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Mao and Nixon, Thatcher and Gorbachev, Arafat and Rabin, Stalin and Hitler: or the really Great Meeting from History: No. 1,999,131,232,734,489 – Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley March 27, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in media, Northern Ireland, Ulster.

So, in the scale of things where does the Adams Paisley encounter sit?



Or perhaps here (courtesy of joemomma). Well we never did see the DUP delegation enter the dining room, now did we? Presumably that was Hain, rather than Adams pushing Paisley – or was it the other way around as an appointment with destiny beckoned?


More important that this?


Less important than this?

What about these, or doesn’t it count because there are three of them?


For life long enmity (well okay, perhaps not lifelong, but ever since that dinner)


The two on the left of course. Actually, no also the two on the right. Well, actually, no, all three…


Shooting fish in a barrel…


But I’m completely wrong, as ever.
The real meetings with the good Doc, the truly historic ones where with the deepest store of bitterness and enmity was put aside and detente declared, never took place…


Terence O’Neill, Ulster Unionist, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland,
1963 – 1969


James Dawson Chichester-Clark, Ulster Unionist, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, 1969-1971


Brian Faulkner, Ulster Unionist, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland,

After all, Sinn Féin is one thing, but even Christian charity has it’s limits…


Being a tedious pedant it just struck me. There was no Hitler Stalin meeting.

Or was there?


1. joemomma - March 27, 2007

Nice photo essay. I must say that when looking at those pictures of Paisley and Adams, or more specifically at the commentary hailing the historic nature of the image, the more cynical part of my nature could think of nothing other than Rabin and Arafat, and Barak and Arafat playing “after you” at Camp David.


2. WorldbyStorm - March 27, 2007

Ach! I knew there was one I’d forgotten… Barak and Arafat…


3. joemomma - March 27, 2007

Here you go. It’s really more of a video image, but I can’t find it on the usual sources.


4. tosser - March 28, 2007

Going a bit heavy on the colons in the title, aren’t we…. or, it makes it look like you can’t decide what to name your post.

You left out this.


5. tosser - March 28, 2007



6. WorldbyStorm - March 28, 2007

Yep, a serious colon over usage, and indeed I was troubled by the title of the post. Hence it’s a bit student humourish.

Like the link though…


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