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Go go go go go massive UFO*… More from those UK Government Files. March 28, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Pseudo-Science.

You may recall some time back a piece on the CLR which dealt with recently released files from the British government on UFO’s. As a complete sucker for UFO’s (which I hasten to add I’m also a complete sceptic about) and for archives, what happier combination could there be? One story in particular was of striking issue, which dealt with… well, I’ll requote the relevant sections of the post…

Then what of omissions? File DEFE-24/1940/1 on Page 114 details photographs taken of a UFO in Scotland in August 1990. Apparently ‘six colour photographs of a diamond shaped UFO and a Harrier jet were taken by two men. The pictures were given to the Scottish Daily Record who passed them to the MoD.’

Spookily… ‘however, the file does not contain the photographs’.

As interesting is the accompanying text of a ‘Loose Minute’ cc’d to the head of Sec, DD GE/AEW, DDPR (RAF).

1. ….Such stories are not normally drawn to the attention of Minsters and the MoD press office invariably responds to questions along well-established lines emphasising our limited interest in the UFO phenomenon and explaining that we do not have the resources to undertake any in-depth investigations into particular sightings. On this occasion however, the MoD has been provided with six photographic negatives of an alleged UFO by the Scottish Daily Record and has been asked for comments almost certainly for inclusion in a forthcoming story. For this reason it is felt that US of S(AF) should be made aware of the background and the line adopted by the DDPR (RAF) in responding to the newspaper.

2. The photographs, which were received on 10 Sept, are alleged to have been taken near the A9 road at Clavine, north of Pitlochrie on the evening of 4 August. They show a large stationery, diamond-shaped object past which, it appears, a small jet aircraft is flying. The negatives have been considered by the relevant staffs who have established that the jet aircraft is a Harrier (and also identified a barely visible second aircraft, again probably a Harrier) but have reached no definite conclusion regarding the large object. It has also been confirmed that there is no record of Harriers operating in the area at the time at which the photographs are alleged to have been taken. The negatives have now been returned to the Scottish Daily Record.

it continues:

3. In consultation with DDPR (RAF) it has been agreed that the attached lines to take should be used in responding to the Scottish Daily Record. These are consistent with the position adopted in the replies to the many public and occasionally parliamentary enquiries on the subject of UFOs.

And this instruction on lines it transpires is on a typewritten sheet with the following on it…



– Have looked a photographs, no definite conclusions reached regarding large diamond shaped object.
– confident that jet aircraft is a Harrier
– Have no record of Harriers operating in location at stated time/date.
– No other reports received by MoD of unusual air activity or sightings at location/date/time.


Who in MoD studied pictures?

– All sighting reports (including on occasion photographs/drawings etc) received by MoD are referred to the staff in the departments which are responsible for air defence of UK who examine them as part of their normal duties.

Other reports of UFOs from Scotland?

– UFO reports from Scotland are rare.

Sort of begs a fair few questions – doesn’t it? For example, if confident that the jet is a Harrier, does that imply that the photograph is ‘real’? Or that the diamond-shaped object is ‘real’. And what of the non sequiter about “UFO reports from Scotland are rare”. So what? But it’s the incuriosity about the sighting which is so odd. Do they take it seriously or not? Was it a photographer who mocked up in a cusp of Photoshop age some Harriers and a fake UFO? Or what?


But lo! Strangers things on earth and the heavens… etc. The photograph has been released in the latest tranche. Or at least a photograph.

You can find it here.

and the file location is here.

And here it is.


In the precis of the files it’s noted by the following:

p37 – 38
Image (poor quality photocopy) of a large diamond-shaped UFO hovering over Calvine (Scotland) and what was later identified as a Harrier.

That latter surely has to be a masterpiece of understatement… “…later identified as a Harrier”.

Is that really a Harrier in front of the image. How big is the original photograph? How much has this been blown up in size? What of other aspects of the background that aren’t visible in the image as shown here? Whatever the truth I’m certain that this is all rather more prosaic than interstellar or interdimensional travellers.

There’s been a fair bit of talk that many sightings could be of covert US surveillance aircraft, and in particular the long-rumoured Aurora hypersonic aircraft which – so it is said – has been operational for decades now. And in this instance the almost blase attitude is remarkable. Which makes the notes reproduced in the file of the continuing investigation into the sighting all the more intriguing when they suggest that the…

“…sensitivity of material suggests very special handling”.

You’ve got to love that.

* Apologies to the Golden Horde for rewording their lyrics.


1. Niall - March 28, 2009

Somewhat off-topic here, but since you’ve an interest in Irish politics and UFOs I thought you might be able to help me. I have a vague memory of watching a report on one of Network 2’s Saturday morning Kids shows regarding the supposed crash of a UFO near Boyle, Co. Roscommon circa 1996. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that one of the locals who was supposed to have witnessed the crash was current FG senator Frank Feighan. Is my memory letting me down?


2. WorldbyStorm - March 28, 2009

I seem to recall that there was something about the North West being a UFO triangle back in the mid 1990s. Multiple sightings etc, etc. Same thing?


3. Niall - March 28, 2009

Yeah, it was as a result of the supposed crash that the Irish UFO organisation (not entirely sure what they’re calling it these days) was established, so sightings increased as groups of like minded folks began gathering together to gaze at the night sky. There was considerable coverage at the time, and perhaps even a Late Late appearance if my memory isn’t letting me down.

I should probably point out that Feighan wasn’t a member of any of those groups but I seem to remember (perhaps misremember) that he and others who had been travelling with him claimed to have seen a low flying craft moving oddly above his car on the night of the crash.


4. Niall - March 28, 2009

There’s some commentary of the crash and the Irish UFO movement on blather but I think the Feighan interview was several months after the supposed incident I can’t find anything online to confirm it. It would probably take some digging through RTE archives to find the tape since it happened in the days before Youtube.


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6. WorldbyStorm - March 28, 2009

Interesting Niall. I don’t recall the Feighan connection, but it sounds plausible… or at least as plausible as what he may have thought he saw!


7. Garibaldy - March 28, 2009

Surely the real question is who would win in a fight between a UFO and a moving statue?


8. Starkadder - March 28, 2009

Surely the real question is who would win in a fight between a UFO and a moving statue? 🙂

And maybe WBS could combine his interests by posting something
by the Posadists in the Left Archive? 😉


9. WorldbyStorm - March 28, 2009

Ah, the Posadists… Hmmm… never noticed the ‘sadist’ element of that word until now…


10. deadmanonleave - March 29, 2009

I think I discovered Posadas et al by drunkenly speculating on what would be the impact on how we view the world if, despite my scepticism, aliens really did come to visit. When I typed UFO and socialism into Google I was introduced to his mad world! I figured he must have been drinking or smoking something I could never get…


11. WorldbyStorm - March 29, 2009

Yeah. I never quite got why he thought that it had to be socialist visitors. I mean, I’d like that… but… these are *aliens*. Who knows what sort of social structures they might have…


12. D. J. P. O'Kane - March 30, 2009

According to Nigel Irritable, Posadas developed his theory after being driven mad by torture he received at the hands of the Argentinian secret police.

As for the space aliens would have to be socialist, that’s just another example of the teleogical assumptions of unlineal socio-cultural evolution which were handed down to us from the nineteenth century.


13. Ken MacLeod - March 30, 2009

I’m going by memory here, but I’m fairly sure the journalist Nick Fielding showed quite convincingly that the ‘diamond shaped object’ was an artefact of the camera’s iris mechanism, and that he was able to reproduce the effect.


14. WorldbyStorm - March 30, 2009

Ah Ken… inside me the sceptic is enormously satisfied by this news, the would be believer chastened…


15. Starkadder - March 30, 2009

Ken, do you think if L.Ron Hubbard had teamed up with Lyndon
LaRouche, they might have made something like the Posadists? 😉


16. Starkadder - April 2, 2009

Actually, maybe Ian Banks’ Culture stories are a “homage”
to the Posadists?


17. WorldbyStorm - April 2, 2009

Perhaps indeed. I’ve been re-reading them over the past few months in sequence and its amazing how prescient he was in terms of reflecting the contemporary era, particularly over splits in the Culture, the peace faction or whatever its called, etc, etc. Also his stuff is a serious mediation on intervention.


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