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May Day March and Rally with Dublin Council of Trade Unions April 28, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Trade Unions.

From the Dublin Council of Trade Unions:


Dublin Council of Trade Unions

May Day March and Rally


Defend and Extend Trade Union Rights

7.30 p.m. Thursday 1st May 2008
Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin

March to Liberty Hall

Speeches inside Liberty Hall

Jack O’Connor, General President, SIPTU
Patricia McKeown, President, Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Betty Tyrell-Collard, national executive, CPSU
Sam Nolan, Secretary, Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Followed by music and bar at Liberty Hall

Trade union recognition – trade union conditions

Leaflets from: dctuhealth@gmail.com or 087 6229686

March with your trade union.

All trade unions, community groups, progressive campaigns and
political organisations welcome.
Bring your banner.


1. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

Nice of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to send a speaker.


2. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2008

🙂 or is it 😉 ?


3. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

Or is it 😥 at the absence of the Soviet Union?


4. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

I see wordpress doesn’t do tears. 😦


5. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2008

Yet… it’s a happy place…


6. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

Indeed it is. Unlike many of those who visit it to read.


7. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2008

Revolutionary struggle is its own reward…


8. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

One way of putting it. At least when The WP was huge, there were loads of women.


9. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2008

You think? 🙂 That’s not my memory…


10. Starkadder - April 28, 2008

Never joined a political party myself. Thought about
Fine Gael, Labour, or the Greens, but did a
Groucho Marx in the end.

There’s a May Day protest rally in Cork as well-those
of us outside the Pale can partake as well.


11. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

Either loads of them or some ones who were friendly to lots of people.


12. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2008

Dead right Starkadder. It’s like the Masons… ooops, WAC’ll be interested in that little slip 😉

Seriously though, it is difficult to join a party and to remain within one, if only because one’s thoughts shift as time goes by and inevitably there’ll be one or more aspects which will rankle – perhaps more the longer one is in a party… the North was always an issue for me inside the WP (which is sort of ironic considering some people regard that as the emblematic policy position of the WP).


13. WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2008

No, no Garibaldy, the WP was never like that… :0


14. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

Maybe not in the free state, but I’ve heard enough evidence from enough different sources that it makes a credible case


15. Garibaldy - April 28, 2008

The north was an issue for lots within The WP, although not in the same way as it was for WBS. Those it was most an issue for simply abandoned it. Before ironically being forced into expanding the southern Labour party there, having initially told their own people to join the SDLP.


16. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2008

TBH, Garibaldy, I was sickened by the abandonment of the North that was implicit in the attitude at the ‘reformation’ conference of the WP, and subsequently in the detaching of it from DL.


17. Garibaldy - April 29, 2008

Sure. I was trying to separate you from the partitionists and opportunists in my last comment lest it seemed otherwise.


18. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2008

Cheers. But it really was a pivotal moment where it was just entirely apparent that partition was being used as a sort of wedge, and a sort of it’s themmuns up there who’re involved in xyz, not us down here. Implicitly. I’m overstating it a bit, but not entirely.


19. Garibaldy - April 29, 2008

I think you’re totally right. They saw the north as a liability electorally and also ideologically given that the overwhelming majority of the north opposed their programme. Dump the north, concentrate on the south in a then more partitionist political culture, and lose the biggest impediment to the merger with more right elements (whether that was seen as the Labour party straight away or with others I think depended on which TD you were talking about).


20. Maman Poulet - April 29, 2008

Scuse me while yer reminiscing lads – what’s the story with the clip art in the poster?? You should run a caption competition!


21. Garibaldy - April 29, 2008

The guy on the left looks like he’s building a car for a superhero in a comic book.


22. ejh - April 29, 2008

Workers by hand and by brain, I think.


23. Joe - April 29, 2008

The Cedar Lounge is a weird and wonderful place. A post with an Official Republican Movement newsletter from the 70s gets 2 comments. A post on the MayDay march gets 22, many of them reminiscences of WP days.
We never had much of a conversation on the North when we were in the WP together WBS. I think I’d be one of those people for whom the WP’s position on the North was emblematic – it sort of defined my membership. And yet right down to the DL split, there would have been people who held on to the sort of beliefs outlined in the Newry Armagh Newsletter from the 70s. Including, probably, the chap, God rest him, in whose house the Long Kesh souvenir was dispayed.
It’s a sort of a contradiction, but I too was hugely put off by the dumping of “the North” by the De Rossa side in the split.
Ironically, I’m sort of a member of a microgroup now that has members North and South. I love my comrades from the North as I try to love all the people of the world – but I sometimes think I’d prefer to be in a microgroup that was organised only in the South! Maybe with a sister organisation up North!
Only one thing’s for sure – it’ll never go away, you know.


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