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The Mahon Tribunal Private Members Motion… watch the counter motion… January 30, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics.


The most important aspect of the debate on the Fine Gael Private Members Motion expressing confidence in the workings of the Mahon Tribunal over the next two days in purely party political terms will be the nature of the counter-motion. This has been put together by Fianna Fáil, the Green Party and … what’s their name again… oh yeah, the PDs. Rumour has it that there has been some dissent from Fianna Fáil’s coalition partners over the push to give a lash to the Tribunal in the counter-motion. But we’ll be able to judge the relative balance of power between the constituent elements of the Coalition by how severe a lash it is.

Incidentally, isn’t this just a tad problematic for Fine Gael. If a suitable formula of words can be arrived at in the counter-motion which expresses full confidence in the Tribunal, noting the will of the Dáil, applauding the excellence of those involved, while no doubt flag waving somewhat on .. say… intrusiveness, doesn’t that largely take the issue off the table leaving our hero free to point straight back towards Dublin Castle every time some young FGer makes a point? After all, then it’ll surely be up to the Tribunal… Won’t it?


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