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24, Jack Bauer and torture… February 5, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, Television Shows, Terrorism.

Okay, so far in it’s myriad seasons we’ve been treated to Jack Bauer torturing enemies of the US, traitors to the US, colleagues who have been misled by said enemies, colleagues who have been misled by said traitors, former friends turned enemy, former friends turned traitor and now this very evening his own brother who maybe an enemy, maybe a traitor or most likely is both.

Where left to go?

Presumably next season in order to get the necessary information to move the plot along we can expect to see him torturing himself.


1. Pidge - February 5, 2007

Ah, this sounds similar to that series of the Smurfs – the one before they cancelled the show.


2. WorldbyStorm - February 5, 2007

Funny, the ‘cancelled the show’ bit crossed my mind while watching it last night. However, to compare this to the Smurfs, that’s an outrageous slur upon the Smurfs…


3. Eagle - February 5, 2007

I’ve never seen the show. Not once. But, it seems to still be doing well in the ratings.


4. Eagle - February 5, 2007

I never saw the Smurfs, either.


5. WorldbyStorm - February 5, 2007

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything.


6. joemomma - February 6, 2007

I stopped watching 24 because of the torture. The first series generated some drama out of the various moral dilemmas faced by somebody racing against the clock and conflicting threats to his family life and to wider society. From the second series on it became clear that Jack was simply going to solve each moral dilemma by doing whatever suited him, even if it meant torture or indeed putting the lives of millions at risk to save the skin of some family member.

The message seems to be trust the action man, he knows what he’s doing. Even when he doesn’t.


7. WorldbyStorm - February 6, 2007

Yes, even clever narrative twists don’t really make up for the nihilism.


8. Lorenzo - February 6, 2007

You forgot to mention the constant torturing of the viewers.

Maybe, like the great Onion story on Marilyn Manson, Jack will be going to door to door torturing people next series.


9. WorldbyStorm - February 6, 2007

And didn’t the Onion also have a brilliant podcast piece about “Rob Zombie coming to crash in your place next week”



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