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Matt Miller, Left, Right & Centre… KCRW November 18, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in US Politics.

If you want to make the case for pessimism. It’s a little bit sad when Democrats have to count on a Depression to put through the kind of minimal social protections that most other advanced nations take for granted.

Absolutely Matt (and once more it is refreshing to hear a self-described moderate and centrist and one time deficit hawk speaking a language that some of our left would find difficult to articulate), but he clearly hasn’t been to Ireland where some are counting on it to take away the kind of minimal social protections that most other nations take for granted.


1. GoodHardRant - November 19, 2008
2. WorldbyStorm - November 19, 2008

Oh God! Wouldn’t you know… cheers for that…


3. Tomaltach - November 19, 2008

Because let’s not forget that the reduction of the top rate some years back resulted in a loss of annual revenue of circa €480 million.

But that would have applied to all earners over say 34k single or 43k married. I think it’s fair to say the income distribution falls of sharply after say 200k. So it seems sound to me that the levy above 250k wouldn’t be all that bountiful. Remember – the number of people declaring incomes above 250k is tiny.


4. WorldbyStorm - November 19, 2008

Is that a different post, but Tomaltach, yeah that’s a fair point…


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