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This weekend I’ll be mostly listening to… The Lime Spiders… March 28, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

The Lime Spiders. An Australian 1980s garage rock band. I heard them sometime around 1987 on a psychedelic/garage rock sample cassette put together with a magazine by some fans in Kilbarrack. It was quite a sampler. Bands like The Crystal Set, the New Christs, The Fleshtones, the Chesterfield Kings and so on were on it. Much of it was US based, some of it Australian and even The Clean and The Chills made an appearance.

I liked the Lime Spiders. A punky raucous racket informed by metal but not overwhelmed by it. A lot more garage and psychedelia than one might expect. Something a bit silly about them too, but they seemed to know it (let’s just say that it doesn’t do us any good to delve too deep into the sexual politics of the songs). Although, that said, perhaps the lead singer Mick Blood (a man who kindly could be said to have a voice that sounds like he gargled with a razor blade each morning) should have thought of another surname… They never did hugely well, although one of their tracks graced the soundtrack of Young Einstein. Which somehow seems fitting. I bought everything I could of theirs either in the laughably termed Virgin ‘megastore’ down on the quays by O’Connell Bridge (they had fantastic reduced price sales on cassette tapes from ’87 onwards for a couple of years) and then later their last album on CD in London.

As seems near-inevitable these days they’ve reformed, which may be no bad thing. Anyhow, here is a sampling of tracks…

Weirdo Libido, with surely one of the most curiously awful videos of all time. I mean what point are they trying to make here?

And the descending riff in the song… hmmm…. always reminds me of… don’t laugh… Joy Division.

Just One Solution – again, WTF?

My Favourite Room – good kids always love their homes…

Jessica – not the way I’d try to break into the pop mainstream.

Volatile – classic riff…


1. Eagle - March 29, 2009

The Lime Spiders? Sheesh. Every week it’s a further indication that my youth was sadly lacking (or just over too soon).

I keep wondering when I’m going to come here on the weekend and read, “This weekend I’ll be mostly listening to… Air Supply.” It would sure make me feel better to know that you’re listening to a someone whose name I recall AND that I disdain.



2. WorldbyStorm - March 29, 2009

No, absolutely not! But I’m tempted to put up Rush, particular Vapor Trails… very like Tool, some say…

And remember. There’s a trade-off. Beer or records. Generally I went with records but these days I figure beer would have been more fun.

Actually, I do like some MOR, or even AOR. Fleetwood Mac, bits of various other bands.

And on an unrelated field of music I’ve been relistening to Springsteen recently and enjoying his stuff very much.


3. Seán Báite - March 30, 2009

on an unrelated field of music ah, so you don’t classify MOR or AOR as being in the field of music ? 🙂
Probably be with ye on that one alright.
Please give advance warning before you get onto Rush so I can avoid the internet for a week either side…


4. WorldbyStorm - March 30, 2009

🙂 It’s a public service. Of course I’ll give you a warning!


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