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What you want to say… Open Thread, 31st October, 2012 October 31, 2012

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.

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1. Richard - October 31, 2012

Some thoughts on the present pressing concern with politician salaries and expenses. http://knaves.posterous.com/this-is-what-kleptocracy-looks-like-53196

2. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

HRW Report admits that Al Gaddafi was never “hiding” in a “drainage pipe.”

Human Rights Watch has compiled an extensive report on the martyrdom of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi. It describes a battle with Colonel Al Gaddafi, General Abu Bakr Younis, and Libyan soldiers against the NATO rats that the USA had called in to finish the job they had attempted from the skies. Al Gaddafi was armed with an assault rifle, plus the famous gold plated pistol, that the rats later displayed as a trophy.

After the NATO air attack on their convoy, the patriots had crossed open fields, under fire, and had taken up a position in a trench, which had been dug, by the Great Libyan Jamahiriya, to protect water pipes coming from a water treatment plant nearby. The patriots were defending their position in arms. The Libyan soldiers threw grenades at the advancing rats, but, tragically, one of the grenades struck a concrete wall, and bounced back into the trench, immediately killing General Younis, and seriously injuring Colonel al-Gaddafi in the head. The seriously injured Colonel was then captured, as a POW, by the rats, tortured and then murdered. Over 100 Libyan soldiers were also killed in the battle, many of them after they had been captured as POWs.

HRW admits that the murder of the POWs was a war crime. Another 150 Libyan soldiers had been killed in the NATO airstrike on the convoy, which was attempting to break out of Sirte.

The cowardly Western media have spent the last year telling lies that Al Gaddafi was “hiding” in a “pipe.” In reality, he was fighting in a trench, as a patriot and soldier. It was very fitting that that trench is associated with clean water, as the Colonel had build the greatest humanitarian project of all time, The Great Man Made River, which now supplies Africa with as much clean water as the Nile flowing for 200 years.

Full HWR Report:



John Goodwillie - October 31, 2012

Human Rights Watch have released a report on the death of Gaddafi. They have not released a report on the martyrdom of Gaddafi. That would imply that Human Rights Watch called him a martyr.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

I would have thought the content of the report itself was more interesting than that vocabulary I used. Particularly, I would have thought it interesting that even after this report, the bourgeois media insist on repeating the lie that Al Gaddafi was hiding in a pipe. Another lie that they constantly repeat is that he is begging for mercy on that obscene video of the murder of a POW that the bourgeois media take a particular delight in shoving in the faces of anyone who might think of daring to resist their armed might. An Arabic speaking friend of mine has told me that, far from begging for mercy, Al Gaddafi language is defiant. He asks the mob “what do you want of me?” A phrase that is defiant in Arabic.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

The report also points out that he had his guards open fire on a peaceful protest.

Whether he was hiding in a pipe or ‘fighting as a patriot’ (if that what fighting to save yourself is) is really quite irrelevant. Neither circumstance justifies his torture and extra-judicial killing. Whether he was begging or defiant makes no bloody difference unless you plan to make a movie of his life with Jerry Bruckheimer.

The only reason you mention it is to make Gaddafi seem like a hero or a ‘martyr’. He was not; he was fighting to maintain his autocratic rule and the billions he had squirrelled away in Swiss Banks. He was happy to cosy to Western Imperialists for the past decade – how is he a martyr for any revolutionary cause? Stop romanticising him. Not every moron who calls themselves a ‘revolutionary’ or tacks ‘socialism’ onto their half-baked philosophy is a friend of the left.

Ed - October 31, 2012

+ 1

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Al Gaddafi had no money in Swiss bank accounts, or anywhere else. You should stop swallowing everything you read in the bourgeois media. Yes, he had a rapprochement with Western imperialists, for the last ten years. But, what did he use that time to do? He set up the African Union, and kept Africom off African soil. It had to skulk off and set up its headquarters in
Germany. He stockpiled 140 tons of gold in Tripoli, to be the basis of a new African Central Bank. The plan was to kick the IMF and the World Bank out of Africa. He was only months away from setting up the Gold Dinar, which would have forced the West to pay for Africa’s riches in gold – not in worthless US paper. In fact, the last ten years were the most revolutionary of all of Al Gaddafi’s career. And thats why the West murdered him now, while they let him more or less be before that. You should read the article I posted below, The Seduction of the Western Left. Al Gaddafi is a Martyr and an anti-imperialist hero. While the Western Left, including the Irish Left, spent the last 40 years talking about Socialism, Al Gaddafi spent those years DOING Socialism.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

You should stop swallowing everything you read in the bourgeois media.

As opposed to swallowing whatever statements emerged from the Gaddafi regime?

I have read those pieces and I am not impressed. You might extend me the courtesy of reading this:


To me, this is the accurate view of Gaddafi and his reign.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Why do you think Adam Curtis is given space on the BBC? Is it because he says things that might be damaging to British imperialism? I read that article, and although the film footage he posts is interesting, his theory of what drove Al Gaddafi is harmless and infantile – thus acceptable to the BBC. He is very careful to avoid any analysis of Al Gaddafi’s plans for the African Central Bank, the Gold Dinar, or the opposition of Africom’s presence on African soil.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

That’s what the Gaddafi regime want you to think.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

Incidentally, the report states quite bluntly that Gaddafi was ambushed and try to escape through a field and some drainage pipes. The militia found him “hiding next to the drainage pipes” (from the executive summary). It would appear that the bourgeois media had this one largely correct (for once). Thus, the opening sentence of your post is false.

Gearóid - October 31, 2012

Sóivéid James Connolly= ‘Cael’ from politics.ie?

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Why be so lazy? Why just read the full text – which doesn’t mention the word “hiding” at all. Nor were the pipes “drainage pipes.” They are pipes going to a near by water treatment plant. At least you now admit that the bourgeois media is lying when its says the Colonel was in a pipe.

ejh - October 31, 2012

I thought they said he was smoking a pipe.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Rosencranz, the “Gaddafi regime” is no more. But, the regime that is filling your head is still very much at work.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

Why be so lazy?

Because you are not worth bothering with and are just spouting nonsense. Any counter-argument is dismissed as being ‘what the bourgeois media want you to think’. This makes any argument tedious and boring. It’s like talking with a Scientologist or fundamentalist Christian.

And you are arguing over whether Gaddafi was hiding ‘in’ a pipe or hiding ‘beside’ a pipe. This is just pointless.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

You find clarity in facts to be boring? That doesn’t surprise me.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

And now that readers of this blog have been disabused of the lie that Al Gaddafi was hiding in a pipe, even the likes of Rosencranz now accepts that the bourgeois media are lying about this, the question is why use the word “hiding?” Where the men fighting in trenches in WW1 “hiding?” Is it likely that a man like Al-Gaddafi, who have been offered sanctuary in South Africa, but refused to leave this people, even under the onslaught of NATO bombing with depleted uranium and white phosphorus, and who stay in Sirte, the most dangerous place in all of Libya, would be “hiding?” I don’t think so.

ejh - October 31, 2012

So he’d just nipped behind the pipe? Maybe to light his pipe?

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

So he’d just nipped behind the pipe? Maybe to light his pipe?

The bourgeois media offered him a light behind the pipe and then alerted the militia. Crafty, crafty journos.

ejh - October 31, 2012
Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Those who run this blog are very deluded if they think its in any way better than politics.ie

WorldbyStorm - November 1, 2012

Actually, it’s precisely to get away from the bombastic, passive aggressive and aggressive aggressive stuff you ladled onto this site over the last 24 hours that a lot of us left P.ie.

yourcousin - October 31, 2012

This is where the whole “keeping it civil” becomes difficult not because I disagree, which I obviously do but because I am dumber for having just read that comment. It is also fitting to see that not only right wing nut jobs have the ability to undertake massive engineering jobs while being unable to organize an election, a basic task which most middle schoolers could manage.

So I say “onward towards the people’s victory over their own ‘people’”, which of course is a falsehood because anyone who doesn’t fall into line isn’t human at all but a rat as our friend here points out.

But seriously, I now have fewer brain cells.

Ed - October 31, 2012


Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

The great majority of Libyans were against Nato and its rats. We saw massive demonstrations in support of Al Gaddafi. The so called “rebels” had to bring in mercenaries from all over the world, and still needed 6,000 Qatari troops (actually Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, as Qataris are actually too rich and cowardly to do any fighting themselves) along with none months of bombing civilian targets from NATO. Even when the Nato rats had their “victory,” their “celebration,” was tiny compared with the huge crowds that filled Green Square to support the Jamahiriya. You know, a chara, reading facts does not make you dumber or kill brain cells. Following the media corralled herd does.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

As for organizing an “election.” We have elections in Ireland. Does it do us any good? Of course not, because the real rulers of Ireland, i.e. the comprador class, do not run for election. In complete contrast, Al Gaddafi promoted Direct Democracy, i.e. genuine democracy. If you lived in any town or city in Libya, you had a direct say, yourself, in anything that went on there. In my local area, the bin collection was privatized. Did I get a say in that? Of course not. I’d rather have a real say in the matters that concern me, rather than voting for muppets, once every for years.

ejh - October 31, 2012

As usual I am obliged to point out that nobody would use “muppets” as an insult to Miss Piggy’s face.

yourcousin - November 1, 2012

So a privatized trash service is now a worse fate than dictatorship?

3. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Communist Party of the Irish Republic Statement on Enda Kenny, European of the Year

Enda Kenny has jumped into European super-celeb status. He was on the cover of Time Magazine recently, being hailed as an example for all European leaders to follow. Now he has been voted as “European of the Year,” and winner of the “Golden Victoria” award by the Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger, the association which represents the German publishing industry. So, what has Enda Kenny been doing that’s so pleasing to the ruling classes of Europe and the USA, i.e. the owners of these publications?

The answer is very simple. Mr. Kenny has been doing anything, absolutely anything, that the ruling classes feel is necessary to maintain their wealth and privilege. What is almost amazing to these plutocratic overlords, and most welcome to them, is that Kenny has been able to peddle the outrageous lie to the Irish, in the 26 counties, that by protecting the wealth and privilege of the super rich, and by forcing the most vulnerable sections of the population to bear the cost of this protection, that “we” will be rewarded for being good children and doing what our betters ask of us – eventually.

The 26 county statelet could, so easily, be another Greece or Spain. It is a matter of extreme pride to the Irish comprador class, and to their cowardly footmen in the bourgeois media, that the Irish have knuckled down and taken their medicine – with hardly a grumble. Yes, it’s true that, unlike in Greece, civil servants are still being paid at the end of every month. Does that mean that “we” are in a better position than Greece? Not at all. The only reason that pay cheques are still arriving is that Kenny & Co. have been able to inflict savage austerity on the most vulnerable, and, thus, keep the flow of borrowed money coming in from the IMF. But, borrowed money it is, and the devil will have his bargain.

And this is not just some “Leftist” cant. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released a report, Survey of Income and Living Conditions for 2010, confirming that in that year, the poorest 10% of the population saw their incomes slashed by over 25%, while the richest 10% of the population actually increased their wealth by almost 10%. Make no mistake, Enda Kenny is making the poorest and most vulnerable pay for this crisis – no wonder the ruling class loves him.

Emigration has long been the main weapon of the Irish comprador class for the eradication of Irish people, “surplus” to it’s labour needs. In effect, the liquidation of those sections of the population that might just get uppedy. The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has stated that “substantially” more than one in 10 Irish men aged 20 to 30 have emigrated since the failure of capitalism in 2008.

Slavery has been reintroduced, in the form of the “Jobsbridge” scheme, which sees companies enjoying unpaid labour from 5,000 desperate people already. The scheme is deemed to be a marvelous success. This is on top of the coercive measures brought in against the unemployed in the “Tús” scheme and the new “Intreo” service, which is a thinly veiled attack on the unemployed, blaming them for their own predicament. This despite the fact that capitalism is structurally unable to provide jobs for everyone. Meanwhile, Community Employment funding is slashed and effectively removed from the reach of lone parents and the disabled.

Kenny and Fine Gael are busy putting up posters telling us that child protection begins with their referendum. No it doesn’t. Child protection begins with a dry house and food to eat. 700,000 Irish people are on the breadline, living in poverty – 200,000 of these are children. Recently, a child collapsed in a Cork school from malnutrition.

The biggest lie that Kenny has been able to spin is that private enterprise will “solve” this crisis for Ireland. Thus, we have non stop propaganda, particularly from RTÉ, about the greatness of Irish entrepreneurship. Reality, however, is very different. Irish business is weak and underdeveloped. During the boom, Irish industry was practically frozen out of financial markets. In 2006, there was only 196 million euro available, as venture capital, to Irish industry, including state sources. In the same year, 13 billion euro was borrowed and splashed out on property speculation by Irish nationals – 9 billion of that on buying foreign property. Today, the vast bulk of Irish businesses employ less than 20 people, and have no plans to enter foreign markets. To imagine that these weak and underdeveloped businesses can seriously confront the depth of the crisis we now face is pure delusion. But, it is delusion with a very particular motivation, i.e. the smashing of the public sector, and the exclusion of the Irish people from all forms of democratic control over our economic activity.

We are subjected to a monthly barrage of propaganda, telling us that “Irish” exports have risen – yet again. Plenty of feel good factor in those figures. In reality, these figures usually represent US corporations laundering even more of their profits through the 26 counties. That means a higher tax take, certainly, but it is a very long way from what an increase in Irish exports would really mean. It is, in effect, a form of economic diarrhoea. We know that. Foreign banks and investors know that. But, still, the propaganda circus must keep turning.

What we need is public industry and services. We are an underdeveloped, colonized, country. No amount of jolly-juice propaganda will change that fact. There is no possibility of the bourgeois classes of such a country accumulating enough capital to build a national industrial and services base. And, when they do get a windfall of cheap credit, as happened after the founding of the euro, they gamble it all away in infantile get-rich-quick schemes. Such psychotic behaviour must be ended, and a genuine national plan put in place.

We now hear that the Gardaí are shopping abroad for a million rounds of ammunition – the same number of bullets that was on the Eksund. But, the Gardaí do not intend to use these bullets on foreign occupation forces – but on the Irish people, if we dare to get uppedy.

Enjoy your moment of celebrity, Mr. Kenny, while it lasts. But, never forget, there is a specter haunting Europe…

4. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Communist Party of the Irish Republic Statement on Prisoner of Conscience, Cait Trainor.

The actions of RSF’s Cait Trainor are a lesson in defiance for all of those in Ireland faced with unjust fines

The violent and undemocratic nature of the pro-capitalist statelet in the North was visible for all to see as Republican activist and Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle member Cait Trainor was imprisoned on Saturday by the British political police force for taking part in a peaceful protest. The British state does not appear to have any sense of shame given that the original protest was against the draconian selective internment of Martin Corey who remains in jail after 2 1/2 years without trial or charge.

You would think that any democrat would be justified in taking part in such a protest. It was however, as it often is in Ireland, left up to Republicans to take the lead. The British state’s response was to trawl those involved before a court and convict them of a criminal offence. No democrat would consider paying any fine that would result from such an abuse of process. The British state’s response to this further act of peaceful defiance was on Saturday to impose its violent nature and jail Cait Trainor. She was jailed as she attended yet another protest in support of Republican Prisoners Of War.

This should not surprise us. A system in the North in which the British Secretary of State can detain former prisoners at a whim, where the Prosecution Service can bring charges against Republicans that rarely end in any conviction, but which still result in them being interned for years until charges are formally withdrawn, in a system that subjects prisoners to degrading strip searches. And Britain’s allies in the 26 Counties are no better, where people can be arrested for attending the funeral of their family members, where the opinion of a Superintendent is sufficient to have a person jailed and where a non-jury court also sits without hardly a word from the liberal “human rights defenders”.

If Martin Corey, Marion Price, Cait Trainor, and all those who have been detained for their political beliefs are not prisoners of conscience, then who is? There are organisations which claim to work for Prisoners of Conscience, but they refuse to get involved, they lack the kind of moral courage that those interned for their beliefs possess. Again we shouldn’t be surprised when we learn that the Director of Amnesty International in Ireland is a former Progressive Democrat and that the British Justice Minister in the North sits on their Board.

But while these brave democrats remain in jail, they provide all of us in Ireland with the inspiration to do as they have done. Not to cower in front of intimidation, not to be intimidated by threats of fines or imprisonment, but to bravely stand up for our beliefs, to resist the attacks that the capitalist and imperialist system throws at us.

The British and the 26 County states are at war with the Irish people. Stormont, Westminster, Leinster House, have all shown that they cannot represent the interests of the Irish working class. Only by following the defiant example of the likes of Cait Trainor, an example that throughout history has given us the boycott and the refusal to engage with the institutions of the capitalist and comprador classes, only by following this example and pledging our allegiance to a 32 County Irish Workers Republic, can we resist successfully the violence that the bourgeois state directs towards us.

We salute you Cait Trainor and all those who are not intimidated by threats of fine or imprisonment. We call upon all those faced with such threats to follow the example set and to resist!

Communist Party of the Irish Republic
29th October 2012

ejh - October 31, 2012

Links rather than cut-and-paste might be appreciated

5. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Gabh mo leithscéal, I didn’t know the policy here.

6. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

The “Arab Spring” and The Seduction of the Western Left
Paper given at the First Annual Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi Day School, at the Dublin Offices of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, 33 Gardiner Place, Dublin, on the 20th of October, 2012.


7. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Report on the First Annual Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi Day School and Commemoration for All Anti-imperialist Martyrs.

maddurdu - October 31, 2012

Personally if I was trying to win converts to my group, I wouldn’t spam the hell out of a site the first time I posted on it.

Ed - October 31, 2012

+ 1

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

But, I’m not trying to win converts. Converts are generally slaves. Nor am I spamming. This site invited people to post. I have posted high quality material.

Ed - October 31, 2012

No you haven’t.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Anyone who has actually read it would disagree.

maddurdu - October 31, 2012

Thats a bit… authoritarian of you. Wouldn’t expect that from someone who seems to adore a regime as democratic and open as what existed in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

FergusD - October 31, 2012

Does this mean that the Communist Part of the Republic of Ireland actually exists and was not made up as a spoof as many on this site thought?

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

I never heard of the Communist Party of the Republic of Ireland.

maddurdu - October 31, 2012

Perhaps they’re a COINTELPRO style creation designed to discredit actual leftists and anti-imperialists?

8. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Anyway, I have no interest in carrying on petty sectarian catfighting. If anyone wants to comment on the content of these statements and reports, I will gladly respond.

9. Red Hand - October 31, 2012

If somebody wanted to create a fictional, satirical piss-take on anti-imperialism to feed the fantasies of the likes of Nick Cohen they could not do a better job than this.

Ed - October 31, 2012

+ 1. Until I have proof otherwise, I will assume that the CPIR is a practical joke. The, ahem, ‘eccentricity’ (trying to stay within CLR guidelines here) of the articles which have been posted lends support to this theory. And I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to see a useful website flooded with posts and cut-and-paste articles from such a bizarre and irrelevant group. Save it for politics.ie, please …

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

I am not so sure. It seems they have some connection to the IRSP.

Mark P - October 31, 2012

This lot aren’t a patch on Proletarian Democracy [Posadist] and their might organ “Worker’s Girder”.


ejh - October 31, 2012

“tensile lassitude”?

I notice CLR is on their blogroll.

Mark P - October 31, 2012

Also the Workers Party (Meath).

John Goodwillie - October 31, 2012

It’s worth following this link just to read “A.Q. Khan helped build up the only true independent Workers’ Bomb (China’s deformed status means its nuclear arsenal can only be characterised as a Bonapartist-semi-feudal hiero-Mandelite neo-Kautskyian Workers’ Bomb).”

Dr.Nightdub - October 31, 2012

Does it go “bang” though?

Michael Carley - October 31, 2012

That’s a joke, surely.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012


That site is definitely a piss-take, Mark P. Some of the stuff there cannot be meant seriously.

ejh - October 31, 2012
ejh - October 31, 2012
Ed - October 31, 2012

What is a ‘hiero-Mandelite’? The Egyptian section of the USFI?

Mark P - October 31, 2012

Yes, indeed, RiD, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t understand that it’s a joke.

Just recently, there were some concerned New Labour types on twitter getting all triumphant that they’d proven the booing of Miliband at the big TUC march was led by organised communists, using the lead story on the PD blog as proof.

The Workers Girder front page allegedly written by Laurie Penny is absolutely vicious and mean spirited, but very funny.

ejh - October 31, 2012

The Workers’ Girder front page allegedly written by Laurie Penny

Oh go on.

eamonncork - October 31, 2012

Proletarian Democracy is genuinely funny and genuinely mean spirited. Well worth a gawk, that Laurie Penny piece in particular (and I kind of like Laurie Penny even if she’s probably just Polly Toynbee in training).

ejh - October 31, 2012

So where does the idea come from that it’s by the not-normally-noticeably-witty Laurie Penny?

eamonncork - October 31, 2012

The Laurie Penny piece I’m talking about is the one on smoking as being a bit Communism.

Mark P - October 31, 2012

ejh, Workers Girder gives it a Laurie Penny byline because the piece is a parody of her style.

RosencrantzisDead - October 31, 2012

Yes, indeed, RiD, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t understand that it’s a joke.

I have learned the hard way that I should never underestimate the level of lunacy that people will credit. In fact, the more crazy the viewpoint, the more likely there will be a substantial movement behind it. It does not surprise me that people might believe that site is real.

Examples: Tir na Saor/Freeman on the Land; traditionalist Catholicism

ejh - October 31, 2012

ejh, Workers Girder gives it a Laurie Penny byline because the piece is a parody of her style.

Ah, OK. I think I’ve been up too long.

maddurdu - October 31, 2012

From https://www.facebook.com/soiveid.connolly

‘The James Connolly Soviet is a group of people who wish to work towards the re-establishment of the 32 County Irish Workers Republic. We run a political comedy Club called The Last Friday Comedy Club, which takes place on the last Friday of every month at Seomra Spraoi, Dublin. We also run classes in the Irish language, bag pipes and Latin dancing. We hold regular day schools, where activists can study and debate Revolution in Ireland.’


eamonncork - October 31, 2012

All a bit Rag Mag. One senses a hilarious documentary in the pipeline.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Guess we must be doing something good when we have ruffled the feathers of so many Left Liberals here.

ejh - October 31, 2012

How did they know we’re all Left Liberals? What was the one fatal mistake that gave the game away?

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

The fact that none of you had the ability to discuss the content of the texts, but were only able to complain about the fact that they were written, or posted, at all.

Ed - October 31, 2012

Please, just go away, it’s not funny. The Proletarian Democracy blog someone linked to was really good, a few of the lines made me laugh out loud. This is just lame and tedious. You’re clogging up this thread. Richard posted an interesting article from his blog, JRG has just posted up something informative about South Africa. That’s what I want to read, not this stuff. I suspect Eamonn’s Rag Mag theory is on the right track. If you want to post this stuff, off to politics.ie with you, it’s already a laughing stock so it’ll fit right in.

WorldbyStorm - October 31, 2012

The ‘re-establishment’? It’s a gag.

WorldbyStorm - October 31, 2012

+1 Ed.

Spamming this thread is out of order – and a moment’s acquaintance with the internet would demonstrate that no one likes full statements on a blog, or certainly not out of the blue, like this. Secondly, it’s a gag. But it’s not really that funny.

And one more thing. Any more posting statements and there’s going to be blocking of IP addresses.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

You think the 32 County Republic was never established?

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Three of those texts have been chosen by Indymedia as editors choices. And all the posters here could do was complain that somebody was disturbing their Liberal comfort zone. Ah well…

Starkadder - October 31, 2012

Ed: “I suspect Eamonn’s Rag Mag theory is on the right track. If you want to post this stuff, off to politics.ie with you, it’s already a laughing stock so it’ll fit right in.”

Maybe some Trinity fratboys are trying to create a
fake WRP-style political cult for a cheap giggle.

Starkadder - October 31, 2012

The Communist Party of the Republic of Ireland has at least
six articles up at Indymedia.ie. Indymedia.ie also has
an article on the Jimmy Savile scandal beginning:

The BBC dominates the airwaves in Ireland, with Irish national broadcaster RTE still unavailable in most parts of British Occupied Ireland.

it goes on to cite a David Icke article as an authoritative

By David Icke


What on earth is going on there ?!?

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Why are you lying?

Starkadder - October 31, 2012

Excuse me. There ARE at least six CPOTIR-connected
articles on Indymedia. And I didn’t say the
David Icke citing article there had anything to
do with the CPOTIR. Don’t you accuse me of

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

I said a person that claimed we have posted a statement regarding Jimmy Saville, and quoting David Icke is lying. No such statement exists. He also purposely changed the name of our party, as an attempt to provoke. As for only having a web presence, that is merely supposition on your part. We do ask you to take us seriously, or any other way. I merely asked that readers here would read the texts I posted – following your invitation to “feel free” – and comment on the content of those texts, rather then on who had written them. It seems that that was too much to ask of you.

Starkadder - October 31, 2012

“I said a person that claimed we have posted a statement regarding Jimmy Saville, and quoting David Icke is lying.”

I NEVER said that your group posted the Jimmy Savile/
David Icke article on Indymedia anywhere on this thread.

WorldbyStorm - October 31, 2012

Totally out of order SJC.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

My apologies to Starkadder, I misread your post.

Ed - October 31, 2012

I don’t look at Indymedia very often – few do, I think – but it seems to have gone to the dogs completely; as far as I know, all of the people who were editors back in 2001-05 or so have long since given up on it (people from the WSM or libertarian left more generally); no idea who’s editing it now, but any time I look all you can find is pure crankery, conspiracy theory stuff about 9/11 etc. So it’s hardly surprising that a feeble prank like this can get through the net – I’m sure worse stuff has been posted.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

I have read several of your posts on this thread, and I have not been impressed by your writing. You have not addressed any of the points made. You have simply complained that they were made. Somebody told me that this was a half decent site, so I thought that I would get some half decent debate. We all know that political discourse in Ireland is generally poor, so I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I wasn’t expecting such a poor response either. I read in the introduction that the mindless jeering and catcalling that is the food and drink of politics.ie is not welcome here. However, that is all that I have seen, so far.

Ed - October 31, 2012

Go away. Stop boring us. Get a life.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

At least you admit you have absolutely nothing to say.

WorldbyStorm - October 31, 2012

Hold on a second, SJC you’re the person who started saying people were ‘lying’ so not perhaps the best position.

But apart from all that, who is going to take seriously an outfit that exists only as a web presence, that tries to link Gaddafi’s ‘thought’ and life to the experience in Ireland, etcetera, etcetera..?

eamonncork - October 31, 2012

Or whose idea of a stunning political revelation is that Gaddafi died near a pipe and not in a pipe.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

I said a person that claimed we have posted a statement regarding Jimmy Saville, and quoting David Icke is lying. No such statement exists. He also purposely changed the name of our party, as an attempt to provoke. As for only having a web presence, that is merely supposition on your part. We do ask you to take us seriously, or any other way. I merely asked that readers here would read the texts I posted – following your invitation to “feel free” – and comment on the content of those texts, rather then on who had written them. It seems that that was too much to ask of you.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Thankyou Eamonncork for actually addressing the content of one of my posts. I think you are the first to do so. Clearly there is a very great difference between being injured and captured in combat, near a pipe, and “cowering in a pipe,” as the bourgeois media gleefully put it. The reason the bourgeois media do this is to try and sap the will of anti-imperialists to resist – particularly Libyans and all other Africans. They are smart enough to know that Al Gaddafi as another Che Guevara would be very damaging to their cause. I’m sure the Liberals here will laugh at the idea of Al Gaddafi being a Che Guevara. But, they should remember that there was a time when Guevara was much more than a fashion statement, and the imperialists did everything they could to slander him, as they are trying to do to Al Gaddafi now. Needless to say, they will not succeed. Al Gaddafi is already a hero and martyr to millions of people.

CMK - October 31, 2012

Gaddafi was many things but a Che Guevara he most certainly wasn’t. Does SJC expect anyone to seriously think about the nonsense he’s posting here. Gaddafi had forty years to build something decent and failed to do so. His gobbly-gook political philosophy was just completely incoherent like his admirer here.

And, calling the Libyans who rebelled against him ‘rats’ is beneath contempt. Yeah, their revolution was compromise and probably contaminated by NATO’s help but it was still a revolution.

Adam Curtis has a great piece on his blog about Gaddafi (it might have been referred to here previously). If you watch all the clips embedded it will take almost an hour to watch, but it won’t be an hour wasted. What Gaddafi was was a master prankster who know how to push the West’s buttons. The bits towards the end about how Saif Gaddafi conned the LSE and some prominent liberals, are priceless. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/2012/10/hes_behind_you.html

10. sonofstan - October 31, 2012
11. ejh - October 31, 2012

Check out the emigration graph here

eamonncork - October 31, 2012

Not surprised at all. At a local level it feels very much like the eighties.

12. Jolly Red Giant - October 31, 2012

On Saturday in Rustenburg COSATU organised a rally in a football stadium to ‘Reclaim rustenburg from counter-revolutionaries’. Speakers included Gen Sec of COSATU, Gen Sec of SACP and Gen Sec of the ANC.

COSATU bused in 600 members of the NUm from other regions (by taxi) to attend the rally. No local workers attended in support of the rally. Approximately 600 members of the Marikana Support Campaign and 2,000 striking workers from the AmPlats mine turned up to hear Vevi of COSATU and tell him that they didn’t want anyone representing the strikers except their own democratic committees.

The Marikan Support Campaign takes up the story -
COSATU General Secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi called a rally at Olympia Stadium to talk about the strikes in Rustenburg.
THEY SAY: Amplats strikers went to the rally to attack the COSATU supporters.
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Over 5,000 Amplats strikers went to the stadium to hear what COSATU had to say. They wanted to explain to COSATU that they do not want anyone to negotiate for them.

THEY SAY: The Amplats strikers blocked the entrance of the stadium.
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Amplats strikers arrived at the rally, ahead of the COSATU march. They expressed their anger at the government by tearing some of the ANC and COSATU banners and posters. They were asked by the police to leave the stadium and wait for the march to arrive. They left the stadium peacefully and waited by one of the entrances. There was a second entrance for the march to enter.

THEY SAY: The Amplats strikers attacked NUM members.
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: The COSATU march was small, only a few hundred. Several NUM members broke off and attacked Amplats strikers, removing their T-shirts. Other strikers went to defend them.

THEY SAY: The police had no choice but to shoot.
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: The police started firing rubber bullets and water cannon at the strikers and using nyalas and horses to chase them. Striking miners, under attack, fought to defend themselves. Some NUM members had their T-shirts removed. By the end of the afternoon, 13 Amplats strikers were in hospital. Two of them had been hit with live ammunition. One is in ICU. Not one COSATU marcher was fired on by police.

Today COSATU has been forced to admit that the violence at the Rally was started when NUM members attacked Campaign activist Rehad Desai and the police opened fire when other members of the Campaign went to his assistance.

The SACP continue to condemn the striking workers stating after the rally that “the police did well to disperse them,”

Latest -

On Sunday evening statements appeared in the townships that claimed the 12000 AmPlats workers who were ‘sacked’ last week had come to an agreement with AmPlats to return to work. No such agreement had been made.

The Strike committee held an emergency meeting on Saturday night outside Jabula village during which the police attacked with rubber bullets, dispersing the meeting and arresting 14 people. The police then proceeded to ransack dozens of miners shacks in the village.

In response a protest march took place on Sunday morning with about 6000 workers met at the Bathopele shaft. Another large group of miners were attacked and dispersed by police using tear gas, rubbeer bullets and stun grenades on the way to the protest.

As they were leaving the protest, the workers were confronted with a massive police blockade of about 40 police cars. The police shot heavily at them, and blasted their vehicles with live ammunition. They shot and wounded a worker in the legs. Most workers dispersed and fled as they were under heavy fire.

It is clear that the posters and statements of an agreement with the mining company was a ruse to get the miners to protest at the mine in order to again facilitate the police in opening fire on the mine workers in an attempt to break the strike. Once again the mine companies, the ANC, the NUM, the SACP and the police are working hand-in-hand to spil the blood of workers on the ground.

This act, as with all the others should be condemned.

13. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012
14. Starkadder - October 31, 2012

This being Halloween, I was thinking about horror
writers who were/are on the political left. There’s Stephen
King (Democratic Party Donor), China Mieville (Marxist),
Neil Gaiman (centre-left).

Looking further back, there was Guy Endore. His
“The Werewolf of Paris” features the Paris
Communards in key roles. Endore was an active
Communist and ran into trouble over this in the

Any others?

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

So, this is the kind of post that’s welcome on this site. Now I understand.

ejh - October 31, 2012

What’s your favourite colour?

eamonncork - October 31, 2012

Not a mention of you or your comedy club on the Seomra Spraoi website though I suppose you can count it as a minor victory that at least I looked. Good luck trying to get on Republic of Telly. Sorry, re-established 32 county workers Republic of Telly. The joke is over when you’re called on it, be a sport.,

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

The comedy club was moved to the Maple Hotel, and still is running. That you took all the time to check on that really is not a victory for me. Connolly Soviet has no need of your approval or verification. Since you mention RTÉ, you’ll be glad to know that their Arena program did come and record one of our shows in Seomra Spraoi, and broadcast it the following week.

15. eamonncork - October 31, 2012

Some stuff which might be of interest.


16. Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

Hobsbawn, like most European Socialists, lost his courage after 1989, and spent the rest of his life in paralyzing shock.

eamonncork - October 31, 2012

This is all material for some shitty stand-up act isn’t it? As I hate Comedy Nights I’ll leave the stage to you.

Sóivéid James Connolly - October 31, 2012

I think there is certainly a great amount of comedy gold to be found on this site. A group of aging Liberal Lefty types, who have spent thousands of hours of their sad lives attending worthless and boring meetings and demonstrations, and writing essays that nobody ever reads. In short, people who have achieved absolutely nothing, and are regarded as a joke by the vast majority of Irish people – if they are regarded at all. And then, when these sad, aging, men (its mostly men, of course, women usually have better things to do) see a man who took his country from having the highest infant mortality rate in Africa, to having one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, who nationalized his country’s natural resources, who took a population that was 85% living in tents, to having a brick home for everyone, who took a population with 90% illiteracy, to over 90% literacy, who brought the Libyan working class to the point where bourgeois economists Waniss Otman and Erling Karlberg call the Libyan worker “one of the most protected in the world,” who built the greatest humanitarian project of all time, The Great Man Made River, which supplies as much fresh water as the Nile flowing for 200 years, who funded and armed real Socialists and anti-imperialists all over the world, who set up the African Union, who had invested over 150 billion dollars in development projects all over Africa, when these bitter old men see such a man, what is their reaction? Of course, it is to try and tear him down and slander him. It’s to mindlessly parrot every slander that the imperialists have concocted. And these sad old men wonder why they are universally regarded with contempt?

WorldbyStorm - October 31, 2012

Oh please… you’ve had your say and gag or not you’ve proven yourself to be not worth listening to – particularly with the childish insults. I’m sure those of us on here know what we’ve done and don’t need to beat our chests over it.

But let’s turn it back on you, what have you ever done but make frankly absurd and vainglorious statements about your own worth, throw insults at other people you don’t and couldn’t know and generally make a complete fool of yourself (yeah, including that stunt at the Garden Of Rememberence which of all places on this island surely deserves more respect than you showed it, and your few days of internet activity).

Time to pull the plug on the freak show.

17. Hank Tree - October 31, 2012

Michael Clifford wrote a piece on the “Decade of Centenaries” in last weekend’s examiner.


The general thrust is that 1916 was essentially a marginal and overrated event in the grand scheme of things, that it was undemocratic putsch inspired by a “cult of bloodshed” and that “inclusiveness” should now be practised to the point of rendering our history completely meaningless.

Awful, awful piece.

Starkadder - October 31, 2012

No mention of the Ulster Unionists bringing the gun into
Irish politics with the Larne gun-running.

Also the bit about trade unions is laughable (those
nice Dublin Lockout trade unions, as opposed to the
nasty modern public sector ones).

18. Branno's ultra-left t-shirt - October 31, 2012

I actually think the CPOIR are for real….which makes it even madder.

maddurdu - October 31, 2012

CPOIR – Communist Pipe Organisation ( Investigation & Research)

19. Starkadder - October 31, 2012

Back to the subject of left-wing horror writers…Ramsey
Campbell wrote several short horror stories that also made
digs at Britain under Thatcher.

A.E. Coppard, the English horror writer earlier in the
20th century, used to write for the “New Statesman” and
publicly supported the Republican side in the
Spanish Civil War.

maddurdu - October 31, 2012

Not a writer but John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ has a rather anti capitalist message. If a bit OTT.

Starkadder - November 1, 2012

Yeah, “They Live” is a great film. What the hell happened
to Carpenter’s talent since then?

20. doctorfive - October 31, 2012
Michael Carley - November 1, 2012

And very accurate. This is exactly the way they speak:

“We need to represent the whole of Britain, not just some of it. In doing so, we will move into the radical centre, and prove that if you’re hard, you can also be soft. In a time of change, we must be the change-makers. Opportunity must be our watchword. Watchwords must be our opportunity. It is time to switch Britain off and on again. We deserve nothing less. And nothing more. Neither does the mechanic in Morecambe, or the wrestler in Rhyl. We will win. Or we might lose.”

Joe - November 1, 2012

Nice one, Michael. Excellent.

21. Tomboktu - November 1, 2012

There is, sometimes, some justice.

Greek bank list editor Costas Vaxevanis acquitted

(I am reminded of something closer to home, though not recent. There was one criminal prosecution following the Beef Tribunal. Care to guess what for?)

doctorfive - November 2, 2012

Just over a week from publishing to trial to aquittal.

22. doctorfive - November 2, 2012
23. sonofstan - November 5, 2012
24. Starkadder - November 6, 2012

I just saw a badly-typed flyposter on a Cork street saying

“Jesus warns against Yes in Children’s Referendum”. (!)

The poster was written by a man who claimed Mr. Christ had
spoken to him and told him the referendum was the work of “Lucifer”.

Honestly, the things you find at the fringes of Irish politics…

WorldbyStorm - November 6, 2012

And not so fringey either. The latest edition of Alive! leads big with its anti-amendment line. I hate to be reactive in my politics, bar where the Tories are concerned, but I’ve got to admit if Alive! is agin it that would push me fairly firmly into the Yes camp.

25. Roasted Snow - November 6, 2012

Ah, time for remembrance and quite right!

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