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Political jokes and humour… July 23, 2014

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Reading this excellent proposal, noted in comments a while back, for a 4 day week due to the positive health, social and societal benefits of same, there was a comment below it which went as follows:

It’s that joke about the banker, the worker and the unemployed man in a cafe. The banker takes 9 of 10 biscuits on the table and nudges the worker “You want to watch out, that unemployed man has his eye on your biscuit.”

And the thought struck me, anyone know any good political jokes, actual real jokes you can tell people? All contributions gratefully accepted.

Some Workers’ Party and Democratic Left Archive Material July 21, 2014

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded these links on. They contain a variety of documents from The Workers’ Party / Sinn Fein from 1992 back to 1971 and also some material from the Democratic Left.
The Workers’ Party
Democratic Left

That’s all very fine about SF wanting to work with the LP. But will there be LP TDs to work with? July 16, 2014

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Is the thought that comes to mind reading this sterling defence of a leftish coalition proposal by Mary Lou McDonald today.

It’s good to hear her reported in the IT as saying:

…the next administration should not contain either Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil.

“We need to find, and we would like this to happen sooner rather than later, a space and a way in which we can build a dynamic and build agreement and build consensus on those points that we agree on to offer that alternative,” she said.

But will SF stand aside if the numbers fall a certain way, ie one in which the LP, as seems overwhelmingly likely, will have too few TDs to enter a government and the only way forward is in coalition with FF. As it happens I’m still dubious that FF would want to enter any such arrangement, except as the dominant partner, and even then…

Indeed all this seems very abstract. There’s surely little chance of an SF/LP lash-up anytime soon. So is this about projecting a certain image of the party? Or is there more, or less, to this than meets the eye?

“The Inter-Imperialist War, 1914–18: Not a noble cause” July 15, 2014

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War Poster

Saturday 26 July, 2 p.m.
CPI public talks, 2014


Dr Brian Hanley (historian),
Eddie Glackin (National Executive Committee, CPI)
Chairperson: Mary Cullen (historian)

Socialist Voice from the CPOI – July Edition now out… July 9, 2014

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Please find attached a link to the July Socialist Voice.



1. Housing is a right, not a privilege

There is not a town or city in this country that is not experiencing increased homelessness. Walk down any street and you will see at first hand the growing problem of individuals and whole families sleeping rough or wandering around the streets, as they have to leave a hostel or B&B during the day.


2. The anti-clericalism of the chattering classes

The recent revelations regarding the finding of up to eight hundred infant bodies buried in what were the grounds of a children’s home in Co. Galway hit the headlines and led to much ill-informed speculation, spurring renewed anti-clericalism by the establishment media.
While the numbers and the causes of death are still not clear, this has not prevented the state-controlled RTE and the corporate media from engaging in wild speculation.


3. Poetry
Richard B

140 Reasons to Feel Betterhttp://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/03-poetry.html

4. Lessons of the Republican Congress

Contrary to the common perception, history rarely repeats itself, and never in exactly the same fashion as before. Conditions and circumstances change constantly, and so therefore does the story. Nevertheless, certain episodes from the past provide valuable lessons, offering important ideas or crucial insights.


5. Workers in struggle
Block a return to slave wages and conditions

The privatisation of the collection of household refuse has led not just to chaos in housing estates with the duplication of collection services but to ever-increasing charges on working people for the collection of their black, green and brown bins. http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/05-workers.html

6. Further sentence for Margaretta D’Arcy

On Tuesday 24 June, in Ennis District Court, Margaretta D’Arcy and Niall Farrell were given two-week suspended sentences by Judge Patrick Durcan following their conviction for “interfering with the proper use of an airport.”


7. Bausch and Lomb: the sequel

Workers at Bausch and Lomb in Waterford voted last month to accept the deal proposed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. The SIPTU vote was 563 to 107.
Although the union made no recommendation, members were left in no doubt that a “no” vote would close the factory, with the loss of all 1,100 jobs. The same happened at the TEEU ballot, where the vote was 68 to 23 for acceptance. In effect there was no choice: you either accepted or lost your job.


8. Education under attack

The austerity attack by this Government and its ally, the European Union, continues to affect the many thousands of our people who are still suffering not only austerity but, equally important, the anxiety and stress that this causes to the general health of our people.http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/08-education.html

9. Inequality to continue?

When Government ministers wax lyrical these days about “recovery just around the corner,” “green shoots,” and “light at the end of the tunnel”—beware! They are far from talking about a return to the “good old days” of the Celtic Tiger, when the Irish capitalist economy boomed (for some).


9. Clean water is a human right

What will happen when an unemployed worker, pensioner or single mother is unable to pay a water bill? Will our privatised water and sewage-disposal service, Irish Water, be willing to meet in full its obligations to all citizens? Or will it threaten to cut off the water supply of those who are behind with their bills?


10. An Garda Síochána scriosta le polaitíocht

Ní inné ná inniu a tháinig ceisteanna chun cinn faoi fheidhmíocht nó ionracas an Gharda Síochána. I gcónaí riamh ba “phoblacht neamh­spleách” é taobh istigh den stát, agus níor leasc le go leor de na baill, an cheannasaíocht san áireamh, gníomhú taobh amuigh den dlí. http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/11-garda.html

11. Connolly Study Circle, Dundalk

Over the last few months the CPI has held three talks for activists in Dundalk


12. Réabhlóid na Fraince agus a polasaithe eacnamaíocha

Ba í Réabhlóid na Fraince an tréimhse staire ba mhó tionchar ar pholaitíocht agus idé-eolaíocht na hEorpa sna trí haois dheireanacha.
Leath tionchar na réabhlóide go dtí gach críoch ar domhan, agus roghnaíodh tríd­hathacha mar shuaitheantas beagnach gach náisiún a lorg neamh­spleáchas, múnlaithe ar an mbun-leagan Francach


13. The economic philosophy behind the euro

In 1979 Margaret Thatcher was the first European prime minister to introduce the neo-liberal agenda. She was soon followed by Ronald Reagan in the United States, and the European Union formally adopted the neo-liberal ideology in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/14-euro.html

14. The hall that Jimmy built

James Gralton was the only Irish person (so far) to be deported from the country of his birth as an undesirable alien. The deportation was ordered on the grounds of dubious logic and equally dubious legality, which claimed that because he had adopted American citizenship he was a foreigner.



European Election 2014: Sweden and the United Kingdom July 9, 2014

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As Liberius notes…

[here's] the final part of my series on the European election, covering Sweden and the United Kingdom with a listed overview of the results to conclude. The Swedish results gave me a chance to crowbar in some music, enjoy!

A genuine resource, and many thanks to Liberius for compiling it.

And on the Croke Park/Garth Brooks issue – from Independent Cllr. Cieran Perry July 5, 2014

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For immediate release

Independent Councillor calls for ‘No Interference’ in the Garth Brooks Planning Process

Independent Dublin City Councillor Cieran Perry called for no interference in the planning process which rejected two of the five planned Garth Brooks concerts in Croke Park this month.

Cllr Perry expressed surprise that Sinn Fein and some other Dublin City Councillors had called for the decision to be overturned.

Perry said “political pressure applied to the planning process in the past has had disastrous consequences for this country and I am extremely surprised that Sinn Fein would request the City Manager interfere with a legitimate planning decision”

Cllr Perry had previously expressed his support for the decision to restrict the number of concerts and had commended the City Manager and the Planning department for respecting the genuine concerns of the local residents. Cllr Perry had described the decision as a ‘reasonable compromise in the circumstances’.

Cllr Perry pointed out that there had been absolutely no consultation with the local community before Croke Park and Aiken Promotions decided to announce five concerts on consecutive nights. He stated “the only person responsible for this mess is the promoter who sold tickets without a licence to do so. The lack of respect for the local community from Croke Park and Peter Aiken has led to this situation”

Perry also criticised the latest intervention of Kieran Mulvey into the debate when Mulvey appeared to suggest that all five concerts should go ahead. Perry said this called into question Mulvey’s independence. “Kieran Mulvey had an opportunity to comment on the Garth Brooks concerts during the mediation process but chose not to. He should now keep out of the debate if he is to retain any credibility as an independent mediator”

Cllr Perry welcomed the open and transparent manner in which the local community debated the issue during the run up to the decision. He said it must be remembered that the local residents had already endured the three annual concerts agreed by An Bord Pleanala and the Dublin City Council decision imposed yet another three concerts on the area.

A question about the Dublin Central line up in 2015/16 July 5, 2014

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Reading the latest issue of the Phoenix today – and an interesting read it is in total – I was surprised to read in a story about Paschal Donohoe’s prospects in Dublin Central (slim to none it would seem) the following:

Cieran Perry topped the poll in Cabra-Finglas with 2,269 First preferences and will likely replace the retiring Maureen O’Sullivan TD.

First I heard of it. No word that I can find of same here. Anyone know what that’s about?

SIPTU Justice Rally: #Greyhound Workers #Lockout July 5, 2014

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SIPTU Justice Rally: #Greyhound Workers #Lockout
Monday, July 7 at 3:30pm at LIberty Hall, Dublin, Ireland 1

Support the Bin Strikers

Scabbing must be ended now in the interest of all workers.


European Elections – Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain July 3, 2014

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From Liberius, an update to the ongoing and very useful overview of the European Elections available here. As Liberius notes:

Part seven of my series, covering Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. This part is the penultimate part; part eight will include the results discussed in the entire series presented as a list.


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