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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Love and Rockets, Earth, Sun, Moon March 21, 2009

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Love and Rockets. Or rather their album Earth, Sun, Moon, which I hadn’t listened to in an age. I was scouring Goth on YouTube – as you do – and rediscovering some great stuff and some not so great stuff… (Oh dear. Rose of Avalanche, how cool I thought you in 1987, you sly fellers with your near Iggyish snarls and your almost metal guitars… but then all I had to go on were the record sleeves… And how 1975 you now seem live with your shiny shirts and your farmers mullets – yeah, it’s the magic of YouTube. Destroy my illusions why don’t you)…

So anyhow, Love and Rockets. Successor band to Bauhaus (although must mention in passing the fantastic Tones on Tail side project some of their number were involved with and in particular the tracks “Real Life” and “Rain”, both of which are new wave classics). Got to admit I was never much of a Bauhaus fan in their heyday. I liked “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” which had a nice motorik element to it and a few of the more up tempo numbers, but a lot of their schtick passed me by.

But Love and Rockets. Ah there was a something a little bit different. Where Bauhaus wrapped themselves in darkness they were colourful. Where it hewed to a gothic stomp they broadened their palette to incorporate psychedelia, pop, metal and so onFrom “The Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven” with strongly psychedelic touches, to the more rock oriented “Express” and then onto Earth, Sun, Moon. This combined aspects of the previous two albums but also had a more personal open quality.

Even one or two of the videos which depicted them entirely in white seemed to play on inverting the ‘Goth’ tag which stuck with them tenaciously throughout their career.

And added to this was a pop sensibility, a genuine love of melody, which informed the tracks and which sometimes they sought to play against by introducing discordant and jarring elements. It’s probably a stretch to suggest that there was a Beatles like aspect to them… but… er… I think there was a Beatles like aspect to them.

They had a genuine massive pop hit a year or two later with So Alive and then discovered dance, to greater or lesser effect. I like the later albums very much, but I’m sure to purist fans they’re horribly flawed. I think the band has been put on ice in more recent times with a reformation of Bauhaus (cracking gig in the Ambassador some years back). Although I see they’ve reformed twice in the past two years, so who knows?

Anyhow, enough chat, here’s the music.

No New Tale to Tell

Lazy… this isn’t a proper video…

Mirror People


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