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Bite My Shiny Metal… October 27, 2008

Posted by Garibaldy in Science Fiction, Television Shows.

Insults to the Fox network executives who cancelled it. Lethal limboing. Bender downloading an obedience virus. Romance. Heads in jars. Nudity. Email scamming aliens taking over the company, and finding the key to time travel on Fry’s ass. Futurama was great. But alas no exhortations to bite Bender’s shiny metal ass.


1. Andrew - October 27, 2008

I watched that episode on Sunday, was it supposed to be new? I swear I’ve seen it already


2. Starkadder - October 27, 2008

It’s actually the Direct-to-DVD movie “Bender’s Big Score”
split into several episode.

While we’re on the subject of Sky telefantasy, has anyone
seen JJ Abrams’ interesting new show “Fringe “?


3. Garibaldy - October 27, 2008

Yeah I knew it was the DVD but was too cheap to buy it. It is new in the sense that it’s the first time it’s on TV. Haven’t seen Fringe. Hated Lost.


4. yourcousin - October 27, 2008

I’ve seen it. The first couple of episodes were solid, but we’ll see how it plays now that the initial fanfare is waning.


5. WorldbyStorm - October 27, 2008

Fringe? No. I liked Lost, although was often infuriated by it. Isn’t Fringe a sort of X-files redux?

Class stuff though with Futurama.

Incidentally did anyone follow that post-bomb series set in the US midwest which had some fairly interesting corporate/govt. themes? They only made 2 seasons? It was okay.


6. Garibaldy - October 27, 2008

Jericho is that what it is called? I watched a couple of episodes then lost interest. Too many other things on. Dexter – that is a quality show.


7. Dunne and Crescendo - October 27, 2008

None of you sci-fi heads ever watch The Wire?


8. Garibaldy - October 27, 2008

I’ve watched bits and pieces, mostly from the first series. It’s now on the to-do DVD list. It was good though.


9. Mark P - October 27, 2008

The Wire is one program that really shouldn’t be watched in bits and pieces. There is so much going on and they pay so little attention to the kind of repeated exposition that most TV shows go in for that it really does rely on the watcher having seen the whole run of episodes. The DVD boxed set format is perfect for it.


10. Garibaldy - October 27, 2008

Glad to hear that Mark. I haven’t watched it beyond what I’ve seen already for precisely that reason. It looks like it needs dedication.


11. yourcousin - October 27, 2008

Isn’t Fringe a sort of X-files redux?

That’s exactly what popped into my head when first watching it. But so far no little green men. I find the whole idea of science run amok interesting especially in terms of reaching ever higher and higher whilst at the same time destroying the foundations of society. But that is a tengent for another time.


12. yourcousin - October 28, 2008

should read, “tangent”


13. Starkadder - October 28, 2008

Fringe seems to be developing fine.

Three genre programs I gave up watching: the X-Files and
Alias (I couldn’t follow the arc plots) and Doctor Who
(I got tired of the magic reset buttons and endless
stunt casting (Catherine Tate,Raquel from Corrie,
Paul O’Grady)).


14. D. J. P. O'Kane - October 28, 2008

The best Futurama episode (for me, anyway) was when Fry shows Bender around his old neighbourhood.

Fry: ‘And on this corner, a guy with a big bushy beard would hand out a socialist newsletter’.

Bender: ‘Was it poorly xeroxed?’

Fry: ‘You bet!’


15. Starkadder - November 1, 2008

The new Futurama DVD, “Bender’s Game”, is out now, although
Sci-Fi Now and SFX’s reviews of it were luke-warm.


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