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Left Archive: Interview with Paddy Bolger (Ard Comhairle Member, Provisional Sinn Féin), from Gralton Magazine, Aug/Sep 1983 August 21, 2014

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To download the above please click on this link: SFDOCGRALTON2

SFDOCGRALTON2This interview dovetails neatly with the one with Proinsias De Rossa posted up recently (and now available in the Archive) and provides an insight into the thinking of Sinn Féin during this period. Bolger was then National Organiser with special responsibility for Dublin.

Again, many thanks to the person who scanned these, and if anyone has any issues of Gralton it would be great to add at least one to the Left Archive.

Sunday 24th August 2014 – March for Marriage Equality August 20, 2014

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A sort of 70’s quiz – 2 – Answers… August 20, 2014

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Again many thanks to Brian Hanley for sending this follow up to his earlier quiz on the 1970s. Very much appreciated. Here are the answers.

1) Which TD was nicknamed ‘Bogside Billy’ after he visited nationalist areas of Derry and Belfast in August 1969?

2) How many workers in the Republic of Ireland were members of British-based trade unions in 1978? (Nearest estimate)

3) Linfield supporters clashed with fans of which League of Ireland team at Dalymount Park in May 1971? (Bonus: name the competition)

4) Five-time All Ireland winner with Kerry, Captain Joe Keohane, stood as a candidate for which party in the 1973 general election?

5) What was the president of the GAA referring to during August 1978 when he claimed that ‘we have had only rare occasions when such incidents as we saw yesterday have occurred. Unfortunately, they have always been associated with occasions when teams from the North of Ireland have played here. I suppose it is reasonable to presume that because of the troubles in the North, actions of this type have come to the fore.’

6) To what event did RTE devote several hours of live-coverage in November 1973?

7) Which left-wing periodical argued in June 1974 that the Ulster Workers Council strike had ‘flushed a lot of things out. They flushed every reactionary and racialist sentiment from the bottom of the scummy hearts of Southern politicians and journalists (including) the editor of the Irish Times, that cut-price Protestant lap-dog…They are squealing because their mean and discreditible ‘national aspirations’ have been heavily stamped on by the Ulster Protestant community.’

8) What chart position did the 1970 England World Cup’s squad’s song ‘Back Home’ reach in the Republic of Ireland?

9) What was Garda sergeant Martin Hogan suspended from the force for doing in February 1976?

10) Former Minister for Justice Patrick Cooney successfully sued which newspaper for alleging that he tolerated Garda ill-treatment of suspects during the 1973-77 Coalition?


1) Billy Fox (Fine Gael, Monaghan).
2) An estimated 77,000 in October 1978.
3) Cork Hibernians (Blaxnit cup).
4) Aontacht Éireann, Kerry North (695 votes).
5) A reaction to Down supporters throwing bottles and cans at the referee after a sending off of a Down player at the All-Ireland football semi-final.
6) British royal wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Philips.
7) Comment (British & Irish Communist Organisation)
8) It reached No. 2 (May 1970).
9) Attending the funeral of IRA hunger-striker Frank Stagg.
10) The Sunday World.

What you want to say – 20th August 2014 August 20, 2014

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.

A politically plausible ‘maximum wage’? August 19, 2014

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[I posted this in July but am re-posting because I had forgotten about and reckon others who would be interested might have too.]


A politically plausible ‘maximum wage’?

16 September 2014

How we can make the ultimate antidote to inequality more than an egalitarian fantasy
Tuesday, September 16, 6-8pm, The Ark, Eustace Street, Temple Bar
Speakers: Speakers: Sam Pizzigati (Currently editor of Too Much, the global weekly on excess and inequality published by the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.) and Dr. Mary Murphy (Central group Claiming our Future and Lecturer at NUIM.


The idea of a “maximum wage” — a cap on the annual income any one person can claim — has been around ever since the time of Plato. In today’s staggeringly unequal world, that idea is making a comeback, in everywhere from Egypt to New Zealand.

But could a “maximum wage” ever actually become politically viable? A variety of North American activists think so. In Canada and the United States, their emerging strategy revolves around leveraging the power of the public purse — our tax dollars — against the global corporations now manufacturing inequality at an incredibly furious pace.

These activists are mounting a frontal assault on corporate compensation systems that have individual power suits routinely making more in a morning than most of us can make in an entire year. How far has their new movement come? How far could this movement take us? Join Sam Pizzigati of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies, America’s boldest progressive think tank, for an up-close look at a promising new direction in egalitarian public policy.

About Sam Pizzigati
Veteran labor journalist Sam Pizzigati currently edits Too Much, the global weekly on excess and inequality published by the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C. The New York Times has called him America’s “chief proponent” for the notion of a “maximum wage.”

Pizzigati has explored that notion in a series of books and articles that have appeared on both sides of the Atlantic. His most recent book, The Rich Don’t Always Win: The forgotten triumph over plutocracy that created the American middle class, 1900-1970, traces the influence of income-cap advocacy over the first half of the 20th century.

In an earlier book, the 2004 Greed and Good: Understanding and Overcoming the Inequality that Limits Our Lives, Pizzigati helps explain why we need a ceiling on annual income — and offers both a glimpse at what “maximum wage” life might be like and a strategic gameplan for moving ahead in an income-capping direction.

Pizzigati has edited the national publications of four different American trade unions. He spent 20 years directing the publishing program of America’s largest union, the 2.4 million-member National Education Association.

Pizzigati currently lives just outside Washington in Maryland, where he served as a founding board member of Progressive Maryland, a statewide coalition of labor, community, and civil rights groups.

The social media war and Gaza… August 19, 2014

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reading this article here on the Guardian and looking at the ‘Like’s’ in comments it didn’t take long to see an undue number for pro-Israeli government commentors. I don’t know. That sort of blatant stuff is so thin. As to the content, for an old two-nationist like myself the level of denial of pro-Israeli government commentors in their responses given what has happened, what has been seen to happen, and how the actions of that government and their military have yet further isolated Israel is utterly depressing. They simply do not seem to get what the dynamic in operation actually is replacing the long term interests of that state (and Palestine) for an almost nihilistic short-termism.

I’ve raised this recently, and there was a discussion of these sort of comments, but I wonder in light of Gaza how effective they can possibly be at changing hearts and minds one way or another?

just on the broader issues, reading up on Iron Dome, whose effectivity is – whatever else – quite remarkable, there’s an interesting and dispiriting point made on this wiki page by one analyst that that effectivity is in a way shifting Israel away from seeking diplomatic solutions towards security/technological solutions.

Sports Special – what you want to say… 18th August, 2014 August 18, 2014

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Here’s our weekly thread for people to talk, sound off, discuss, give out, or whatever they want about sport… and by the way, if anyone has posts they think would be appropriate for the site on sport send them in…

A Motion from the 1977 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis August 18, 2014

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Charming …..


Public Meeting to discuss the Greyhound Lockout August 18, 2014

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meeting leaflet

A Burton Bounce ? August 16, 2014

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Sunday Times B&A poll- State of the Parties:
FF 18 (-1);
FG 24 (-2);
Labour 14 (+7);
Sinn Fein 19 (-2);
Green Party 2 (unchanged);
Independents 22 (-2)


That is some jump for Labour , remains to be seen if it will be reflected in other polls. Interesting too that the 7% gain looks to be coming from everywhere (that is of course assuming each of the other parties/categories drops in support went to Labour). More on this later in the week after details of the poll are published.


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