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Speaking about further-left violence: The Bologna Station Bombing, Gladio and Taca na hÉireann? April 13, 2007

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Meant to add on to the Rote Zora piece. There was one very curious sentence in the Guardian article, the final one which dealt with Adrienne Gershäuser’s partner Thomas Kram.

Kram, who is still in custody, has long been wanted in connection with kidnappings, shootings and hijackings, and the bomb attack on Bologna station in August 1980 in which 85 people were killed.

Now why is that curious, one might ask? Well, the Bologna station bombing is notorious as arguably the largest single post-war neo-Fascist terrorist action in Europe. Following on foot of mbari’s points about how the Revolutionary Cells tipped over into anti-Semitic violence perhaps that might seem like a predictable end point. But I’ve been unable to find out anything today which would corroborate his involvement in the bombing. And it’s only fair to point out that directly after the Bologna bombing an attempt was made by the Italian government to point the finger of blame at the Red Brigades (who were waging their own extremely unpleasant pocket war against the Italian state – and really take Moro, what was the possible justification for murdering him). But it’s generally accepted that it was indeed neo-fascist organisations which were responsible and perhaps Kram’s name entered the picture due to his own particular connection with further-left violent activities. Still, if people know any more about that I’d be interested.
Anyhow, that also had me looking at other connections and linkages to Bologna and there are some rather conspiratorial theories which place it’s origin in the shadowy networks of NATO sponsored paramilitary groups and organisations which were intended to provide some form of ‘behind the lines’ resistance in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe. These networks have been popularly named Gladio, and there’s some quite good evidence for their existence, although perhaps not on the scale that some of the wilder theories might suggest. Frankly I’ve often wondered why NATO would take them particularly seriously were the Soviets to have overrun Italy or Germany.

Reading the wiki entry about Gladio was sort of surprising. For in a long listing of affiliated national groups allegedly part of the broader organisation was the following:

‘The existence of these clandestine NATO armies remained a closely guarded secret throughout the Cold War until 1990, when the first branch of the international network was discovered in Italy. It was code-named Gladio, the Latin word for a short double-edged sword [gladius]. While the press said the NATO secret armies were ‘the best-kept, and most damaging, political-military secret since World War II’, the Italian government, amidst sharp public criticism, promised to close down the secret army. Italy insisted identical clandestine armies had also existed in all other countries of Western Europe. This allegation proved correct and subsequent research found that in Belgium, the secret NATO army was code-named SDRA8, in Denmark Absalon, in Germany TD BJD, in Ireland Taca na hÉireann[citation needed], in Greece LOK, in Luxemburg Stay-Behind, in the Netherlands I&O, in Norway ROC, in Portugal Aginter, in Switzerland P26, in Turkey Counter-Guerrilla, In Sweden AGAG (Aktions Gruppen Arla Gryning, and in Austria OWSGV. However, the code names of the secret armies in France, Finland and Spain remain unknown.

Perhaps I’m being unduly cynical, but could it be that someone is having a joke at the expense of Fianna Fáil there and another unlamented group known as Taca (which by the way means ‘Support’)?

Surely not.


1. andrew - February 22, 2008

“Taca na hÉireann” is the name of the Irish club in Mississauga, ON, Canada


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