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What you want to say – 17th September 2014 September 17, 2014

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.

Speaking of polls, what of party polling in the UK? September 16, 2014

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… this hasn’t been much mentioned in all the confusion over the independence referendum, but what’s this? Mixed fortunes for Labour, surely, with some polls showing them well up, others that the figures are tightening in favour of the Tories. Yet, on UK Polling report in its poll of polls and likely projections they’ve gone up to a majority of 44 MPs (from circa 32). In the Guardian/Observer/Opinium poll this last weekend they increased their majority significantly over the Tories.

Could it be, could it be, that Cameron is already diminished by this referendum? That it has shown him in a particularly poor light? If so, what if the vote is a No? Will it then work to his advantage as the man who, by the skin of his teeth, managed to steer this referendum to a successful (as he might see it) conclusion?

Or is it possible that this has allowed Miliband to look a little bit better than hitherto? And perhaps that Labour itself looks better, because it is LP members who are making the running in relation to ‘saving’ the union, not Tories. That indeed this is serving to remind people of how Tory politics has been so uniquely divisive in the UK, to the extent of potentially triggering a rupture not seen since 1921?

And another thought strikes. Doesn’t this work in an odd way for UKIP, so keen on breaking up existing membership of the EU?

Scottish Independence: The OECD speaks September 16, 2014

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From the Guardian.

On Monday the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international thinktank, warned that a yes vote was a potential risk to the global economy, the eurozone and emerging markets. Arguing that the UK was an important member of the group of rich countries, its secretary general, Angel Gurria, said:

Yes, what did Gurria say?

“We clearly believe that better together is perhaps the way to go.”

A ringing endorsement so.

All Out! Dancing in Dulais September 15, 2014

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With Pride in the cinemas this week, this 23-minute documentary is an interesting backgrounder.

From the International Brigades Commemoration in Limerick at the weekend… September 15, 2014

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Thanks to the person who sent this photo. photo

Sports Special – what you want to say… September 15, 2014 September 15, 2014

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Here’s our weekly thread for people to talk, sound off, discuss, give out, or whatever they want about sport… and by the way, if anyone has posts they think would be appropriate for the site on sport send them in…

“I used to hate the water… “: Jaws – 1975 September 13, 2014

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Been continuing with watching a succession of 1970s films, so far The French Connection, The Long Goodbye, The Taking of Pelham 123, Network and Jaws.

Deeply impressive, I hadn’t seen it in perhaps twenty years. Lots of problems, perhaps most obviously it’s gendered in the way of things circa 1975, which is irritating. But, some considerable strengths, no CGI, and while a lot of the outdoor stuff is shot on different days with consequent changes in weather that oddly isn’t too instrusive and overall the work is remarkably strong. It’s bloody, visceral, tactile, funny and a sense of realism pervades. Some see it as a tipping point, pointing towards the blockbuster films that would dominate subsequently, but if so it is not quite of them.

Scheider excellent, Dreyfuss likewise, and Shaw a revelation. Lorraine Gary is under used, to put it mildly but puts in a neatly convincing performance.

And it’s worth mentioning one element of the film that I had either completely forgotten or not noticed. When Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw are out on the boat a remarkable thing happens in the background, not once but twice. Genuine magical realism.

Independence for Scotland… those polls… September 13, 2014

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…remain incredibly close. The Guardian/ICM poll ” found support for the no campaign on 51% and with yes on 49%, once don’t knows were excluded.”

I find it hard to believe, as the Guardian appears to when referencing ‘unionists’ big guns fail to halt yes bandwagon’ in the subhead that the dynamic is that closely linked to those sort of events. Though let me pivot 180 degrees, because it will be interesting if there’s any effect from the Orange Order intervention. I doubt it, to be honest. It would seem more likely, wouldn’t it, that hearts and minds are being changed by broader and longer term processes. Whatever, what is of genuinely remarkable note is the way in which pro-Yes sentiment has changed so drastically across the last decade and more. But even in the last two years, the figures have gone from 32 – 38% support for it to closer to 48%. Those are fairly stunning jumps, whatever way one cuts it.

All depends on turnout.

Wonder if there’ll be any polls for the RoI given that the Dáil returns this coming week.

This Week At Irish Election Literature September 12, 2014

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Is the above the equivalent of Marty Morrissey, George Hamilton or Ger Canning being used to try and influence your vote?
So Given the week that’s in it, A leaflet from The ‘Yes Scotland’ Campaign
You’ll find a No leaflet in PDF here

A nice bit of History here from the Winter 1975 Edition of ‘Iris Fianna Fail’ an article by Sean McEntee “De Valera The Man I knew”

Pinochet… too much for (some) in the US, but not for the Tories… September 11, 2014

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…appears to be the implicit message of this piece here on documents recently unearthed in US archives.

Peter Kornbluh, author of The Pinochet File said:
“An asset like Pinochet becomes a liability when he is no longer seen as capable of stopping the forces of the left and creating a stable economic climate… Reagan admired Pinochet and wanted to go to Chile to personally thank him for ‘saving Chile’ and tell him [Pinochet] that ‘it was time to go’,” Kornbluh said, citing declassified White House records. “But George Shultz [then secretary of state] said absolutely not. Pinochet had too much blood on his hands.”


Kornbluh said Pinochet’s intransigence with even the most conservative democratic factions pushed him out of US favour and that by fall 1986, the US government had decided to help end the dictatorship and restore moderate civilian rule.

As will be remembered, when this occurred in London, the great and the good of the Tory party weren’t behind in coming forward to support him.


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