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That 90th Anniversary of the First Dáil in full… January 5, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish History, Irish Politics.

Those of who follow the doings of the House of the Oireachtas Commission, the body which oversees the running of the Houses may well have been entertained by the most recent notes (available as a PDF here).

For in relation to the 90th Anniversary of the First Dáil, we read the following:

The Commission had before it for consideration a business case for the following programme of events proposed to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the first sitting of Dáil Éireann [07-07-08]:

(i) A Special Joint Sitting of the Houses in the Mansion House on 20th January;

(ii) The production of a souvenir national newspaper supplement which will also be sent to every primary and post-primary school;

(iii) The commencement of an Oireachtas Parliamentary Fellowship to post graduate students of Irish History beginning in 2009 and continuing up to the 100th Anniversary;

(iv) The creation of a photographic exhibition of 90 years of Dáil Éireann;

(v) The commissioning of an An Post Commemorative Stamp Stamp – to be confirmed – this may yet be postponed to mark 100th Anniversary; and

(vi) 90th Anniversary branding of Oireachtas literature, letterheads, etc.

The Commission was advised that the Special Joint Sitting of the Houses in the Mansion House is proposed for 20th January as the Mansion House is unavailable on 21st January.
The Commission provisionally approved the programme of events subject to the proviso that the Office attempt to resolve the issue of the reservation of the Mansion House for the 21st January which is the actual anniversary date and therefore the preferred date for the commemoration celebrations.

Impressive stuff, although that’s some problem they face there as regards the 21st, isn’t it? How on earth could it be that the Mansion House, spiritual home of our democracy (well, sort of kind of, some might look north of the Liffey to the GPO, but that’s a whole different discussion), would be unavailable on the actual anniversary of its first sitting?

And who could have had the foresight to have booked it for that day? Just who will the Office have to deal with as it ‘attempts to resolve the issue of the reservation’?

Why what’s this I read?

2009 will mark the 90th anniversary of the convening of the First Dáil. For Irish republicans today, the ideals and the objectives of the First Dáil – a sovereign, democratic, united Irish republic based on equality and social justice – remains a live political project. 

Sinn Féin is pursuing a political strategy to achieve this. Building the political strength to bring about fundamental political, social and constitutional change is key to that strategy. 

We seek to bring a new momentum to the achievement of a united Ireland by bringing together the greatest number of people in support of national democratic objectives. 

As a contribution to this Sinn Féin has invited people to join the daylong celebration of the 90th anniversary of An Chéad Dáil at the Mansion House on 21 January.

Nice to see someone remembered their history.


1. Dunne and Crescendo - January 5, 2009

Anything thing happening at Soloheadbeg on the day? Then again Dan Breen and Sean Treacy didn’t tell the First Dail about that in 1919 either!


2. WorldbyStorm - January 5, 2009

I’d tend to doubt it.


3. PJ Callan - January 6, 2009

The IPR has been running stories on the 90th anniversary over the last few issues. They always “remember their history”!

The January issue of Irish Political Review has just hit the streets with articles on –

Cathal Brugha oration for Tom Barry
Tom Barry Committee
Trinity College Draft Dodgers – long article by Manus O’Riordan
Muriel McSwineys memoir of the Tan War
Japan and WWII
Long article on Mitterand
Article on Irish Agriculture – Roy Garland
Review of ‘Hunger’
BICO is Dead – Long Live BICO by Jack Lane
Reply to Steven King on Coolacrease

and loads of other bits and pieces

Essential reading for a mere Euros 1.30 (!) and available from


PS – Church and State No 95 has just been issued as well!


4. WorldbyStorm - January 6, 2009

Cheers for that PJ. And fair dues to them on this score.


5. Ghandi of North Strand - January 9, 2009

Workers Party Debate


The Workers Party will hold a cross party debate on the above topic They have invited speakers from Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Fein and themselves. They have decided to invite those party representatives who are standing in the local elections for the first time. They also hope to have an independent chair.

Wednesday the 21st January 2009 – 8.30pm
in The Annesley House Pub on North Strand (upstairs).

The invited line up is as follows:-

Workers Party Malachy Steenson
Fianna Fail Raymond Dunne
Fine Gael Ray McAdam
Labour Clarie O’ Regan
Sinn Fein Ruadhán Mac Aodháin

All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


6. Let the commemoration(s) commence… The 90th Anniversary (less one day) of Dáil Éireann… « The Cedar Lounge Revolution - January 20, 2009

[…] Presumably no deal was cut between the Oireachtas and those interlopers. […]


7. Starkadder - January 31, 2009

PJ-I saw that Jack Lane article and didn’t think much of it. While
I agree that King should have reviewed the Coolacrease book
and written a separate article on B&ICO/AHS, I found Lane’s
article to be his usual nonsense.

“They always “remember their history”!” Not quite.

For a start Lane claims there was no B&ICO position on Sean South-whereas B&ICO publications like the Workers’ Weekly used South’s right-wing positions to “prove” the innately reactionary nature of Irish Republicanism.(See Communist Comment, Feb. 1971).

Lane also says

“Is he [King] suggesting that B&ICO had a position of them [the Birmingham Six] being guilty? I do not recall B&ICO ever taking a position or commenting on them”.

Ahem.Indymedia’s “From Peking to Aubane”: “The BICO soldiered on, denouncing supporters of the Birmingham Six as ‘professional Paddies’ seeking redress for ‘pub bombers.’
(Workers Weekly,[B&ICO publication] 30/2/88)”


Ahem 2.”Certain people-such as the “Brrmingham Six” [sic] are to
be considered innocent-are to be considered innocent,even when their case is carefully examined and they are still found guilty”.

Madawc Williams, “Shoot to Kill-Truth a Casualty”,
Irish Political Review March 1988, pg. 7.

They took a position on the B6-the wrong one-and commentated
on them frequently, Mr. Lane.

Lane also doesn’t mention that the Athol Books started the McAleese
rut by publishing the Belfast Magazine article about her. She was
a “hate figure” for them before she took legal action.

He also claims “There is a remark that Aubane is not a conventional
Local History society..And [sic] ordinary History society is what it
wanted to be..” but it was publishing politically-motivated attacks on
Elizabeth Bowen as early as 1993’s “A North Cork Anthology”.

If you a well-written criticism of the revisionist movement in Ireland,
try DR O’Connor Lysaght’s “The Great Irish Revolution: Myths and
Realities” instead.


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