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(Press)Man bites… himself: Scott McClellan and the Bush Presidency. May 29, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in US Media, US Politics.

Sort of entertaining, isn’t it (if one is willing to put aside the awful grinding reality of the events to which he refers and their very human impacts) to read Scott McClellan opine upon the Bush White House and its ways.

For example, McClellan suggests that

….the White House deliberately mounted a dishonest propaganda campaign to sell the Iraq invasion to the US public…

Well I never.

He also suggested that Bush and his circle…

“…confused the propaganda campaign with the high level of candour and honesty so fundamentally needed to build and then sustain public support during a time of war”.

Good Lord.

He continued that in his work…

“… I fell far short of living up to the kind of public servant I wanted to be”.

For shame. And more broadly that the way the Iraq issue was played post 2002…

“almost guaranteed that the use of force would become the only feasible option”

Almost beyond belieef.

And although apparently ‘…the scathing comments stunned Washington yesterday because the Bush team, until now, has had a reputation for intense loyalty to their boss…’ and have caused ‘sadness and puzzlement’ (why yes, sadness and puzzlement) for the White House, well, who should know better than… erm… Scott McClellan, about ‘propaganda’ for as we all know, he…

…worked for Bush for seven years, including three as White House spokesman…

Regime change. Does it get better than this?


1. CL - May 30, 2008

The Republican crack-up is fun to watch. Several Bush supporters have said that this is not the McClellan they knew. This guy with the book is somebody else. Bush’s brain, Rove, has said that McClellan is channeling some left-wing blogger. And here’s a photo of Bush,-without his brain.


2. Niall - May 31, 2008

Scott McClellan just stated that which is bloody obvious to the vast majority of people on the planet. That fact that this saddens and puzzles the Bush supporters says it all.


3. Jer - May 31, 2008

There will always be a certain jadedness to every regime as its comes to its last 6 months but I think the Bush admin. will fall aprt harder and faster than any other not as a comment on its moral standing but as a reflection of its increasing disconnect with Americans and its own republican candidate who wants as little as possible to do with it.


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