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Ayn Rand’s Diary – part 2 August 9, 2006

Posted by smiffy in Libertarianism, Other Stuff.

(For part 1, see here …)
Tuesday 18 July

12st 13(!!!!), alcohol units 2 (v.v.g.), cigarettes 24 (as planned), inevitable consequence of the collectivist mentality – slavery

10:40 am: Mmmmm. Things might be looking up on the romance front – the drought may just be about to lift. Best not to get hopes up too early though.

Late into work again this morning, still suffering from last night’s festivities, when I tripped rushing into the lift and almost spilled my Starbuck’s skinny latte all over Freddy, that new chap who’s just started in accounts. Luckily, he grabbed my arm as I fell, although the contents of my handbag fell out all over the floor and onto the new issue of Heat, which I’d just picked up (picture of Orlando Bloom on the cover – yum!).

Obviously a gentleman (and virtuous – a man who has created his wealth through his own productive will. I could just tell) Freddy helped me gather my bits and bobs, half-cocking his eyebrow at my blue-haired troll key-ring. I think he might have smiled at me as he got off, but I was desperately trying to hide my face and my shame behind my hair.

Oh God, I thought I was scurried up to my desk, hoping that evil boss wouldn’t see me. I’ve made a total ruddy idiot of myself. Stupid, Ayn, so stupid! Maybe I could keep my head down and avoid him for the next … well … thirty years or so. I just wanted to curl up and die, right there and then, until I realized, of course, that I can and understand and control my own behaviour as well as I can understand and control the behaviour of crop plants and domestic animals. In this, I am justified in believing that I have become civilized.

Imagine my surprise when, a short while later, the following popped up on the computer screen in front of me:

message hayek

notwithstanding the moral axiom that the state has no right to impose itself on private relations between rational adults, that skirt you’ve got on today could cause someone to commit a crime


I couldn’t believe it! Maybe he didn’t think I was a complete idiot. And he was utterly fit (with no ring on his finger, so maybe …). But what am I going to reply to him? I’m terrible at this kind of thing.

message rand
all individuals must, as an imperative, be considered rational, independent beings. i do not believe that anyone, least of all the state, should play an role in prescribing rules intended to regulate discourse between autonomous persons. if I did, however, i might consider that your last message could be construed as sexual harassment, you dirty pig!


There. Nice and playful. Hopefully he’ll like that. Within seconds, he’d replied.

message hayek

come, come, you little minx. can’t i interest you in starting up a little collective – just the two of us? bring a toothbrush.


message rand

ugh. can’t think of anything more frightful! anyway, don’t have time to stay here chit-chatting. am very busy and important, and can’t afford to let you lead me down the road to serfdom


message hayek

roflmao!!! ‘road to serfdom’ – love it! must remember that one. talk to u later, u doe-eyed temptress!


What does “roflmao” mean?

10:45am: Looked up “roflmao” on Google. I think it’s a good thing, although why does he have to be so crude? I hope he’s being playful. Does he really think I’m a “temptress”? I bet I’ve scared him off. He probably thinks I was being serious. Typical bloody me! Maybe he’ll mail me again.

12:50pm: Nothing from Fred yet. Maybe he’s busy and will send something over lunchtime.

2:00pm: Still nothing.

5:30pm: Nothing all day. Sod it – I’m going home.


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