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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Roni Size and Reprazent, In the Mode January 31, 2009

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From 2000, In the Mode from Roni Size and Reprazent, vastly superior to the Mercury Prize Winning New Forms. One of the more interesting expressions of drum’n’bass, at least to my ears. I was a fairly assiduous listener to jungle, or at least its more mainstream manifestations, around the mid 1990s, but it’s odd, I tried recently to give Goldie’s first magnum opus a spin and found it saccharine beyond belief. LTJ Bukem is another matter entirely. I’m willing to bet I’ll still be listening to Logical Progression Level 1 in twenty years. Thirty even. Assuming the ears last that long.

And then there is Roni Size and Reprazent – drum’n’bass ‘collective’ no less – albeit one with a fairly rapidly shifting membership. Now, don’t get me wrong, New Forms was grand in a chin stroking way. But to me, and perhaps it was the Mercury Prize issue, there was something ineffably coffee table about it. There’s a heap of stuff like that and its usually in dance or dance related music. Portishead is another example that springs to mind. Nice. Inoffensive. Next.

Whereas… In the Mode, a good three years later had a ragged urgency – and crucially much shorter tracks – that to my ears was much more intense. Dare I say it was almost punk-like?

So here from the more polite New Forms is Brown Paper Bag which in fairness is pretty darn good…

And here from In The Mode is the opening track Railing Part 2

Here’s Dirty Beats

And this is Ghetto Celebrity (which sadly doesn’t have an accompanying video). This track which has a brilliant fusion of melody, beats and Method Man from Wu-Tang who heroically freestyles… extolling Bristol no less…

And here is Who Told You

Nice and minimalist…

While finally Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine collaborated on Centre of the Storm which surely must be one of the few examples of musical popular culture to namecheck Salman Rushdie…

The aggravator, two chips bidder, mob life goody while my hoody hide my eyes
The critics rush me like Salman Rushdie, as I
Enter the center of the storm, with Size
Enter the center of the storm, with Size
Enter the center of the storm

Apparently there is a new Reprazent album out this year. Worth looking out for.


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