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Cedar Lounge Revolution: Irish Blog Awards… Best Irish Political Blog 2009. March 6, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Blogging, Culture, Irish Politics.

Just to say a word of thanks to Damien Mulley who handed over the award for the Best Irish Political Blog 2009 to me earlier this week in a central Dublin hotel. Unfortunately the CLR wasn’t able to send one of its nationwide network of contributors and commentors on the day but it was very good of Damien to drop by.

Here it is (Fact: this is the very first award I’ve ever had even a part share in so trust me, you all get to see the photo!).

Once again, many thanks to those involved in this process. It’s genuinely heartening to get this award and it is built on the work of all of those who have contributed, commented and visited the Cedar Lounge Revolution.

Damien raised an interesting question, how this will be passed around the contributors to the CLR. I’m sure we’ll find a way…


1. smiffy - March 7, 2009

Property is theft! (But keep it on the mantlepiece – you well deserve it).


2. Daniel De Foe - March 7, 2009

Its as well the awards weren’t given for freedom of speech.


3. yourcousin - March 7, 2009

Since everyone else is too polite and well mannered to say this, I will, “fuck off, stop trolling”. This site allows a myriad of views and disagreements but you have to keep it above the belt. No one puts a gun to your head and makes you come here. WBS and others (though especially WBS) put alot of effort maintaining a high level of debate where mutual respect is placed fairly high on the priorities. Just because the Curran thread turned into a flame war doesn’t mean anything goes.

WBS, Garibaldy, smiffy, et al, sorry to go vigilante here. Congrats on the award.


4. WorldbyStorm - March 7, 2009

Much appreciated yourcousin… we’ll ignore DDF from here on out.


5. Bakunin - March 7, 2009



6. Leveller on the Liffey - March 7, 2009

May I echo Your Cousin’s well-articulated sentiments.

CLR does allow freedom of speech but some people abuse it and that’s the only time I’ve seen mods step in. DDF obviously hasn’t followed any threads other than their own.

This has to be a labour of love by WBS et al and it is much appreciated by us lefties too busy to keep it up.

The award is very much deserved.


7. WorldbyStorm - March 7, 2009

appreciate that…


8. Montevideo - March 7, 2009

Congrats, well deserved, a thought provoking blog!


9. Seán Báite - March 9, 2009

Congrats WBS, Garibaldy, Smiffy & all loungers … better get those suits into the cleaners – youse’ll be on a swivelchair on Q & A next 🙂


10. Leveller on the Liffey - March 9, 2009

No fear of any CLRers being on Questions & Answers – RTÉ would be in danger of making the panel interesting and, dare I say it, DIFFERENT.

Seriously, blog award winner Madame Poulet was on Ryan Tubridy’s radio show the other week so maybe someone should suggest WBS & Co to the producers of Q&A or Vincent Browne over at TV3.

Would WBS, Garibaldy, or Smiffy go?


11. Hugh Murphy - March 11, 2009

Why not, leveller, WBS,Garibaldy and good old smiffy never mind Monte Joe Stalin can discuss how to stop Censorship.


12. WorldbyStorm - March 11, 2009

Hugh… I’m going to block your email address and delete any comments as I see fit. This is seriously obsessive stuff. You said you were starting your own site and you’ve been given an opportunity to discuss this matter elsewhere. Myself and smiffy have had the patience of saints over months where you have infested a thread and said the same thing again and again to the point of distraction, but enough is enough.


13. Hugh Murphy - March 11, 2009

[Deleted – troll]


14. Hugh Murphy - March 11, 2009

[Deleted – troll]


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