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Official Republican Movement – Speech at Edentubber Commemoration 2013 December 4, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, Northern Ireland, The Left.

Many thanks to the person who forwarded the following from the Official Republican Movement:

Attached is an oration read at the Official Republican Movement’s Edentubber commemoration held on Sunday 11th November 2013 on the Louth/Armagh border, to mark the anniversary of the deaths of five republican activists killed when a landmine exploded prematurely.

The Volunteers who died at the Carrickarnon border crossing were Michael Watters, whose home was destroyed in the explosion, Paul Smith, from Bessbrook, Oliver Craven, from Newry, George Keegan from Enniscorthy and Patrick Parle from Wexford

The commemoration took place at Edentubber Martyrs monument at the foot of Edentubber Mountain. Francis O’Donoghue former Sinn Fein/Sinn Fein the Workers’ Party Councillor for Carrickmacross and veteran of ‘Operation Harvest’, the IRA’s 1956 to 1962 border campaign gave the oration to the Socialist Republican attendees.

Chairing the occasion was a representative of the 1950’s campaign Veterans Association, Oliver McCall followed by a social in Newry.

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1. Joe - December 4, 2013

Sad trainspotter that I am, I’d still like to know what is the connection/difference/crossover between the Official Republican Movement and the Irish Republican Comrades Association.
You couldn’t ask the person who forwarded this if they know, WBS? And if they do, would they be happy to share?

2. Tawdy - December 4, 2013

Don`t know about the Irish Republic Comrades Association, the Official Republican Movement is a euphemism for the Official IRA

3. Ghandi - December 4, 2013

The IRCA is effectively a split from the ORM. The ORM and the Newry Veterans (Harvest) held this comm. ald it was posted up had a hard copy but did not get to post it yet.

4. Gobán Soar - December 4, 2013

Irish Republican Comrades Association

Aims and Objectives:

Organizational & Individual Membership Principles

To strive for the unity of “Protestant Catholic and Dissenter”, as envisaged by Wolfe Tone and the founders of the United Irishmen, as the only genuine basis for the achievement of the freedom and independence of the people of this island and of Ireland as a State.

To espouse and practice the values of United Irish Republicanism, as opposed to non-monarchical Nationalism, and reject and oppose all other forms of narrow Nationalism, British or Irish.

To assist and work to promote the emergence and growth of “anti -sectarian political leaderships” in, across and between people in our society, in all aspects of life, to help build and secure Peace in our country now and for future generations.

To engage, collaborate and co-operate with all groups and individuals in building a strong united voice and movement that is genuinely committed to working for the betterment and advancement of the working classes and the dispossessed, locally, nationally and internationally.

To practice and act in an anti-sectarian manner in all activities, endeavours and engagements with others as a core principle of the Irish Republican Comrades Association and its ethos and rationale.

To instigate and participate in constructive on-going political dialogue.

To embrace the Socialist concept of a one world view politically and economically that negates the stultifying straight-jackets of narrow nationalisms and the sectarian parochialisms that are currently practiced in our society.

To work and strive, through actions and deeds, to achieve the goal of a united people in a caring and compassionate society, that would be governed by Socialist ethics and principles, in a Republic that will cherish and care for all of its citizens.

Bob Smiles - December 4, 2013

Still not clear on differences between groups

Liam Lynch - March 20, 2014

The fundamental difference is one of personal ambition and economic gain on the one hand, and the on going struggle for a socialist republic. The ORM still adhere to the “basic aims of Official Republicanism” as those outlined above by a member of the irca. Why then was it necessary to attempt to change the name of the ORM ?, possibly because the vast majority of the Orm membership would reject any detraction from those aims, and even more so reject any individual or group who would feather their own nests at the expense of Official Republicanism. The ORM are in the struggle for public need, not in business for private greed. The irca need to come clean on their real aims,…. the negation of their history and their roots….which was the Official IRA. If you hide your history what else are you prepared to hide ?

5. Gobán Soar - December 5, 2013

Last year a large group of the most active members of the O.R.M.decided to leave the movement.
They believed that through hostile opposition and conduct unbecoming by some members, the
movement had achieved the status of a militant or even military sect. Official Republican Movement seemed a rather grandiose title, as there were so many claiming to be the true inheritors of official republicanism. As many of these members were of a certain age and had no further intentions of “setting the heather ablaze”but still wanted to wanted to have a voice they decided to form the Irish Republican Comrades Association. It is hoped that this group will attract those who still adhere to the basic aims of Official Republicanism
.The aims and objectives are listed above and you would have to ask others to state theirs.

Joe - December 5, 2013

Go raibh maith agat a Ghobáin agus go n-éirí libh.
Thanks Gobán and best of luck to yis.

6. Eamonncork - December 5, 2013

I’m sure this is my fault and not in the proper spirit at all but I am somewhat reminded of those Wire magazine articles teasing out the differences between Wonky, UK Funky, Trap, Nu-Garage, Aquacrunk and Glitch.

7. CL - December 5, 2013

Fascinating stuff. I thought the Official Republican Movement became defunct years ago. Old soldiers never die…

8. John O'Neill - December 5, 2013

Interesting there isn’t a single comment on the content of the speech.
As for Gobán Soar’s declaration on behalf of the IRCA I wonder how there seems to be an automatic acceptance of the goals of the IRCA and a bewildering ‘suspicion’ of the objectives of the ORM as if the oration has no political content whatsoever. I challenge anyone who has read the speech above by Francis O’Donoghue to show me where it veers from “the basic aims of Official Republicanism”

I would suggest to Tawdy that some people within the Workers Party, the Official Republican Movement, the Irish Republican Comrades Association, and the Irish Republican Socialist Party feel that they all encapsulate the essence of all that was progressive/revolutionary/socialist/republican within the Official IRA.

Let the hundred flowers bloom…..

Ghandi - December 6, 2013


Joe - December 6, 2013

I can’t see any suspicion of ORM objectives in the discussion above. Gobán Soar does say that the people who left ORM to form IRCA thought that the ORM had achieved the status of a militant or even a military sect. I have no idea whether that is the case or not.
I would wish the best of luck to any group which aspired to the kind of stuff outlined in the IRCA principles above.
As long as it’s flowers blooming and not guns going off, I’m all for it.

9. Laochra Uladh - December 8, 2013

Francis does a good job at laying to rest the “soldiers of folly” notion (an insult if there ever was one). And his explanation of anti-sectarianism, economic justice, and the legacy of the United Irishmen is true republicanism, if only more people would listen to this and less to the drivel of certain so-called republicans who barely, if ever, mention sectarianism and treat economic need as a token to garner votes.

WorldbyStorm - December 8, 2013

Coincidentally I’m reading that very book at the moment. It’s kind of gripping, but can’t help but agree that the term is unnecessary. That said I think the O’Bradaigh biography deals with that period a bit better, perhaps.

10. yourcousin - December 8, 2013

I find it ironic that both the DUP and the UUP get tips of the hat, while Gerry gets his name misspelled. Very progressive indeed. I guess I feel that the idea of lauding a radical elite and shitting on an indigenous subalternesque movement that was fighting the same battle as somehow less than genuine is just confusing. Also, the fact that the means and the end consistently get conflated is cringe worthy.

11. Tony o. - December 19, 2013

The people left the orm because for the money they then formed the irca with a lot of people went to the easter commeration in 2013 but what most of them well the ones invited didnt and were not told that their was goin to be a name change. At that nigh they know have left and stayed with the orm. The irca where blamin good men on stuff that they were the ones who were doing it and behind the backs of there ex friends were talking to the nio and top cops just to cover there own backs and also formed the name irca so they can claim different fundings its all about the money.. The orm have restructured and stil exist and always will.. Irca there is and never was a comrade amongst them and to be and organisnation you have to trust your men… Fact

12. Liam Lynch - December 28, 2013

Tony O. is 100% correct, the ORM has never disbanded and never will, contrary to what some so-called republicans in the irca would like people to believe. these individuals uni-laterally took it upon themselves to bring about changes without informing all the ORM membership, how democratic, and how foolish. They have shown themselves in their true colours, personal ambition and financial gain is not what republican socialism is about, that is why we in the ORM will not be going away.

john - April 22, 2014

you need to wake up! the ORM in newry have been dealing in drugs for years. the dog in the street knows this.

13. Darren - January 6, 2014

Liam you hit the nail on the head, goban you are so full of crap and to state the most active members left as far as i’m aware they have done nothing but get drunk and beat women up sit all day taking drugs. And the so called leadership of the “i.r.c.a” have been keeping there backs covered by meeting n.i.o officials privately, meeting m.i.5, in café on the lisburn rd, and else where and also drinking with top cops., fact.. [EDIT]. [EDIT]

14. Political Tourist - January 6, 2014

Strange date the bomb went off, November 11th, this was 30 years before events in Enniskillen.
Can’t help but think……..

15. Darren - January 7, 2014

Tourist what you saying, are you saying that the so called leadership of the “i.r.c.a” know the names of the bombers of that day the way they told their friends in the n.i.o the names of alot of other people who done stuff like for example the two coparols who where killed in anderstown years ago and within an hour a certain person walked into cyprus street club with the fella who was taking the photographs of the men involved in the killing from the helicopther and the same person who help to split away from the workers party to form the o.r.m has nigh made a deal saveral years ago with the two governments and nigh formed the i.r.c.a. Which there is only a hand full and a few coffin dodgers and hoods etc they tried to disband the o.r.m the last lot of years nigh we know why.. The money, we didnt do it for the money they did.. Chartalans

16. Political Tourist - January 7, 2014

Why would anybody coming from a 40 odd year history in the OSF/SFWP/WP/OIRA wanted to bring up Edentubber.
What was the real target of the Edentubber bomb?
I’ve heard of peace time provos but this lot sound like post troubles stickies.
There’s something comical about a double split (WP/ORM/IRCA) as i say, 40 years later.
Wonder how the local INLA view it.
Please don’t somebody come on to tell there’s any link between the local INLA and ORM/IRCA.
That would be the funniest thing ever.

17. Darren - January 7, 2014

Tourist the edentubber bomb was not meant to explode were it did, it went of premature, and u say about the link between the wp/orm/irca, i’l tell you a well known fact their is no link from the o.r.m to these other groups. We are one organisation not linked to any other, and you say what would the i.n.l.a think, well you must not be in the know the i.n.l.a have also split.. Nigh i would like you to tell me something how is it that the “i.r.c.a” are being funded for the process of decommissioning if they were not involved in it, it was the o.r.m who decommissioned the why the so called leadership of the “i.r.c.a” blamed others for crime they did not commit it was them and still is whos doing it so by blaming others was just a smoke screen so they could break away and change the name which was agreed behind the scenes by the goverment… Nigh i wonder if some idiot from the mi5/i.r.c.a will come on and give me and alot of others the truth thats if he’s not a mushroom, not in the dark no more, plenty of sunlight

Bob Smiles - January 7, 2014

Someone is taking drugs on this thread, it could be several

18. Darren - January 7, 2014

Prob you bob, sure your always smiling, haha.

19. Political Tourist - January 7, 2014

Not looking too good for the ORM if the CIRA, sorry IRCA, getting a bit confused here, kicks ORM out the Falls Rd premises.
Do ORM have a website?

20. Larry - January 7, 2014

Hahaha very gud tourist.g the o.r.m were not kicked out they dont use it any more b cos there is to much blame game in it plus the ones usin are being protected by mi5, fact. As i dont want to say to much on here they wont be in it long.

21. Mark P - January 7, 2014

WbS, Garibaldy, I think you may need to sweep out the stables here and on the Bodenstown thread.

WorldbyStorm - January 7, 2014


As I said on the other thread there’s been plenty of space allowed to discuss this but this isn’t the forum for allegations and mentions of third parties when they have no means of defending themselves. I’m asking people to stop or I start imposing bans on IP addresses.

22. roddy - March 20, 2014

Am I the only one who finds much of the above totally barking mad !

Liam Lynch - March 21, 2014

Totally agree with you Roddy.It’s sad to see discussion dropping to this incoherent level of speaking before thinking, it’s more heckling than debate, and on other threads also. But in saying that, I think there is stirring going on from some quarters.

workers republic - March 21, 2014

Roddy , remember the brutal murder of an innocence young man , battered to death in a cowshed ; as if that wasn’t bad enough , an attempt was made to blackened his name by a Party leader. However a respected Republican, a neighbour and former Counsellor refuted those lies.
More killing today of an alleged RIRA leader. It’s like the Wild West! And here Stickers accusing each other of collaboration with the NIO and MI5! At least the Sticks haven’t started should killing each other yet .Hope it doesn’t happen, we’ve had too much pseudo-political fratracide.
Militarism is imploding.

23. roddy - March 21, 2014

That last ramble is on a par with what I referred to in post 22

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