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The Left Archive: More from the CPI (M-L) September 5, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist Leninist), Irish Left Online Document Archive.


A further addition to the Left Archive from Redking who very kindly scanned in all 120 pages of this cpi-ml-freedom.doc pamphlet issued by the CPI (M-L). As Redking writes:

I bought in in 1986 at Bookworm books in Derry, the sort of radical bookshop that exists in many towns in Ireland and beyond. I was curious as I had never heard of the CPI-ML and was sure they had no members in Derry or possibly even outside Dublin. But skimming thorugh the book it was the extraordinary content that got me delving into my pocket to buy.

£1.50 wasted some might say but hey where could you read of Paisley as a “fascist thug in a dog collar” or seemingly the whole Left in Ireland as “..various kinds of opportunists, social-democrats, Trotskyites and revisionsists” who “seek to confuse the working class…with their 78 varieties of spurious “Irish” brands of “socialism”,and even “British in Ireland” brands of socialism tailored to the bourgeois and inperialist methods of “divide and rule”(page 52)?

The extremely strident and bellicose style of discourse was I think all of it’s own. I was aware of bitterness on the left but the CPI-ML took it to new and undreamt of extremes.

Anyway, judge for yourself-but note the unqualified support for armed struggle, the excoriation of the USSR as “social imperialist” and Albania of course described as a kind of workers’ nirvana.

(All donations of printed material to the Left Archive gratefully accepted and will of course be noted publicly and we’re more than happy to give people the opportunity to reflect in a post a bit on the content)


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