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Watch your mouth, Lucinda’s about March 23, 2007

Posted by joemomma in Fine Gael, Progressive Democrats, racism.

In a prime piece of silliness, Dublin South East candidate Lucinda Creighton has attacked Fiona O’Malley for ‘racist language’:

Fine Gael Dáil candidate in Dublin South East, Cllr. Lucinda Creighton, has today (Friday) condemned the statement made by Progressive Democrat Energy spokesperson, Fiona O’Malley TD, that she wants to make Irish people the “Wind Arabs of the world”.

O’Malley’s statement appears on the front page of the PD website, accompanied by a picture of the Deputy.

Could be the defining scandal of the election. If you can bear the inflammatory racist rhetoric, you can check out the PD web site for the source of Lucinda’s outrage.


1. Mbari Hogun - March 24, 2007

Who is offended by this? Any of Ireland’s massive, vocal Arab community? Lucinda is a very silly woman.


2. WorldbyStorm - March 24, 2007

Hmmm…imagine my surprise when in Kehoes in Dublin during the week to see a poster in the mens depicting Lucinda on Sandymount Strand, twin stacks of the Pigeon House in the background (natch – can we just for a change shift away from that particular image) (and I might add modishly photoshopped in vivid fake psychedelic colour – now what would she be getting at there?) inviting me not to ‘waste a great election’.

I certainly won’t, she has my guarantee on that.


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