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The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 63 …’Minority’ Sports Special January 24, 2014

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

There were requests last week for a Cricket themed quiz one for Road Bowling and so on…… this is the next best thing I could come up with (and I had to trawl through plenty of books etc to come up with the questions)
1. Which former Minister for Sport was also President of a Pitch and Putt club ?
2. Which former Labour TD played Hockey at Interprovincial level for Leinster?
3. Which current Minister got colours in TCD for cross country running and later played league table tennis?
4. Which former Minister was the 1980 Cork Intermediate Handball Champion?
5. Which former Irish Party MP won an Olympic Gold for Tennis in 1896?
6. Who was the last Fianna Fail TD to coach an Irish Basketball team?
7. Which one of these three played cricket for the City of Derry Cricket Club.. Martin McGuinness, Martina Anderson or John Hume ?
8. Which former Minister for Sport is a member of Bol Chumann na hEireann (road bowling) ?
9. Which current TD is a member of Blackwater Kayaking club?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz Number 62 …… Soccer Special
1. Mick Lipper
2. David Andrews
3. Martina Genockey
4. Bill Tormey
5. Oliver St John Gogarty
6. Seamus McGowan
7. Jimmy Harte
8. Neil Blaney
9. Oscar Traynor
10. Brendan McGahon

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1. ejh - January 24, 2014

11. Which chess champion of Ireland sat as an MP in the House of Commons?

irishelectionliterature - January 24, 2014

Great question, I’m afraid I had to look up the answer . Were there many other politicians/ statesmen renowned for Chess (bar Kim Il Jong and the rest of the family who are great at everything)

ejh - January 24, 2014

Depends what you mean I suppose. One might class Garry Kasparov as a politican now, for instance, and I believe Anatoly Karpov had a seat in the Russian parliament at one stage. Marmaduke Wyvill was an MP one of the strongest English players of the nineteenth century, albeit not of world class Among people who were politicians first and chessplayers second, Andrew Bonar Law could play a bit, as could Che Guevara. Not sure who would be, for insatnce, the strongest player to be elected to a national parliament, but I could find out…

ejh - January 24, 2014

(Actually I am, it’d be Karpov. But he’d be a chessplayer first and politician second.)

2. LeftAtTheCross - January 24, 2014

10 is Senator Eamon Coughlan. I saw him on Grafton St the Christmas before last when we were up in the big smoke for the visit to Santa with the kids. I pointed him out to my son who remarked “he walks very fast”. He does too.

3. EamonnCork - January 24, 2014

These are hard. Serves us right for being such smart arses.
Without recourse to Google I can only come up with,
5. John Pius Boland.
8. Donal Creed.

irishelectionliterature - January 24, 2014

You’re lucky I didn’t ask about Lucindas showjumping career:)
There were a few boxers such as Joe McHugh, Tom Foxe was a boxing referee, John Magnier was of course appointed to the Seanad by Charlie. Jockey Jim Cullotys brother ran for Labour in the 1999 Local Elections for Killarney UDC. Theres a few who are fans of coursing and others that were involved with the Greyhounds.
Was Donal Creed a Minister for Sport?

EamonnCork - January 24, 2014

Sport would have been part of Creed’s remit as a junior minister from 1982-1987 as far as I know. He opened some big do in that period for the bowlers as minister for sport. Is there another one?

irishelectionliterature - January 24, 2014

There is another.. or at least he wasn’t who I had in mind as the answer :)

EamonnCork - January 24, 2014


irishelectionliterature - January 24, 2014

Not O’Donoghue . Wrong County too (a clue there)

ar scáth a chéile - January 24, 2014

Is 8 Micheál Martin?

4. PaddyM - January 24, 2014

3. Alan Shatter?

irishelectionliterature - January 24, 2014

yep a dab hand at the table tennis :)

5. EamonnCork - January 24, 2014

With all the fawning over Kenny in Davos, I’m expecting to hear that he got round a golf course in 17 shots before the week is out.

irishelectionliterature - January 24, 2014

I was thinking of asking which golf clubs TDs belonged to ! Its second to GAA club membership among our elected political elite

6. Tomboktu - January 24, 2014

7 has to be McGuinness

sonofstan - January 26, 2014

Certainly the famous reverse swing to the bagman was worthy of Shane Warne.

sonofstan - January 26, 2014

……but I have a hunch the answer is Hume

7. ar scáth a chéile - January 26, 2014

Doh!… he was never minister for sport

ar scáth a chéile - January 26, 2014

Micheál Martin that is ( referring to my earlier lame attempt to answer 8)

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