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Politics.ie, 1 million points of light…The dollar falls. Subscribe to US magazines…subscribe! And in passing just why have sp!ked got it in for the Polar Bear? March 14, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture.


One million points of light
One billion dollar Vision Thing

Well, no perhaps not… that was the Sisters of Mercy in their final not so great phase – quoting Bush the Elder, as it happens…

But at least some points of life for it would appear that scattered refugees from Politics.ie are spreading out to stake out territory of their own on the internet… Latest as noted here by EvotingMachine is this.

Y’know, if it were me I’d be racing to get P.ie up and running before something else achieves critical mass. Sure, P.ie has first mover advantage and it isn’t going anywhere, but even so…

As regards subscriptions. For remarkably little money you can get a years subscription to various magazines and periodicals. US magazines tend to be cheaper anyhow than Irish or UK ones, presumably due to economies of scale in their production.

Of course, as with any financial decision, if the market dips lower still, then perhaps there won’t be any magazines. And one guy on Channel 4 News suggested alarmingly that this is the worst credit crisis since the immediate post-War period. Second World War, that is. Now, while some may take comfort in that, it’s worth reflecting on the numbers of ordinary people, employed and not, who are already being burned by this.

Meanwhile… clicking in at lunchtime to the long unvisited Sp!ked website (by me, but perhaps not mbari 😉 ) what should I read on my bookmarked list of “Animals” articles (don’t ask) but an article from last August by Brendan O’Neill under the provocative subhead…

The extinction of the Yangtze dolphin is a small price to pay for the transformation of the river into a source of work and energy for millions of people.

Well, yes, Brendan… when you put it that way…

Meanwhile on the same list of articles it’s intriguing to see that Sp!ked appears to really have it in for the Polar bear…

Decimation of the polar bear: bearfaced lies?
A leading expert in forecasting tells spiked that research into the impact of climate change on polar bears has been shockingly shoddy.


The bear necessities of climate change politics
A photo of two polar bears seemingly stranded on an ice floe has come to symbolise man’s destruction of nature. But is it all that it seems?

Still, if people aren’t entirely sure what they’re getting at this might help…

‘Animals are less valuable than human beings’
Leading researcher John Martin tells Helene Guldberg why it is morally justifiable to cause heart attacks in rats – and why he isn’t scared of animal rights extremists.

can you make it any clearer?

Stop weeping over whaling
The attack on Japan for continuing to hunt whales is cultural imperialism dressed up in PC lingo.

Okay… here’s one for those of us who haven’t yet quite got the message:

Animals count?
No they don’t

I look at that photograph of the Polar Bear above and ponder on the thought that the great ursine is shambling along the margin of some ice floe blissfully unaware that across the gulf of sea, minds that are to our minds (and his) as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic and sort of libertarian but of kind of not, regard this bear with antagonistic eyes, and slowly and surely draw their plans against him…


Meanwhile on their sp!ked issues page there’s no end of fun to be had. From ‘A guide to subversive parenting’ to ‘Australia’… the fun never ends. Hmmm… ‘Australia’ they say…Well. If the bear is ripe for getting it in the neck one wonders what our Antipodean friends have done… I really must check that out when I get a moment…


1. eamonnmcdonagh - March 14, 2008

a dreadful shower the spiked crowd. Their sole line of argument seems to be attacking the conventional wisdom on every imaginable subject.


2. Starkadder - March 14, 2008

The “eco-socialist” Derek Wall* has reproduced Paul Kingsnorth’s
very funny urine-extraction of Brendan O’Neill here:


You’re dead right Eamonn, that is Spiked’s Modus Operandi.
I hate these “Contrarian” type journalists like O’Neill and
Julie Burchill-they often don’t have anything interesting to say,
so they assume extreme positions to get attention.

Just think if “Spiked” had been around in the 1950s:
“The attack on Ireland for its “industrial schools” and “Magdelen
Laundries” is cultural imperialism dressed up in PC lingo.”

*WBS, maybe Wall’s blog “Another Green World” could be
added to the CLR links? Wall is strongly committed to the
left, and he often publishes interesting articles.


3. Starkadder - March 14, 2008

Test Post.


4. eamonnmcdonagh - March 14, 2008
5. Starkadder - March 14, 2008

Here’s the Derek Wall link:


Been having some posting trouble 😦 .


6. Starkadder - March 14, 2008

A problem: I seem to be unable to send a post that
contains Derek Wall’s web address 😦 .


7. WorldbyStorm - March 14, 2008

Can you repost the link to the one with the Brendan O’Neill (alleged for all the lawyers out there) letter on it? Put up the link to the blog. Have cleaned out the spam filter so with luck you should be okay…


8. WorldbyStorm - March 14, 2008

Sorry, reading back I see it’s there already…


9. Starkadder - March 14, 2008

Test Post 3: Brendan O’Neill spoof:



10. Starkadder - March 15, 2008

Interesting that the comments on Derek Wall article
including mentions of “Spiked” and two other anti-green
organisations with Leninist roots- the Last Super Power
group in Austrailia and the Ernest Bevin Society.


11. Starkadder - March 15, 2008

I remember Alexander Cockburn quoting a book
by Matt Cartmill that said that in the 1930s, some
of Stalinist’s biologists seriously discussed the idea that all
animals that were of no use to humanity should be
wiped out. Seems the Stalinist attitude to nature is
similar to the ultra-capitalist one.


12. CL - March 15, 2008

Worst credit crisis since WW11? Today in the financial pages the analogy is being made with the Great Depression. The Financial Times talks of a ‘whiff of 1929’ and says that the bailout capital will have to come from the taxpayers. Whatever happened to the ‘free market’?


13. WorldbyStorm - March 15, 2008

Starkadder, I thought that comment on the DW article might be you! To be honest that sort of attitude to animals wasn’t restricted to just Stalinism. I think it has been a strain that permeates a number of strands of the left.

CL, that’s the entertaining thing, although I see in the US Bear Stearns is being bailed out by its rivals (JP Morgan Chase)… a sort of right collectivism… and yet we’re not meant to organise collectively?


14. ejh - March 15, 2008

Talking of polar bears and parenthood, did you know that when the mummy bear has kids, the daddy bear gets jealous and wants to eat them? So the mummy bear has to hoick the new-borns onto her back and do a runner across the ice and never mind post-natal exhaustion. Apparently she may have to cover fifty miles a day to stay out of daddy bear’s range.

(You may choose to amuse yourself telling this to pregant women. Or you may not.)


15. Conor McCabe - March 15, 2008

Quick note. JP Morgan is not bailing out Bear Stearns. The federal government cannot give put the type of loan that Bear Stearns needs, so they’ve given the money to JP Morgan, who have then passed it on to Bear Stearns.


16. Conor McCabe - March 15, 2008

The Fed cannot bail out investment banks (such as Bear Stearns), only commercial banks (like J.P. morgan), so they’ve come up with the morgan route for the money. It’s quite an unprecedented move. Just beings home the reason why the market needs to be regulated, as tax payers end up paying when the free boys make a free mess of it.


17. Pax - March 15, 2008

I agree with Starkadder, Another Green World is a great blog from an English left-green perspective. A haphazard lineage from the first concsiously eco-socialist William Morris to today’s leftist-greens. I think it’s named after a Brian Eno album?

And speaking about insular leftist-cults who ended up becoming corporate shills (around the time of the SU’s collapse maybe?)…Derek Wall’s piece above links to a Lenin’s Tomb piece on carbon trading and the rich vein of profits from disaster capitalism…which reminds that Richard Seymour has a book coming out in May, The Liberal Defense of Murder. Should be interesting!

I’d also agree with mbari (from smiffy’s Waters and O’Shea thread) that some of the ex-RCPers articles seem sensible enough -for instance on development. But only in isolation, as such views are concomitant with unbridled developed world development, the above nonsense and similar from Frank Furedi’s Swindle documentary (one of a series for Channel4). This false support for the poor, is similar to Lomborg’s false dichotomies and runs counter to the fact that developing nations and the African Union, are in favour of contraction and convergence type schemes.


18. WorldbyStorm - March 15, 2008

Very true Pax.


19. eamonnmcdonagh - March 15, 2008

at least Julie Burchill, on good days, is capable of writing with verve….


20. WorldbyStorm - March 15, 2008

That’s also true. Mind you she can be seriously annoying… which I guess is half the point…


21. Mbari - March 15, 2008

Personally, I think Spiked’s writers dwell on the subject of animals so much because they provide so many opportunities for punning.


22. ejh - March 17, 2008

I thought that said pudding.


23. WorldbyStorm - March 17, 2008

And on one level…


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