertones and The Ramones.

34. Jolly Red Giant - September 3, 2012

I am going to come down to the bottom of these comments because what I want to say could end up in the wrong place.

In relation to the Socialist Party’s position of not calling for Wallace to resign when his tax dodging emerged – this is not an absolute, it is not a point of principle.

The initial reaction of the political lapdogs of the establishment is to view such activities as an opportunity to inflict political damage on political opponents irrespective of the causes or consequences. The people of Wexford elected Wallace and the people of Wexford have the right to determine his political future. In the same way the Socialist Party opposes the law that removes a TD for being bankrupt or spending six months in jail – laws that can be used to remove political opponents of the establishment (e.g. Jim Larkin).

The Socialist Party have never called on any TD to resign when a financial scandal emerges – that can change depending on how an individual reacts to accusations. For example, the Socialist Party did not call for Lawlor’s resignation initially, but after months of openly defying every effort of get the details of Lawlor’s financial affairs – and in particular his open defiance of the people who elected him – the Socialist Party did call on Lawlor to resign.

In the case of Lowry – the censure motion was not put to a vote, and it was agreed with the whip of the Technical group not with the Socialist Party – the Socialist Party did not vote for it and that was the only claim I made. If it had been put to a vote then the Socialist Party would probably have voted for it because of the way Lowry has openly defied all efforts to get to the bottom of his financial manoeuverings.

Finally, while the Socialist Party did not join the bandwagon against Wallace, it could well support a Dail motion of censure calling for him to resign. Why? because Wallace had an opportunity to come clean to the Oireachtas committee investigating his tax affairs and, just like Lawlor and Lowry before him, he openly defied efforts to make his tax activities transparent. Furthermore, Wallace has made no effort to explain his tax affairs to the people who elected him and he has made minimal efforts to pay the money he owes despite having significant assets at his disposal.

WorldbyStorm - September 3, 2012

This is a side issue, but it’s an interesting one.

If the matter was one of a principle that the SP decries any vote that calls for the resignation of a TD – and this was something that was made much of when Wallace broke and subsequently, and used as an explanation for the nature of its response to that issue – then it seems curious that given a public platform in the form of the debate around Lowry it didn’t use that opportunity to articulate this, and nor did it abstain or take the opportunity to put a counter motion. What’s also odd is that you say yourself that if it had been put to the vote the SP would have ‘probably voted for it’ bcause of Lowry’s manoeuverings. That’s fair enough, I think we’d all see that as reasonable, but it does introduce a note of contingency to this where previously there was none.

BTW, as I’ve said before I have considerable sympathy for the SP in all this (and indeed for all involved albeit to varying degrees). I’m not sure there’s a right way through this maze.

Jolly Red Giant - September 3, 2012

You are correct – it is, to a degree, a side issue. When Wallace was initially accused of tax dodging the guy had a right to answer the accusations and was also entitled to an opportunity to redress the non-payment of VAT. If he had come clean and stumped up the entire €2+million from his assets then he would be entitled to remain a TD as long as the people of Wexford wanted him there. He hasn’t done either despite ample opportunity which does

During the Dail Debates on Lowry Joe Higginsand Clare Daly (among others) focussed on the relationship between O’Brien and FG – not just the activites of Lowry – much to the embarrassment and annoyance of FG. Joe Higgins further demanded that the government should pursue those who, in effect, robbed the state of significant monies at the time of the mobile phone licence. The motion of censure is really nothing more than tokenism as Lowry (nor Wallace) couldn’t be forced to resign.

The issue comes down to the fact that the establishment could and would use every means at their disposal to remove left-wing TDs during a time of crisis – Larkin was removed in 1927 in a politically motived move to deprive him of a Parliamentary platform to promote a left opposition. The left should not facilitate the establishment by merely playing their parliamentary games of political expediency.

steve white (@lostexpectation) - September 3, 2012

will there be a motion of censure for mick wallace in this new session?

i don’t think you can censure wallace for something he did before he became a td, nor technically demand answer for him simialrly or punish him for not answering those questions, and you don’t know how much he is paying back or not so you can’t censure him for that either.

Jolly Red Giant - September 3, 2012

He could be censured for refusing to cooperate with a Dail committee

WorldbyStorm - September 3, 2012

I think you hit on a central point there re the fact it is impossible to force a TD to resign so much of what takes place is shadow boxing anyhow. It’s an interesting thought about at some point left wing TDs being removed, but in the present situation I think that’s unlikely. That said clarity is no harm.

steve white (@lostexpectation) - September 4, 2012

JRG he didn’t have to thats what the committe found, it occured before he was a TD.

35. Jolly Red Giant - September 3, 2012

Sorry – the end of a sentence disappered there -

‘he hasn’t done either despite ample opportunity which does raise the question over whether his resignation should be demanded in order that the people of Wexford can pass judgement over his activities.’

36. eamonncork - September 3, 2012

Don’t know which is the best soundtrack to the whole saga.


anarchaeologist - September 3, 2012

Perhaps this might be more appropriate…

37. dilettante - September 5, 2012

SP: “Clare has tended to politically orientate to the Independent members of the Technical Group in the Dáil.”

Some observers might consider that the ULA as a whole “has tended to politically orientate to the Independent members of the Technical Group in the Dáil”.

Does this statement represent a change in political direction by the SP? (and does it create a potential conflict with others in the ULA?) Is it a belated realisation that the independents represent a political dead-end? Or is it a frustration with the media presentation of the ULA TDs as being left wing Technical Group independents?

Or is it just a badly thought out spur of the moment phrase?

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