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First as Tragedy… February 6, 2009

Posted by Garibaldy in Irish History, Terrorism.

Back in December, I wrote about History Ireland’s special edition on the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Fenians. Today, I see that at least one idiot, and possibly more, is now using the name to claim the launch of a new nationalist terrorist organisation. Here are some extracts from the Belfast Telegraph report.

Using a codeword, a statement was issued on behalf of the so-called IRB saying that it has “concrete foundations, and an army with active members throughout the island of Ireland”.

It continues: “Our aims and efforts are simple but solid. We believe in free communities for our future. Including drug-free communities. Safer communities.”

A caller added that that they would be “targeting” drug dealers with warnings and then serious violence if they refuse to co-operate. “We will be undoubtedly taking severe action against those found to be involved with these activities within the drug trade and followers of foreign rule.

“Our main objective is to free our fellow brothers and sisters who have been trapped under foreign rule for far too long now,” the statement says.

And it adds: “There will be no man or no government who will stand in the way of our efforts. We will remove British rule from this island and secure a united Ireland for the better future of our families and prevail victorious. And until that day is upon us, Ireland shall never be at peace.”

I wonder what followers of foreign rule are? The northern police? Cleaners in police stations? The Dublin government? People who read the Sunday Independent? Celtic fans (whether they object to foreign games in Croke Park or not)? This whole thing may well be a joke. But regardless of whether it is real or not, some people need to grow up.


1. Tim Von Bondie - February 6, 2009

IRB type secret organisations would of course be a different matter, they can go on for ever, and ever….


2. Bakunin - February 6, 2009

“Our aims and efforts are simple …”

At least they got that right.


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