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Chairman Ganley limbers up for the European elections… Or, let’s play the establishment card… twice over March 15, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in European Politics, European Union, Irish Politics.

The Chairman is standing in the European Elections. Ireland North West is the constituency. And his message is clear…

“A vote for us is not a vote against Brussels, it is a vote against those in Brussels who ignore you, don’t listen to you, and don’t care about you.


“But our message is true. Our principles are correct. We are on the side of the people, not the establishment in Dublin. If we work hard, stay focused and make our case, we will win.”

Two establishments to take on? Kudos to the Chairman. Although whether that will work quite as well as it sometimes does in US politics remains to be seen.


1. John Palmer - March 16, 2009

I think Mr Ganley should be asked to identify, far more precisely, WHO it is “in Brussels” who ignore the people. If it is specific politicians – far enough. The way is open for Ganley et al to put forward a political alternative to the named politicians. Unfortunately Libertas nowhere identifies which specific European Union policies would change if he and his supporters were elected and could command important support in the European Parliament. Would he, for instance, demand that the EU pursue a foreign and security policy which would be more independent of the US Pentagon?


2. Musher - March 16, 2009

As I type, you have five days left to listen to BBC Radio 4’s profile of Declan Ganley at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qjz5


3. smiffy - March 16, 2009

Don’t be silly, John. For the Chairman to answer those kind of questions, he’d have to have a policy platform to begin with. That’s old politics. Libertas makes its own reality. Policies, facts and basic sense of integrity are luxuries Libertas can’t afford if the Great Work is to be completed.

Joking aside, I think we can get an indication of the kind of politics Ganley proposes to engage in from the report in today’s Irish Times, which expands on the story WbS linked to above: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/0316/1224242906890.html

The ‘Swimmer Jim’ thing is cheap, utterly negative and lacking in any smattering of self-awareness, given that the speech was made the day after the SIPO report was issued. It’s also reminiscint of the stupid crap they pulled during Lisbon when, after stating that they wouldn’t get involved in negative campaigning, had a huge poster campaign in DSE featuring something Lucinda Creighton said about a European army when she was in Young Fine Gael years ago. Or the ‘Mandelson’s Europe’ poster to scare the farmers, without highlighting Ganley’s own, far more radical views, on the CAP.

Worse though is the kind of empty demagoguery that he’s employing in attacking serving politicians, as exemplified by this statement:

We are led today by a group of people who have no basic understanding of economics. A group of people with no real life experience of business.

“A group of people who have never, not once, created a single job, except when they do it with taxpayers’ money to employ bureaucrats instead of doctors

Never, not once, created a single job? Well, if he’s talking about private sector involvement, that’s demonstrably untrue. Don’t the publican TDs employ barmen? Don’t the Brutons, say, have someone maintaining the ranch in Meath?

But how do they “create”t hose jobs? They do it by employing people under them to generate profits, those profits in turn funding further employment. The state, however, isn’t a business, and doesn’t and shouldn’t be run on a profit motive. The state, in one sense, creates jobs directly by employing people. Interesting, though, that he seems to suggest that employing a bureaucrat – boo hiss – isn’t creating a job, while employing a doctor is.

In another sense, certain state policies – taxation policies primarily, but also infratstructural and educational – allowed for massive job creation over the past 10 years, generally by allowing for massive profits within the public sector. The rights and wrongs of those policies (and there are plenty of wrongs of which we all know) aren’t at issue. It’s simply laughable for Ganley to claim that either politicians or the state has never created a job, while implying that he – as a ‘businessman’ (with profits generated from the massively state-subsidised US defence industry) – could do so if elected.

How so, Mr. Chairman?


4. EWI - March 16, 2009

It’s simply laughable for Ganley to claim that either politicians or the state has never created a job, while implying that he – as a ‘businessman’ (with profits generated from the massively state-subsidised US defence industry) – could do so if elected.

While I am in no way suggesting that the good Chairman has committed any illegal activities, it also bears noting from his CV that his initial fortune was made in the wake of the massive privatisations of the state industries of the former Soviet Bloc (and I’m no going anywhere near his good friend, the twenty-something Baltic PM).

The same privatisations which led to the rise of the obscenely rich oligarchs in those countries (and part of the same Randian buccaneering policies which lead to their current economic collapse).


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