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An Phoblacht, The Cedar Lounge Revolution, Coolacrease and Blogging… November 21, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Blogging, Irish History, Media and Journalism, Sinn Féin.

Nice to see the CLR mentioned in the most recent issue of An Phoblacht. Here is the relevant column (I’ve excised the bits that don’t refer to the CLR so that you can go buy your own copy)…


Frankly it’s a glowing tribute, and much appreciated, although whether we’re anywhere near that good (or even adequate) is a different matter.

Personally I don’t think blogs can achieve the sort of critical mass that they do in the US. The US has – to my mind – a very mature and engaged political system at certain levels. There is remarkable interaction and engagement by those who are politicised. And this, I think, is perhaps partially because elections are much more a part of US general life, in terms of electoral contests for municipal and other organisations than they are in this society, or indeed the one next door. That can lead to oddities, as we’ve seen on numerous occasions, and the system does become slanted towards those with money, as distinct from those without. But, the principle is a good one, and one that could be adopted more widely.

Anyhow, I’m continually reminded of this when I listen to the various NPR shows on the internet (incidentally, talking as Conor was about dumbing down the media… people can keep (most) of the BBC, although not all). We complain here about a tilt towards the right in our society but listen to ‘Left, Right and Centre’ or ‘To the point’ and the range of ideological positions is quite remarkable and makes our own media seem very tame.
Now, I’m not suggesting for a moment that what is true of NPR is true of the entirety of U.S. society, but it is reflective of a serious strain of political thinking that crosses partisan lines and I like that – a lot. And to return to my central point, this leads to a politically engaged spectrum which consumes a range of information from various sources, some of remarkable quality. And that means that bloggers have a much greater penetration into that system (it’s very noticeable to me how many people on the NPR shows have their own blogs – mind you they probably have their own myspace pages as well…natch!).

At the Irish Election Bloggers Conference last Autumn Guido Fawkes was the main speaker (incidentally, good to see the IE redesign which is clean, crisp and logical. Fair dues to Simon and Cian and designer/coder John Blackbourne). He seemed to be pushing a very proactive line, a sort of Private Eye on internet steroids. That’s fine as far as it goes, but in a smaller, more personal polity like the one(s) on this island it is more difficult. To ‘break’ news, or even to cross a certain line and ‘create’ news is near impossible, and almost certainly impossible to do on a daily or weekly basis.
But reflecting on a discourse, now that’s a different matter. And I think that’s pretty good in itself.

Still, that leads me to another thought. We’ve already sent out a call for further material to the Left Archive. More would be appreciated, particularly material from the smaller groups that haven’t been represented yet (yes! I want that SWM leaflet I handed good money over in ’88 and promptly lost). But it would also be interesting to hear if you have any ideas for the Cedar Lounge Revolution. What do you like or dislike? Any thoughts on improvements? Stuff you want to see?

Comment here or drop us a line at cedarlounge@yahoo.ie


1. Starkadder - November 21, 2007

“…Whose political leanings can be guessed by the fact it currently
has an archive copy of the “United Irishman” ..as its lead story…”

She seems to be saying “see, even the ex-Stickies disagreed
with the programme.”


2. ejh - November 21, 2007

Guido Fawkes is not to be taken seriously in any way shape or form. He’s basically a very nasty rightwinger and very far from being any sort of outsider.


3. irishelection - November 21, 2007

I agree with you on the role of blogging in this country a topic that I think ill post on soon actually.
Also well done on the mention (and glad you like the new redesign!), I think I agree with an phoblacht on this one it may well be that we are about to ‘come of age’ though what that means and the content of such a coming of age might be is yet to be determined.


4. Cian - November 21, 2007

That was me by the way, not sure why wordpress had me logged into the very,very old account. 🙂


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6. WorldbyStorm - November 21, 2007

Thanks Cian. ejh, his politics leave something to be desired, although in person he’s quite… well personable.


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