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That list of UK groups infiltrated by the police… October 15, 2018

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Police deployed 24 undercover officers to infiltrate a small leftwing political party over a 37-year period, the Guardian can reveal.The police spies infiltrated the Socialist Workers party (SWP) almost continuously between 1970 and 2007, often with more than one undercover officer embedded within the party.

You betcha. 24. More than one, no question. Indeed:

About one-third of the total number of undercover officers embedded in political organisations that have so far been publicly identified infiltrated the SWP, a Trotskyite party of a few thousand members that advocates the abolition of capitalism through revolutionary means.

Though the SWP may be flattered to learn that:

The scale of the infiltration of the SWP – [was/is?] far larger than any other political organisation

While the WRP had two, Troops Out four, Spartacist League one, Sinn Féin (London) 1968-1974, not clear which strand, one, the RCT one, RCG one, RCPB (ML) one, RIL one, RSSF one, RCP one (for shame! Just one?), Red Action two, NICRA one, Militant/Socialist Party two, Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front one, Irish Solidarity Campaign one, Irish Civil Rights Solidarity Campaign one, Independent Working Class Association one, IMG four, ILP on, Freedom Press one, CPE (M-L) one, Class War two, BCP one, Big Flame one, ANL two, Antifa/No Platform one, AFA one (just to be clear one of those infiltrating AFA and associated groups was one individual who clearly joined everything he could), Anti-Internment League one.

What of the CPGB, Democratic Left, etc? The infiltration of far right and fascist orgs is broadly derisory with only one in C18 and three in the BNP despite the use of actual violence.

And what about this detail?

The list so far compiled, however, suggests police spies overwhelmingly monitored leftwing and progressive groups that challenged the status quo, with only three far-right groups infiltrated – the British National party, Combat 18 and the United British Alliance.

Here’s the list.

By the way this only lists undercover police. I’m presuming that other agencies were involved and still are in surveillance and infiltration.

And a thought and a question – anyone here ever meet or interact with people on these lists, and more broadly is there any way of preventing such infiltrations?

Internment during the Troubles… October 15, 2018

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Brian Hanley has a piece in the IT on the threat of internment during the early years of the Troubles. Just on that, what would that sort of security response created had it been implemented do people think at that point in the conflict?

Ivan Rogers speech on Brexit October 15, 2018

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Thanks to JM (JM, not the other JM!) who notes that:

This is erudite and both amusing and terrifying on the British approach to Brexit.

Irish Left Archive: Leveller – The Paper of Organise! Issue 2, August/October 2009 October 15, 2018

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To download the above please click on the following link. the-leveller.pdf

Please click here to go the Left Archive.

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This is a welcome addition to the Archive, the publication of Organise! Many thanks to Sam M for forwarding it to the Archive – part of a tranche of similar materials.

As noted previously in the Archive:

Organise! is an anarchist group based in Belfast and a local of the UK Solidarity Federation. It took its current form in 2003 as a merger between the Anarchist Federation in Ireland, the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation and other small groups and individuals.
The Organise! bulletin had been published by the Ballymena and Antrim Anarchist Group since 1986 and in 1992, they created the Organise! group. When this was dissolved in 1999, the Syndicalist Solidarity Network was formed, which later became Organise! Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation.
Organise! currently issues a local bulletin called The Leveller.
The Solidarity Federation is affiliated with the International Workers’ Association.

The Leveller is an ambitious publication, sixteen pages long and in tabloid format. There’s a wide-range of articles, with an understandable focus on Northern Ireland. So the lead article is one on ‘wildcat traffic wardens reinstated’. Other subjects addressed include ‘combatting racism and fascism means combatting capitalism’, a response to a piece in Fortnight magazine which ‘accused anti-racist activists of being pumped up vigilantes whose actions were counter-productive’.

Another piece addresses the occupation by Thomas Cook workers of their workplaces in Dublin. There’s another piece on fascists in the North and a four page supplement on Education Worker News which examines planned redundancies at QUB.

Even alleged spies keep their receipts… October 14, 2018

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Curious, in a way, that it appears certain GRU operations in Europe have been so poorly organised and easily compromised. Then again, for all the bombast, the Russian Federation isn’t the Soviet Union and is a shadow of its former self. This though seemed to me to be quite revealing.

The alleged spies were caught carrying enough telephones to fill an electronics store. Moreover, like all meticulous Russians on a business trip, they held on to their taxi receipts from GRU headquarters.

In the late 1990s I worked with a bunch of sales reps and on occasion we’d travel to the UK on business. Once seated outside an open-windowed café in Birmingham having a coffee the wind lifted a score of receipts from the café cash register into the street beyond. Never saw reps move so fast, the idea being that they would catch the receipts in order to bring them home and claim expenses.

Sting October 14, 2018

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Two young Arizona Republicans tried to make a donation to a Democratic congressman as members of the Communist party in an apparent attempt to tie him to the far left.


Lindsey Coleman, the finance director for the campaign, then drove to the local Republican field office to return the money. Almost immediately, the man who identified himself as Rosales appeared from a room inside the office and was identified as Oscar. He accepted the money from Coleman.

Concorde October 14, 2018

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This is from some time back, but well well worth a read. An outline of Concorde’s history by Francis Spufford in the LRB. Of particular interest is how it survived against all expectations during the Thatcher era.

Sunday and the Week’s Media Sensible Statement October 14, 2018

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Thought this from Fintan O’Toole in yesterday’s IT in a good piece on one key ingredient in the housing crisis was spot on:

The way to avoid turning public housing estates into ghettoes is not to stop building them. It is to make social housing available to a much wider range of people and to allocate it in a way that ensures that the communities that inhabit it are varied.

Less sensible statements welcome!

Anyone else affected by Eir outage? October 13, 2018

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Currently huddled over the mobile due to the above. Had thought service spotty last week or so – I’m away from Dublin for weekend and no service where I am either. Unusual.

Alternative Apollo’s October 13, 2018

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Always loved science fiction positing alternative histories of the space race – whether US or Soviet. Stephen Baxter’s masterful Voyage is perhaps the most detailed, there are others though, not least some depressingly right-libertarian ones which are convinced that private companies would have been better than NASA.

This looks interesting, Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series which positions the idea in a world where things have gone very very badly wrong in the 1950s and where that takes matters…

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