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The Dublin Central Local Elections and byelection Promotional Material – Independent Candidate Maureen O’Sullivan… Part 7 of a continuing series. May 12, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Dublin Central Local Election and By-Election Promotional Material.

You know, it took me a while to realise I hadn’t posted this up. Wood for trees and so on. Anyhow, here it is, the leaflet used by the Gregory Group candidate Maureen O’Sullivan.

As ever I’ll gladly post up any literature from left and center-left candidates/parties as I get it or as it is sent to me… usual address see email on right hand column.




1. steve white - May 12, 2009

oh my god she put his name all over her election stuff its as bad as using your fathers name…

if she has worked in the area she should be name under her own name.
she should be known on her own right and rise or fail on that.

still waiting for her to actively acknowledge she wants to be part of national politics


2. steve white - May 12, 2009

she doesn’t explicitly mention she a councillor??


3. james - May 12, 2009

hi. you say materials can be emailed to you. where is the email address? sorry, can’d find it in the right hand column. thanks


4. Garibaldy - May 12, 2009


it’s just under the resources bit after the links to other blogs.



5. james - May 12, 2009

thanks, sorry for my dimness


6. Eamonn - May 12, 2009

The yellow teeth swung it for me.


7. Leveller on the Liffey - May 12, 2009

Steve: Using Tony Gregory’s name is not “as bad as using your father’s name” – it just identifies Maureen’s grouping, pretty much like a party name.

She has worked in the area but Dublin Central is a fair-sized constituency so someone like her who hasn’t had years to establish her identity with voters has to use every device to let them know where she’s coming from.

I don’t know what you mean by “still waiting for her to actively acknowledge she wants to be part of national politics” when she’s fighting the by-election for a seat in the Dáil.


8. steve white - May 13, 2009

is gregory group a party. No. is it even a ‘grouping’?

she was co-opted in sep 2008

what happened to mick rafferty? (short answer please)

for national issues see my comment here


9. WorldbyStorm - May 13, 2009

I think Maureen had every right to use Tony’s name since she is the representative and agreed candidate of the group around Tony (oh yeah, and she was one of those asked to consider going forward for this by Tony – and that group included Joe Higgins).

Secondly whatever your feelings on national politics for those of us who think that Tony’s message in national politics, one of strong reliance on community, a broad left approach, is worth articulating at a national level are glad to see someone try to do so. Since Tony tended in the main to vote with those who took that broad left approach (the SP, SF, independent socialists) I think it’s hard to sustain that he had no interest or engagement with that politics – agree or disagree with it as you will.

As regards Mick that was a decision made by those involved. You can second guess that to your hearts content. It doesn’t change a thing.


10. Leveller on the Liffey - May 13, 2009

Jaysus, Steve, you’re more nit-picking than a tribunal lawyer.


11. Eamonn - May 13, 2009

Mick Rafferty For Mayor…of springfield…(or actually of Moe’s Tavern.)


12. steve white - May 13, 2009

but she’s not doing it on a national level. she never mentions anywhere but her neighbourhood.

maureen should be talking about how not only will she represent her community that maybe in need of help but of all communities across the country as member of the dail, hooking up with other tds, other people working to improve areas going under redevelopement in limerick and ballymun and elsewhere, that what meant by national politics, she’s still acting like a parish pump councillor

im not second guessing, im simply asking why he resigned? its straight question.

its not nit picking at all, wbs said on the different thread that he was torn between whether she should pnarrow local td or national politician not, its huge difference that wbs is determined to ignore.


13. anthony bosco oneill - May 15, 2009

Maureen is a lady attempting to enter a house full of whores and whoremasters, she has been a stalwart of gregory for years and there would probably be no better replacement unfortunatley she is not Tony and will not take the seat without broad agreement from the left.

As for campaigning on national issues Bread and Butter is a national issue at the moment and she is well able to debate that corner.


14. Brian - May 21, 2009

I suppose that the phrase that best sums up the local/national issue as regards the contributions on Maureen O’ Sullivan is- think local act global.
All issues are local- unemployment, levies, pension stealth tax, banks and building societies. What a lot of us want is bottom up rather than top down politics and tyhere are some politicans who offer that oppertunity. The large parties toe the line so you are voting for a party policy- which is subject to change- rather than an Independent who does not have to change policy because of the change of statedgy of the party. My ideal Dail would be made up of Independents who vote with each other on items that they agree with not because they will loose their party nomination if they don’t. I hope that Maureen takes the seat because otherwise it will be lost to the left for a long time to come. Bacik will not win a second Labour seat in the area. Costelloe already lost his once. If Burke was to be electd Mary Lou will pop back in the next time and again the eat will be lost. Lets get real here. Gregory was a torn in the side of the establishment from the day that he entered the Dail. No party is going to do that. Vote Independent, Vote Gregory. For those of you who are interested Mick Rafferty is canvassing most nights for Maureen, and in the way of Indepent Politics Maureen had 100% support for her nomination from all the people who canvassed for Tony over the years. Lets not try and winkle out gossip and splits about this. Its about politics of the left, not rumour mongering and taking cheap shots, if thats your politics then you would be better off joining the Greens or F>F> where you abilities could be put to the great cause of disenfranching the people of Ireland.


15. steve white - May 21, 2009

who’s rumour mongering and taking cheap shots?


16. WorldbyStorm - May 21, 2009

I’m not determined to ignore anything. You’ve perfect right to raise whatever you want to. I have limited time to address everything that’s put forward. I think if you recognise the approach that TG pioneered you’ll see it was rooted in a sense of community beyond just Dublin Central and was locked directly into broader campaigns, indeed TG was strongly involved in the Lisbon Referendum campaign. That is precisely what Maureen is standing on (as it happens, ironically enough, I took a different view on Lisbon)…

BTW steve, what’s your chosen political party?


17. steve white - May 21, 2009

ah i wasn’t talking about the lisbon treaty you know that, i was talking about what i wrote above which you again ignore.

listeedn and watched the vb and pk shows with her, she never mentioned lisbon only ‘her community’.

i have no chosen political party.


18. WorldbyStorm - May 21, 2009

Very good.

I’m unsure as to what I’m meant to be ignoring? Is it the Rafferty thing which I heard from the horses mouth wasn’t a problem, and from TG and others that it wasn’t either. Do you have the benefit of knowing more than I on that score? Have you talked to MR?

Is it the dichotomy between local and national (hence my use of the example of Lisbon)? I don’t see it in the way you do. I argued previously that I wasn’t certain that campaigning mostly on Tony’s legacy was necessarily the best way to go, or perhaps I put it that we’d see if that would work, I wasn’t sure. I’m still not, but that’s not a local vs. national division, that’s about the dangers in campaigning as a proxy for someone else… a markedly different thing, because the confusion or danger is that one may be found wanting in measuring up to the original person. Vis local/national, again, Tony had a fairly clear cut internationalist broad based further left position on most issues, be they unemployment, unions, workers rights, a left government etc. He was very clear that he wouldn’t support FF last time out, or indeed any centre right party, and that his option would be for a left led government. In some respects that’s indivisible from an SP position etc.

I really don’t see any lack of clarity there, that is MOS’s position, etc.

Look, I’m not going to convince you that MOS, and TG before her, had a clear ideology. Indeed no one is. So.


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