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Bye then, Bertie… April 2, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Election 2007, Irish Politics.

Well, not quite the surprise it might have seemed at 9.30 this morning while I was waiting in a doctors surgery and heard on the radio that our beloved leader would make a statement on issues. Things had been coming to a head for a couple of weeks now.

A valedictory effort, heavy on the emotion, patriotism… and wise too to define precisely when he was on his way. So like Blair too, wasn’t it? The victor of an election brought low relatively soon after that election.

Who, which ingrates, would deny him his last sentimental victory lap, taking in Congress, no less? Well, let’s see the polls and then we’ll know better. Perhaps there are more ingrates than we’ve suspected out there, or perhaps not.

And, now at home suffering not so silently (I’m complaining to anyone who bothers to read here – aren’t I?), I caught the entertaining response on RTÉ from Eoghan Harris who prophesied a backlash against ‘those who had brought him down’, and even better this gem, that one merely had ‘to look at Berties face to see how honest he was’.

Our greatest political thinker – eh? (and more on him later in the week).

So what happens next? I wonder if this is going to pose problems for Fine Gael and the opposition. Unsurprising then that Pat Rabbitte was talking about the “Ministers”, Pat well remembers the concept of collective guilt from back in the day… but that may not work quite as he hopes [see reference to ingrates above!]. And he, Ahern, gets – no doubt at all about this – weeks of good press about his achievements (indeed there’s Liz MacManus waxing lyrical about those very achievements – and remember, once he’s gone, he’s gone. Yesterday’s political power is… irrelevant). There’ll be tears… and not necessarily just from his friends.

Meanwhile, will Cowen be Brown, or not? No early election I’ll bet… and what of the Lisbon neverendum? So many questions.

I’m off to bed for the rest of the day… sick, but not with sorrow, at the departure….


1. Starkadder - April 2, 2008

Eampn Gilmore has praised Ahern’s decision to resign, saying
the Tribunal was getting in the way of Ahern’s governing.

I wonder who his successor will be? Cowen? Someone else?


2. Craig - April 2, 2008

Well Cowen does seem to be the heir apparent. Hopefully some other TD will put up a bit of a fight though.


3. ejh - April 2, 2008

I was waiting in a doctors surgery and heard on the radio that our beloved leader would make a statement on issues

Reminds me that I was working in a social security office when it was announced in 1990 that Mrs Thatcher had resigned. So I thought I’d let the waiting room know, over the tannoy.

There was no cheering. Indeed, there was silence – until one person piped up:

“Give us a giro then.”


4. CL - April 2, 2008

Harris should resign too


5. Irish Election » Bertie Ahern Resigns as Taoiseach: How the Blogs Saw It - April 2, 2008

[…] Even the iron constitution of lefties too stubborn to quit took a hammering at the news today. World by Storm points to the very real problem that now faces the opposition – tactics. Do they attempt to […]


6. D.J.P. O'Kane - April 3, 2008

I’m not sorry he’s going. But let’s not be naive (not that anyone here would, of course). Even if Bertie was personally corrupt his personal corruption was a symptom not a cause of structural defects in Irish society.

This is the point that Dublin 4 and D’Olier street will not and cannot admit; their identity and politics is based on preserving that structure so that they can be its unchallenged masters.


7. ejh - April 3, 2008

The tedious Maria Farrell on Crooked Timber thinks it’s Charlie Haughey’s fault. Change the bloody record, Maria, eh?


8. WorldbyStorm - April 3, 2008

DJP, that’s a crucial point.

Charlie Haughey? Well, maybe…


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