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While I’m at it… January 16, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Blogging, Class, Social Policy.

A superb riposte to The Dubliner magazine by Donagh at Dublin Opinion on the issue of class, power and societal structures…


1. Garibaldy - January 16, 2008

We’re still wrestling with the Weberian thing of status and the positioning of people as consumers rather than producers, especially in today’s world. We haven’t kept up properly with all this.


2. Ed Hayes - January 17, 2008

Well worth reading and the editor of The Dubliner replied on the Dublin Opinion site. Lets not mention Tiger Wood’s missus though…


3. WorldbyStorm - January 17, 2008

Oh God, let’s please Ed…


4. CL - January 18, 2008

Pat Rabbitte brought this consumerist language into politics when he referred on a number of occasions to the Labour Party ‘brand’-the idea being that if the party brand image was altered it would ‘sell’ better. It is surely a debasement of political culture when it’s proposed that the party of Connolly should be marketed as a commodity to the political consumers.


5. Garibaldy - January 18, 2008

That idiot had debased left political culture long before that


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