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Just letting you know… April 28, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture.

One of our number has been asked to contribute to the the Sunday Papers segment on NewsTalks 106-108 FM “Taste” programme this evening sometime between 7 and 9.

Check it out…

Incidentally many thanks to Cian at Irish Election for the contact. Much appreciated.


1. Pidge - April 28, 2007

Bah! I’ll be out. Who is it and can a recording be procured?


2. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2007

Won’t/can’t say, and perhaps.


3. Pidge - April 28, 2007



4. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2007



5. joemomma - April 28, 2007

It’s not me, if that narrows it down. However, I’m told that the next issue of The Dubliner will carry my recent piece on its letters page. Media stardom all round!


6. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2007

joemomma I’m presuming that that will be under your pseudonym, or…not? I’m mighty intrigued.

I was saying to smiffy, on foot of the link to the Columbia Review of Journalism regarding the 90s Feminist kills fascists that we might expect the CLR multimedia experience, CLR the Movie, or perhaps the launch of the USS CLR. Yeah, I’m real funny at 12 midnight 😦

Anyhow, an MP3 of the piece on Newstalk can be forwarded to those who’re interested, you know my email address, if you don’t – use the one at the foot of the page cedarlounge@yahoo.ie


7. joemomma - April 29, 2007

Yes, if it appears it will be pseudonymous, and I’ve asked them to namecheck CLR. They came across it on irishelection.com and got in touch to ask if they could run it. We shall see.

Sure email me the newstalk bit if you get a chance.


8. Pidge - April 29, 2007

I was listening for most of the show, but missed the segment. If you’re not busy, could you email me the mp3?


9. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2007

I will of course.


10. AdamMaguire.com - Blog » Archives » On Newstalk at 8:45 tonight (UPDATED) - April 29, 2007

[…] due to a minor error I didn’t actually take part – not to worry, though, as there were some very capable hands present to do the job! Posted in Personal, Irish Media, Radio, Print, Blogging | Trackback | […]


11. smiffy - April 29, 2007

Good stuff. Can an appointment as Chief Political Commentator with the Daily Irish Mail be far away?


12. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2007

That was nice of Adam.


13. Adam - April 29, 2007

Well I’m a nice guy!

Was nice to meet you too – unfortunately I didn’t have the headphones for my phone with me (which doubles as my radio) so I missed your bit… but going by our conversation beforehand I figured it was bound to be worth hearing.

If you have a chance could you mail it onto me, actually? Cheers.


14. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2007

Very true Adam.

The programme is on a DVD which I’ll try to rip to a soundfile over the next day or two, just the interview mind.

Delay is due to the current political chaos.

Sort of getting in the way of stuff.


15. Adam - April 30, 2007

Good stuff – look forward to hearing it…

And chaos isn’t the word – I’d bet anyone who has a job even close to the political scene will be working overtime for the next month.

(remember what I was saying about my constituency being dead as far as canvassing goes – that all changed this morning as a couple of forests worth of posters were sprawled across the place – interestingly they were all from FG, Lab or SF but no FF – that headstart didn’t do them much good here anyway!)


16. Mbari Hogun - April 30, 2007

Is there a radio way to pull a Guido Fawkes and maintain one’s blogging anonymity? Perhaps Smiffy or WBS or Frank L. or Joemomma could have had their voice artifically lowered, or changed to sound like Steve Allen.


17. Mbari Hogun - April 30, 2007

P.S. if possible, I’d like an mp3 of the show as well.


18. Eagle - April 30, 2007

Me too for the MP3


19. WorldbyStorm - April 30, 2007

Will do.


20. ejh - May 2, 2007

If it was on the radio, how would you be able to Cedar Lounge?


21. Inauspicious print debut for the Cedar Lounge Revolution « The Cedar Lounge Revolution - May 6, 2007

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