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The CLR Political Quiz…… Number 70 April 11, 2014

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1. Who was Labours second female TD ?
2. Who said “In Galway there is no Communism” ?
3. What Group had an address of PO Box 2944 , Dublin 1 ?
4. Who co promoted The Boomtown Rats gig in Clondalkin in the Late 70′s, Liam Lawlor, John Curran, Derek Keating or Tomas MacGiolla ?
5. Who is this?
6. Name the Party founded by Nora Bennis?
7. Who wrote the book “No Workers’ Republic!” ?
8. In 1996 The PDs produced a plan “A New Heart for Dublin” where was Dublin Port to be relocated to?
9. In the 1990′s ‘The Glowpath’ was an annual walk that culminated in a protest outside the Dail. What was the protest about?
10. Name these three gents

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz … Number 69

1. Jackie Healy Rae, Mildred Fox, Harry Blaney and Tom Gildea
2. Packie Gralton
3. Eileen Desmond in 1965
4. Fine Gael in 2002
5. 1989
6. Conor Cruise O’Brien, Justin Keating, Brendan Corish, Michael O’Leary, James Tully
7. 1979
8. Joe Behan
9. Cork
10. Labour

The CLR Political Quiz ……… Number 69 April 4, 2014

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1. In 1997 which Independent TDs did a deal with Fianna Fail to support the government ? and who was assigned to ‘look after’ them ?
2. Who was The President of the Sligo Leitrim Independent Socialist Party when it joined Labour in early 1992 ?
3. Who was the last wife to win a by election caused by the death of her husband?
4. Which Party had the slogan ‘Vision, With Purpose’?
5. Which was the last General Election that Labour used the Starry Plough as their logo?
6. In 1977 Labour had ads ‘Vote Labour, Here are five good Reasons Why’. What were the five reasons?
7. What year was Labour Youths first National Conference.
8. Who was the only Independent TD to lose their seat in 2011 ?
9. Where was the 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis held ?
10. What Partys logo was this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 68
1. 1963 for JFK visit
2. Mick Wallace
3. Albert Reynolds
4. Gráinne Mhic Géidigh
5. Thomas Hollywood
6. 1987
7. Sonny Knowles
8. Jaan Van de Ven
9. Damian Quigg
10. Sean Purcell

The CLR Political Quiz…. Number 68 March 7, 2014

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1. What was the Dail first televised?
2. Which Male TD had an ear ring on his picture on the ballot paper in 2011 ?
3. Who said this “This isn’t pressure, pressure is when the bank ring u Friday evening and tell you to have 10k by Monday or they foreclose” ?
4. Who was the first ever Sinn Féin candidate to be elected to Údarás na Gaeltachta ?
5. Which 2011 General Election candidate had the following line on his leaflet “I think a new political party, The Spirit Party, should be formed ” ?
6. What Election is this from?
7. Which of the following onetime ‘celebrity candidates’ had a son on the books of Shamrock Rovers , Jeananne Crowley , Sonny Knowles or Ted Nealon ?
8. Who is the leader of Direct Democracy Ireland?
9. Which Sinn Fein Local Election candidate is a nephew of former SDLP politician Sean Farren?
10. Who is this?

The CLR Political Quiz …………… Number 67 February 21, 2014

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1. Which former running mate of Gay Mitchell is running as an Independent in this years Local Elections having failed to be selected by Fine Gael?
2. Which former Minister is a Vice President of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland ?
3.”He is a colourless member of the Corporation and has made a couple of fairly pointless speeches in the Dail” was a included in a bio of which TD from the 80′s ?
4. Name the uncle of former MEP Mary Banotti, who had a spell as a TD?
5. Which former Irish European Commissioner was a member of Sean Dublin Bay Loftus’s shortlived Christian Democrat Party?
6. Which Boxing club is Fine Gael candidate Kenneth Egan a member of?
7. Which TD is co author of the book “Drainage Policy in Ireland”
8. “His Dail contributions are banal” was a included in a bio of which other TD from the 80′s ?
9. Who was this gent referring to and when?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ……. Number 66
1. Sligo-Leitrim and Dublin North in March 1925
2. Hugh Coveney
3. Midlands-North-West
4. FG Hugh Byrne
5. All three were appointed ministers their first day in the Dail.
6. Michael O’Leary
7. Barry Desmond
8. Dr Bill Loughnane
9. Michael Noonan
10. Noel Davern

The CLR Political Quiz …………………… Number 66 February 14, 2014

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1. When was the last time there was a by-election for two seats in the same constituency?
2. Who captained the 1979 Irish Admirals Cup team ?
3. What Constituency is Kildare in for this years European Elections?
4. Which former TD wrote the book “Electroencephalograms on Irish Boxers” ?
5. What distinction do Noel Browne, Martin O’Donoghue and Kevin Boland have in common ?
6. In 1977 Frank Cluskey replaced Brendan Corish as leader of the Labour Party, who did he defeat in the Leadership contest?
7. Which former TD for a Dublin constituency had a father who had been Lord Mayor of Cork?
8. Which former TD was a winner of the All-Ireland championships with the Tulla Céilí Band as a fiddler?
9. Who succeeded Sean Doherty as Minister for Justice ?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz … Number 65
1. Jim Higgins
2. Michelle Mulherin
3. John Dunlop
4. Martin Lonergan
5. just Jerry Cowley
6. 1961
7. Flor O’Mahony
8. Two -Kevin Boland and Paddy Madigan (didn’t count Neil Blaney as he was IFF)
9. Finghin Kelly
10. Michael Begley

The CLR Political Quiz … Number 65 February 7, 2014

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1. Which Irish MEP has won the Junior Chamber Ireland debating championships twice?
2. In 2011 which TD called for National Service to be introduced in Ireland?
3. The United Ulster Unionist Party had one MP, name him?
4. Who is The Mattie McGrath candidate in the Cahir/Clonmel Local Electoral Area ?
5. How many of the Independent candidates elected to the Dail in 2002 have since stood for Labour?
6. In which General Election did Fine Gael use the slogan “Don’t Vote Fianna Fail, Vote Better Times for All, Vote Fine Gael” ?
7. Which former Labour Senator stood for the Dail on five occasions without success in constituencies on Dublins Northside and Southside?
8. How many former Fianna Fail Councillors/ Senators or TDs have stood as Independents in Irish European Elections?
9. Name the Irishman who stood in last years local elections in Brussells ?
10. Who is this ?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ………….. Number 64
1. Michael O’Morain
2. Wayne Flanagan Tobin and Simon Hall
3. Hugh Byrne
4. 12
5. Alice Glenn
6. Paddy O’Toole
7. 1985
8. Dessie Ellis
9. Brendan Halligan (Labour) in 1976
10. John Ellis

The CLR Political Quiz ………….. Number 64 January 31, 2014

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1. In 1969 which Fianna Fail TD declared that the Labour Party had been taken over by a bunch of “Left Wing political queers from Trinity College and Telifis Eireann”?
2. Which two candidates in the forthcoming Local Elections set up an organisation “People Before Parties” ?
3. In 1978 which TD was expelled from the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party for voting against the Party Whip and abusive behaviour to Nurses protesting at the Dail ?
4. Ted Nealon passed away this week. How many ‘Nealon’s Guides’ were published?
5. Which of the following ran a Dress Design Business prior to becoming a TD, Alice Glenn, Cecilia Keaveney or Liz O’Donnell?
6. In the run up to the 1981 General Election which Minster promised aside from the Airport, an International Sports Complex for the Knock area?
7. What year was Phil Hogan first elected to Kilkenny County Council ?
8. How many of the Sinn Fein candidates elected to Dublin City Council in 2009 have gone on to be TDs?
9. Were Brian Hayes to win a European Seat there will be a by-election in Dublin South West. When was the last By-Election there and who won the seat?
10.Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 63 …’Minority’ Sports Special
1. Bernard Allen
2. Sean Ryan
3. Alan Shatter
4. Batt O’Keefe
5. John Pius Boland
6. GV Wright
7. John Hume
8. Bernard Allen
9. Sean Sherlock
10. Eamon Coughlan

The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 63 …’Minority’ Sports Special January 24, 2014

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There were requests last week for a Cricket themed quiz one for Road Bowling and so on…… this is the next best thing I could come up with (and I had to trawl through plenty of books etc to come up with the questions)
1. Which former Minister for Sport was also President of a Pitch and Putt club ?
2. Which former Labour TD played Hockey at Interprovincial level for Leinster?
3. Which current Minister got colours in TCD for cross country running and later played league table tennis?
4. Which former Minister was the 1980 Cork Intermediate Handball Champion?
5. Which former Irish Party MP won an Olympic Gold for Tennis in 1896?
6. Who was the last Fianna Fail TD to coach an Irish Basketball team?
7. Which one of these three played cricket for the City of Derry Cricket Club.. Martin McGuinness, Martina Anderson or John Hume ?
8. Which former Minister for Sport is a member of Bol Chumann na hEireann (road bowling) ?
9. Which current TD is a member of Blackwater Kayaking club?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz Number 62 …… Soccer Special
1. Mick Lipper
2. David Andrews
3. Martina Genockey
4. Bill Tormey
5. Oliver St John Gogarty
6. Seamus McGowan
7. Jimmy Harte
8. Neil Blaney
9. Oscar Traynor
10. Brendan McGahon

The CLR Political Quiz Number 62 …… Soccer Special January 17, 2014

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After last weeks GAA theme there was a request for a ‘Garrison Games’ themed one…. and here it is

1. Which former Labour TD played for Sligo Rovers and Limerick ?
2. Which former Minister found himself on tour in China with the UCD Soccer team the day Chairman Mao died?
3. Which member of the Shamrock Rovers Board of Directors is running in this years Local Elections?
4. Which former member of the Shamrock Rovers Board of Directors is a Fine Gael councillor in Dublin?
5. Which former Senator , who has a pub in Temple Bar named after him, played for Bohs ?
6. Niall Quinn Campaigned for what candidate in the 1985 Local Elections?
7. Which Senator is a former Chairman of Finn Harps ?
8. Which former TD was President of the FAI from 1968 to 1973?
9. Which former TD has a major Junior Soccer trophy named after him ?
10. Who is this?

The Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 61….. GAA Special
1. Des Foley (Should have phrased the question to include having played both matches on the same day)
2. 4 -Joe Keohane, Mick O’Connell, Tommy Murphy and Sean Purcell
3. Jack Wall
4. Ted Nealon
5. Eamon Cregan
6. John O’Mahony
7. Brendan Corish and Dick Spring
8. John Doyle
9. Paddy Lalor
10. Jim Fitzsimons

The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 61….. GAA Special January 10, 2014

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1. Which former TD won Railway Cup medals for Hurling and Football on the same day?
2. How many of the GAA Football Team of The Millennium ran for the Dail but were never elected?
3. Which of these 3 TDs played inter county hurling Michael Lowry, Jack Wall and Eoin O’Duffy?
4. Which former TD played inter county football and also had a spell playing Rugby League in England?
5. Which All Ireland Hurling winning manager stood in the 1981 General Election where he failed to win a seat?
6. Which current Fine Gael TD marked Martin Ferris in the 1973 All Ireland Under 21 Final (won by Kerry) ?
7. Name the Labour Party leaders since 1960 that played inter county football?
8. How Many of the GAA Hurling Team of The Millennium served in The Seanad?
9. Which former MEP won a Leinster Senior Hurling title with Laois in 1949?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ….Number 60
1. 1973
2. 3
3. W.B. Yeats
4. Doheny and Nesbitts
5. 2007 General Election (although they did stand in the Assembly elections earlier that year)
6. 1999 Euros and Locals
7. Minister for Posts and Telegraphs
8. 3 Sean Lemass , Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen
9. The Town I Loved so well (a clip can be heard here)
10. John Geoghegan


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