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How to enrage me in one easy step… Turlough O’Sullivan of IBEC speaks… October 31, 2008

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And so we hear the chorus of the “sensible”…

Yesterday evening, the director general of the Irish Business and Employers’ Confederation, Turlough O’Sullivan, said that while not all recent Government decisions had been well thought out “at a time of crisis it behoves all of us to support the general thrust of the Budget strategy . . . It is not edifying to see protests by sectional interests at a time when we need to be sending out a signal to the international community that we are a mature society capable of managing in the good times and the bad.”

So let’s get this straight. The Budget decisions are ill-thought out, but we shouldn’t protest against them. He does realise we live in a democracy? No?


1. Michael Taft - October 31, 2008

WBS, from a long-time Turlough-watcher, my suggstion is to just laugh and move on. Otherwise, you’ll just let him mess with your head. Here’s another chuckle: during the pay negotiation he referred to the ‘so-called lower paid’. Note, not to the ‘low-paid’. Maybe in his heart he aspires to be a Leveller. Or maybe he’s just wacky ol’ Turlough.


2. Paul Hardy - October 31, 2008

This guy claimed during the pay talks that the lack of any legal right to collective bargaining was ‘the only competitive advantage we have’. So really on his own argument it’s not worth listening to him on tax policy, transport, education, industrial policy, pensions… pretty much anything really.


3. sonofstan - November 1, 2008

it was the ‘sectional interests’ line that had me screaming at the TV – the old, students, the low paid are ‘sectional interests’ but not, apparently, builders and bankers….


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