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This Ireland: Stating the obvious down the Sunday Business Post. February 5, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Ireland.


A remarkable report in the Sunday Business Post. It says that:

Low income households were better off last year than in 2006, but many still face a financial shortfall every week, in order to have a minimum basic standing of living, according to new figures from a social justice organisation.

Think about it ‘Low income households … don’t earn enough’.

Who would have guessed it?

According to the Vincentian Partnership:

The group carried out a study in 2006 on the minimum essential budget for six typical households. It surveyed 161 people from a variety of areas across Dublin to determine their required weekly expenditure on essential things, including food, clothing and transport.

And in practice:

A single adult male working full-time and earning the national minimum wage saw his income rise in 2007, due to an increase in the national minimum wage.

However the new report found that such a person still faced a weekly shortfall of €63.68 last year to maintain a basic living standard.

I could continue in a mock-naive approach, but I don’t have the heart for it because these are very real impacts on very real people. Disturbing that some people don’t seem to quite get it in the world at large. Perhaps the Celtic Tiger has blinded people to reality for far too long.

For further on this very issue consider Mick Taft’s piece here


1. Pat - February 5, 2008

Hmmm. Jimmy Carter got elected with his slogan: Everyone Should Get Above Average Wages!


2. WorldbyStorm - February 5, 2008



3. ejh - February 5, 2008

Everyone Should Get Above Average Wages

Google hits for this phrase: nil.


4. WorldbyStorm - February 5, 2008

Somehow that doesn’t surprise me ejh…


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