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What is the point of Ann Coulter? Why Ann Coulter of course! June 15, 2006

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An interesting discussion on Politics.ie

Ann Coulter is no conservative. Why so? Because she's not the rentaquote liberal-basher she projects herself as, but is instead an astute and manipulative business person who has cornered a market in mock-outrageous hyperbole which presumably brings the money rolling in.
Some time ago I was listening to David Brock on an Air America podcast. Brock was a Republican activist before 'seeing the light' and turning liberal to the extent of being a cofounder of media watchdog, Media Matters (he also wrote a book 'Blinded by the Right' as I recall detailing his experiences). In any event, he was asked by the interviewer how many of those working within the US administration and beyond that the media cheerleaders in Fox et al were 'true believers', and he replied that in his experience there was a significant tranche who were careerists who had found this a good way to make money.

Lest anyone think that I'm insulting those of conservative beliefs, I'm not. There is little better IMHO that a cogent and sincere conservative argument and such beliefs have had a significant impact upon my own brand of libertarian socialism.

But it's where such beliefs meet the interface between the media, populism and money that they take a turn for the worse, becoming bloated and extreme for the sake of extremism (Indeed a similar situation, if marginally less noxious, can be seen I think in relation to Michael Moore on the left). Coulter seems to be one of those for whom principle is not the main motive force in her life.

I was hugely amused to see on her website a link to a fairly favourable Guardian interview. So it seems if you're kind to Ann you'll get brownie points. Well, I'll be kind for a moment.
She's a reasonably good writer (and in truth who am I to judge?), and a fantastic purveyor of soundbites. She's feisty and argumentative. I enjoy what she says enormously.
Moment over.

However, unfortunately her purchase on fact appears tenuous and her inability to moderate her tone is self-defeating.

But the old Marxist in me often wonders just how she thinks she's assisting the right in the US? It can't be strategic, because there's no evidence of long term thinking there. And it's hardly tactical because she generates controversy at inopportune moments like this. Even, no particularly, amongst the base her brand of pejorative ranting has it's limits. When she makes Limbaugh look reasonable then you know we're not in Kansas anymore.

And that's why I don't really think of her as a conservative, because what she does is entirely antagonistic to the conservative project.

She undermines the many viewpoints from the right that she purports to represent. But hey, that's business, as I'm sure she'd agree.

Without overstating her influence, whether the administration and her friends on the right will see it in just such terms as the project seems to be faltering I wonder…


1. Pax - June 20, 2006

I’d have to agree that Coulter is damaging to conservatism or ‘the project’. However maybe the question should be is she damaging to American conservatism? The amount of webular defense she gets from people that seem to have a few brains cells to rub together is, well strange.
Anyway as is my customary meme here’s a link to a video* to that Leno, Carlin, Coulter threesome I mentioned on the pie thread. Her appearance is not surprising really as she appears regularly on NBC’s The Today Show.
Note that the west coast audience whoops and a hollers at her entrance and then throughout and how NBC basically condones Ann Coulter’s behaviour via Leno’s cushy interview – even Carlin stays shtum for some reason.
As I said on the thread “the eh mainstream media”…


Also Coulter on how Cananda really did fight in Vietnam so what ‘abut’ not being in Vietraq…eh!

Now where’s that dvd of Good Night and Good Luck…


2. WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2006

I think she is damaging to US conservatism, because for everyone of her fans, or Limbaughs dittoheads whooping and hollering there’s more than one conservative appalled by her broad brush stroke, take no prisoners style.

http://www.onegoodmove.com is also good for video of her antics…


3. kushibo - August 16, 2006


I am Nora. I admit it.


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