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‘Yeltsin Gorbachev’, ‘cedarlounge revolutions’ and polar bears – oh my! June 8, 2008

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Busy times, a new poll out from the Sunday Business Post that puts the referendum at a lot tighter 3% for the ayes. But frankly I’m relaxing this weekend (other than to ensure that tomorrows Left Archive has a certain link to last Monday’s) so just a few thoughts (and hat tip to splintered sunrise who occasionally does something similar) finish off the weekend.

What words are responsible for greatest number of people arriving at the Cedar Lounge Revolution over the past 30 days?

Well, it’s not “yeltsin gorbachev” (9). Nor is it another historic duo “stalin and hitler” (18). “kathy sinnott” does a bit better at 12. Joe McCann is a bit lower at 11, but thankfully better than “rush limbaugh” (10). “peoples democracy” is at 14. “the killings at coolacrease” are at 12. The “Left Archive” a mere 10. C’mon folks, a bit of interest :).

“Killing Joke” are at 40, but their singer Jaz Coleman is at 14. David Cameron is at 39, which is an interesting – or possibly worrying – trend. Lisbon may exercise some, but only 19 enquiries as regards ‘coir lisbon’ came this way. A mere 20 for ‘irish republican army’. And then weirdly ‘chips’ are at 204 (at least it’s weird until one remembers it is linked to US health insurance).

Not entirely unsurprising, though, that searches for the ‘cedar lounge’, ‘cedarlounge revolution’, ‘the cedar lounge revolution’ or ‘cedar lounge revolution’ remain high and indeed top the All Time stats. Good to know.

But the top ranking search term of the month? Almost incredibly it is ‘polar bear’ up in the 700s. Nothing to do with “Lost” (I’m still waiting for the explanation for that – or am I?), but instead to do with a post some time back that considered the reasons for the animus of Spiked online towards our ursine friends…

Not just that, of those who did arrive this was very popular as a destination…

And who can blame people? Furry, ferocious and photogenic. Quite a combination.

Here is Knut, the polar bear cub from Germany, who has at least two of the above qualities and will therefore ensure that (shamelessly) polar bears remain central to the revolutionary endeavours of the Cedar Lounge Revolution.

Of course being the CLR there is a political, or at least somewhat serious element to the Knut story as noted on the C4 blogs:

Frank Albrecht, the German animal rights activist who was supposedly advocating Knuticide, was in fact arguing the opposite side of the case.

He was talking about a case in Leipzig zoo, where a brown bear cub, born in similar circumstances, had been put down. The zoo was taken to court, but justified the claim on the basis that it was cruel for a bear to be reared by humans. And they won.

Mr Albrecht merely pointed out that if you were to follow the same logic, it would mean death to Knut. And before you could say ‘delightful little bundle of cuteness’, someone at the Bild newspaper took a firm hold of the wrong end of the stick. Knut became a star, and Mr Albrecht became an evil bear-killer to TV viewers across the world.

Perhaps he should join Spiked online. They may have an out-reach group for such matters.

And on that note roll on the week…


1. splinteredsunrise - June 8, 2008

I’ve just noticed a lot of hits for “Che Guevara golf”…


2. WorldbyStorm - June 8, 2008

At least he did play golf – didn’t he, with Fidel? That’s… er… political! 🙂


3. harpymarx - June 8, 2008

Awww Knut is sooooo cute. Right, that’s enough of the “cute fluffy wuffy” comment, time to regain my political faculties…

it’s amazing what people search for, isn’t it? Though in saying that my search terms are kinda boring….there’s time for that to change!


4. WorldbyStorm - June 9, 2008

Cute now, sure. But two years from now? Ferocious. And then we’ll be thanking Spiked… 🙂


5. Seán Báite - June 9, 2008

Long before ‘Google’ I used to regularly see polar bears in the vicinity of the Cedar Lounge…
Maybe the Autumn Gold cider cut with white spirit helped though – what d’yez reckon ??


6. harpymarx - June 11, 2008

WbS: Oh, a bit off topic but I don’t know if you have seen the “7 Songs for the spring/summer”? Was going to tag you after I did my list but I will now officially tag you… 🙂


alexandra alanis - March 16, 2011

hey you should be talking about polar bears.


7. WorldbyStorm - June 11, 2008

Cheers. Now I have to work out 7 as well… bah, humbug… 🙂


8. lola - February 17, 2011

is pretty


9. alexandra alanis - March 16, 2011

i wish i could save polar bears.


10. alexandra alanis - March 19, 2011

polar bears should be save


11. alexandra alanis - March 19, 2011

Polar bears should be free from globa warming so we need to use less electrcity and plant more trees take the Carbon dioxcide out of the air.


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