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BBC4 and Music on a Friday Night: More culture… October 27, 2006

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, Music.

BBC 4 is one of the perks of digital TV. Particularly on Friday nights where there is little or no energy for actually stepping outside the door.

And what was on? An excellent documentary  by Don Letts (formerly of Big Audio Dynamite) on George Clinton and the Parliament, Funkadelic, P-Funk story. Good and all as that was, and I’m a huge fan of their 1972 album “America Eats it’s Young” (and not just, or even, because it’s intensely political and blessed with one of the great album covers of all time… and one of the great tracks of all time “If you don’t like the Effects, Don’t Produce the Cause”) I have to say despite myself the following programme was even better.

A BBC ‘simulcast’ from 1983 of Thin Lizzy on their farewell tour. I’m not a huge fan of ver Lizzy. I was a bit young to really recall them at the height of their popularity in 74 through to 77 and by the time I was buying music they were into the closing phases of their career.

Still, half an hour on BBC4 proved what a disciplined unit they were, even at the end. And it was entertaining to see how Lynott could hardly contain his enthusiasm for melodic song writing and a dash of experimentation even in the hard(ish) rock context of the band.

Mind you, where in the town was that jailbreak going to be?


1. JC Skinner - October 28, 2006

Wish I had bbc4. ;-(


2. WorldbyStorm - October 28, 2006

get Freeview then you will, and you won’t be in thrall to ntl like I am, who incidentally don’t seem to allow access to Teletext and most recently have done away with the dates of when movies are made on their movie channels…


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