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This Ireland: 1916 – 2007 ooops, I meant to write 2016 – A new and different form of Irish patriotism.. December 23, 2007

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For some reason we’ve largely avoided discussion on the Tribunal. Not entirely sure why. Perhaps because it’s so opaque, so subjective. Perhaps – speaking for myself – because others can and have done it better, look for example at contributors to Irish Election. But, it would be nice, just once, to hear instead of short tempers and self-justification, some sense that whether right or wrong much of what has emerged simply looks and sounds wrong. That it cannot and must not happen again. That the personal and private is – at least on a financial level – the public, and that the demos deserves better. That a genuine patriotism (and in this specific case, one which has led to remarkable achievements on this island) requires no less.

On a related matter Mark Hennessy wrote in the Irish Times on the 13th of December:

The Government is to begin planning for the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising early next year, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said last night, as he launched a book recounting the events surrounding the 50th anniversary in 1966.

Ahern also noted that:

…it was impossible for anyone, regardless of their political allegiance, if any, to know how they would stand in 1916 and in the events that followed, including the Civil War. “To ask today what side would you have been on?” was a superficial question which ignored the fact that personal experiences and connections were central to most people’s actions, he said.

It is true. We can have very little certainty how we would align in historical circumstances of particular divisiveness, particularly ones which didn’t draw in clear left/right divides.

An Oireachtas committee led by Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea, which organised the planning for the 90th anniversary military parade in Dublin, will be reformed in January.The committee will have representatives from all of the political parties and one from among the Independent TDs and senators.

Hmmmm… perhaps Eoghan Harris will be given the position from the latter group [and incidentally, let the CLR be amongst the first to congratulate him on his recent marriage].

“We simply cannot know how we would have reacted in similar situations. What matters today is their idealism and what we have built on the foundations they laid,”

Very true.

Ireland’s more mature democracy is “hopefully arriving at a situation where all parties accept that Ireland’s history belongs to every Irish person and is beyond political posturings”.


“Lemass, despite being a veteran of the Rising, interpreted 1966 in terms of the present and the future. The message of the commemoration was that what Ireland needed was . . . a new and different form of patriotism.”

Aye, indeed. A new and very different form of patriotism. That’d be nice.

But not too new, and not too different.


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2. irishman - January 14, 2012

freedom to ireland

they have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one irishman who dosen’t want to be broken!!!

remember the price has been paid do not allow it to be for nothing!!!


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