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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week: CrowdSourced December 2, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

I’m hoping by calling this crowdsourced people will send me money like they do with film-makers, but I won’t get my hopes up. Anyway, I can’t do this this weekend, so over to you.

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1. doctorfive - December 2, 2012
2. Michael Carley - December 2, 2012

Brendan O’Connor’s on form:

WE considered presenting both sides of the austerity debate today but, to be honest, we had a bit of trouble thinking of anyone, apart from the Government, who thinks austerity is a good idea.

WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2012

“there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents…” except it doesn’t quite feel that way…

3. crocodile - December 2, 2012

Front page budget headline on Sunday Times: ‘Labour Cave In’.
Front page budget headline on Sindo: ‘FG Cave In.’
Whole lotta cavin’ goin’ on.

WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2012


4. Starkadder - December 2, 2012

City traders who lose billions don’t get a free pass on the grounds that they were tired at the time, after all.


“Cough” Bank bailouts “cough”.

5. WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2012

Eoghan Harris: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/eoghan-harris/eoghan-harris-if-fianna-fail-wants-power-it-must-kill-its-sacred-cows-3311999.html

The lowest public sector wage is €35,000. But 80 per cent of private sector workers earn only between €20,000 and €40,000. Few have pensions. None have job security. As all public sector workers do.

This from IMPACT, dates 2010 so a year or so out of date, but I’m presuming they haven’t increased subsequently:


Clerical officer standard scale

22,015 – 23,042 – 24,071 – 25,100 – 26,128 – 27,156 – 28,183 – 29,193 – 30,191 – 31,192 – 32,187 – 33,735 – 34,9541 – 35,5152

I haven’t looked elsewhere to see if there are lower wages again but I know people on CIDs with limited hours who made considerably less than that per annum.

Does he genuinely not know or does he just assume that people will lap this up unquestioningly?

CL - December 2, 2012

Comparing average wages in the public sector with average wages in the private sector, as Harris does, conveniently hides the gross inequalities within each sector.
Why not instead compare the wage of a public sector janitor with a private sector banker. After all the janitor is doing something socially useful.

WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2012

Precisely. TBH the rest of his piece is equally tendentious, but that’s the one that really stands out.

smiffy - December 2, 2012

That’s a shocking piece from Harris, even by his standards. While his opinions are always completely off-the-wall, I can’t remember seeing a purported fact that’s as obviously simply and demonstrably false (deliberately lying?) as that figure for minimum public sector salaries.

The 2010 pay scales are correct. Civil service salaries haven’t changed since the cut (those scales are post-cut).

It’s also worth noting that while his claim that public servants will receive 1.5 times their annual salary on retirement, that applies only to those with 40 years service (including 40 years pension contributions). Less than that, and the lump sum (and annual pension) are paid at a reduced rate.

smiffy - December 2, 2012

Although, in the plus column, he does include a typically anomalous reference to Daniel Corkery (although his protege JP, the Corkery fanatic, leaves it out of his ‘article’ today).

I wonder if the two of them are just fucking with us at this stage.

WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2012

It feels like it, doesn’t it? That column sure seemed phoned in…

And for all the breast beating about the private sector lacking pensions and having low wages nothing to indicate that he would seek to see those conditions improve.

Having spent most of my working life in that sector I’d love if there was some recognition of the culpability of employers in this respect.

Ivorthorne - December 2, 2012

P.S. When Harris writes about things like this, we should all remember he currently receives three public service pensions.

Ivorthorne - December 2, 2012

That’s not stupid. It’s a plain falsehood.

Any gobshite with google could have found out that wasn’t true.

In education, Teachers start at 32k FFS. SNAs start out at around 20k. In fact, the most an SNA can make is 32k – well below 35k.

Radiographers, social workers, play therapists, dieticians, medical scientists, bus drivers, bus escorts, gardeners and many other workers all earn less than the 35k Harris talks about.

WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2012


Michael Carley - December 2, 2012
Tomboktu - December 2, 2012

Service officers in the civil service earn less. And the 2010 rates still hold.

6. gfmurphy101 - December 2, 2012

Of course Harris would never lobby to improve the private sector worker’s pay etc , that might upset his paymasters the 1%, and with redundancy lurking at INM its probably a case of the “empty vessel that makes the most noise” in support of the 1% agenda is the “empty vessel” that gets to keep his job!

7. gfmurphy101 - December 2, 2012

Reblogged this on gfmurphy101.

8. RosencrantzisDead - December 2, 2012


“RTE has confirmed it is investigating an incident in which one of its freelance producers labelled Irish journalist David Quinn “a poisonous c**t” on his Twitter page.”

Looks like I have one more person to add to my Christmas card list.

smiffy - December 2, 2012

Man bites dog is news. David Quinn is “a poisonous c**t” is not news.

Mark P - December 2, 2012

This is hilarious.

maddurdu - December 2, 2012

Some other mean soul called Ronan Mullen a ‘cabbage f**k’

RosencrantzisDead - December 3, 2012

There be a lot of Christmas cards emanating from the RiD household this year.

9. CMK - December 2, 2012

I read the paper edition this morning and there was an amusing piece about Senator John Whelan (Lab.) apparently feeling defamed because some ICTU functionary had taken Whelan to task for his criticism of Eugene McGloone’s call for a general strike which everyone in a leadership position in the trade union movement is insisting is not and never was a call for a general strike. Whelan apparently being dead set against any such idea – I think he is also dead set against legislation for the X case, if my memory serves.

sonofstan - December 2, 2012

Whelan was one of Gilmore’s speed dates wasn’t he? Parachuted into Laois-Offaly before the election and causing half the local party to leave, IIRC.

CMK - December 2, 2012

The guy’s some neck. Speaks volumes about the desperation of Labour that this guy was actively headhunted for a general election and that when rejected by the electorate he was then parachuted into the Senate. He doesn’t seem all too aware of what party he is in.

smiffy - December 2, 2012

I think it was that Whelan claimed to have felt threatened when he was asked to withdraw an inaccurate comment that he made (which the ICTU guy also claimed was defamatory). Whelan then gets all precious banging on about his freedom of speech like some kind of politics.ie headbanger, while repeating the original inaccuracy (it wasn’t a call for a general strike).

CMK - December 2, 2012

That was it. I couldn’t get my head round it at the time and it struck me as a real ‘mountain out of a molehill’ thing. The headline above the piece, if I recall correctly, was along the lines of ‘Senator intimidated by union’ or something like that.

10. Mark P - December 3, 2012

I see that the Sindo claims that Aodhain O’Riordain warned a Labour Parliamentary Party meeting that if Labour “pushes too hard to get more legislation” on abortion FG “might look for a deal from us in another area”?


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