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The Dublin Central Local Elections and byelection Promotional Material – David Geary of the Green Party… Part 12 of a continuing series. May 26, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Dublin Central Local Election and By-Election Promotional Material.

A first from the Green Party. So far I haven’t been troubled by them, bar a poster for the candidate across the road from my house. Let me allow the person who forwarded this to me to put it in their own words:

This is the only thing I’ve got from the Green Party. I usually get a huge amount of leaflets through the door, and canvassers calling, as I live near a crossover point for the parties which divide the constituency up between east and west. I’ve even occasionally got stuff meant for Cabra Glasnevin candidates, so I was surprised that we weren’t seeing any Green Party literature.

It was put through the door while I was in the house, without the bell being rung. I’ve noticed quite a few lying on pavements and half out of letterboxes around the area. That’s usually an indication that someone is being paid to do the leafleting and not making a thorough job of it (Nial Ring and Tom Stafford’s stuff is always worst for this), but sometimes it’s just a mark of inexperienced leafleters.

But anyway, the leaflet itself:

There is an issue in Stoneybatter and a few other places around the Council’s decision to remove most of the dog dirt bins, which were on lamp posts at the ends of streets, and meant for people to clean up after their dogs. As a cutback measure DCC removed the bins but left the signs up, so now dog walkers are expected to clear up after their dogs and then take the shit home with them. Of course, they don’t, and in areas where people don’t have front gardens, this means you have to be very thoughtful when you step out of your front door.

The Green Party response to this situation is innovative, to say the least. He doesn’t say whether he thinks the City should fine people, restore the bins, or take any measures against dog walkers. Nor does he say whether he will continue to pay for the pooper scooper bags after the elections.

There’s also an issue in some places around street lighting, maybe he’ll be buying torches and leaving them in the shops for us when the evenings get dark…

dog shit leaflet 1

dog shit leaflet 2

As ever I’ll gladly post up any literature from left and center-left candidates/parties as I get it or as it is sent to me… usual address see email on right hand column.


1. M - May 26, 2009

Interview with Deirdre de Burca


2. Maddog Wilson - May 26, 2009

‘ The Green Party offer a radical alternative’ you would be hard put to imagine they are in the government from the leaflet and the interview.


3. Leveller on the Liffey - May 26, 2009

Now that’s what I call local – shite on your doorstep. At least it’s practical.


4. Leveller on the Liffey - May 26, 2009

Or maybe I mean useful.


5. Dorothy B. - May 26, 2009

Pooper scoopers are available FREE from Dublin City Council. I know of Resident Associations who have got these in bulk and left them in local shops for use by residents. Some of the very same shops appear on the above list ! So the candidate has got freebies and stuck a Green Party sticker on them ? Cutting edge stuff indeed.

And speaking of shaggy dog stories, are we sure the leaflet is on recycled paper? Forgive my suspicious nature, the Greens wouldn’t lie about that kind of thing , would they ?


6. WorldbyStorm - May 26, 2009

Nice one Dorothy B. 🙂


7. alastair - May 29, 2009

David Geary should get at least some kudos for this classic parody piece surely?: http://www.youtube.com/v/Jr9PvTLJ0VI

Oh those Greens and their post Brass Eye irony! Tomatoes – the scourge of the streets!


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