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They’ll take what they can get… January 30, 2009

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At the Central Bank bulletin launch, [assistant director of the bank] Mr O’Connell also said the Government should consider charging the public for services such as water, third-level education and free travel for pensioners.


1. ejh - January 30, 2009

Mmmm. Even apart for the ethics of this, does it ever occur to the people who say it that people who spend their money on these things will therefore not be spending them on anything else, including consumer products produced by entrepreneurial firms in the dynamic private sector?


2. CL - January 30, 2009

‘restoring sustainability’ is being advocated in the I.T today by an Ibec ideologue.
If Ireland’s political economy had been ‘sustainable’ it wouldn’t have broke down, and wouldn’t now need to be ‘restored’.
Advocating cures from the same economic philosophy that caused the problem shows the intellectual and political bankruptcy of the contributors to the Irish Times series.


3. Joe - January 30, 2009

Just got the latest ebulletin from IMPACT. Apparently the social partners have christened the forthcoming deal the ‘Framework Pact for Stabilisation, Social Solidarity and Reform’.
Yes we will be shortly voting on the terms of the PSSSR. Our capitalist economy is going down the PSSSR. Vote no.


4. Jim Monaghan - January 30, 2009

On agendas. Remember one man buses. They disappeared with the last recession. I would guess that the Dept. of Finance has a long list. Mind you I have limited sympathy for how the shift system was used to create overtime in say the prison service.
It is a truely international crisis. The priobelm is that those who offer a non Capitalist alternative fight in national or even single factory arenas.The Trade Union European Centre is a lobbying group of geriatric time servers rather than a coordinator of struggle. This is no use when Dell can move nearly overnight. I gather Aer Lingus pilopots are being used to undercut United Air pilots on certain flights.


5. CL - January 31, 2009

Morgan Kelly on Prime Time, Nov. 11, O8. He’s on the right track.


6. CL - January 31, 2009

On the right track on how the crisis developed. But Kelly, like his colleagues, is calling for wage cuts as the way out.


7. Jer - January 31, 2009

wage cuts will happen but its necessary to argue that there be some sense of proportionality as to who pays and how.

On the increasing of various rates on buses etc well that seem to be just dandy-o to get us back on the road to competitiveness doesn’t it.
Cost of living is going to go down this year rather than up and thats no bad thing as we all realign in a poorer Ireland (sustainable if you will).
But will these myriad charges help competition, help small businesses and help ordinary workers. No it wont.

However its up to leftists to now counter arguments for small taxes that will decrease further our competitiveness. Time to argue no to
anti-competitive taxes and yes to sharing the burden. Part of that burden will be wage cuts but we need to make sure that those who did best now put their shoulder to the wheel.


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