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The Chairman’s letter… I mean of course… party political broadcast… to the English… May 27, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in British Politics, European Politics, Irish Politics.

…from (could it be?) Ireland!

Thanks to Garibaldy for noticing it, and as he notes “It was played in England only, and involves the Chairman in his English accent, and no sign at all that it was filmed in Ireland, which it clearly was”.

Look, I know that I give him a hard time, but to be honest he’s a pretty good speaker.


1. smiffy - May 27, 2009

2 minutes, 40 seconds and not a single mention of a policy. It’s hard not to laugh about the commitment to ‘transparency’ at the end, though.


2. Garibaldy - May 27, 2009

Somebody else drew it to my attention, but I thought WBS was the man to write it up. Kudos for the contemporary nature of the comments about the corruption of the political class in the UK, though I thought that the reference to a pro-EU party was liable to hurt them among the target audience.


3. Niall - May 27, 2009

I listened to Ganley, but it was the usual waffle about transparency. What was most striking was the Irish background shots and the decision to use black and white for a part of the video.


4. Leveller on the Liffey - May 27, 2009

You’re spot on, Garibaldy, “pro-Europe” is not what his target audience want to hear.

The MPs’ corruption scandals and the comparison with the EU was a sound idea but delivered a little lamely, I thought. Clear but dull.


5. Pidge - May 28, 2009

What he says at two minutes twenty seconds is great: “…democracy must be at the core of everything we do…”. I love the way they always speak of democracy, yet are probably the least democratic party to contest elections in the state. Entirely a top-down body, with an unelected, self-appointed chairman. No AGM, no voting structures, no defined membership rights, no governing body, no motions, no policy, no hope.

Entirely non-transparent, entirely undemocratic. It all seems a bit masturbatory. What a twat.


6. WorldbyStorm - May 28, 2009

For shame… he’s there working on *your* behalf… 😦


7. Craig - May 28, 2009

“It all seems a bit masturbatory. What a twat.”

Get a grip… You know that you’re no longer in the schoolyard right?

It interests me that some “radical” commentators are so focused on attacking Ganley & Libertas for ideological reasons that they effectively join forces with the same establishment parties that have led Ireland into its current mess and who are so desperate to hand power away from the people of Ireland that they are arranging a second referendum on a question that has already been answered.

Viva la FF/FG/Labour revolucion 😉


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9. marmurr1916 - May 30, 2009

Purely from an advertising perspective, it’s a desperate piece of work.

Libertas and Ganley are pretty much unknown brands in the UK.

When you’re introducing a new product, be that a new brand of beans or a new political party, you’ve got to get the name across and some of the features and benefits.

This ad does none of those things. It’s based almost entirely on the assumption that Ganley and Libertas are household names in the UK and that the Treaty of Lisbon, the first issue mentioned by Ganley, is a major issue for the British public.

Neither of these assumptions are true. Almost nobody in the UK has heard of Ganley and/or Libertas and most of the British public have never heard of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Not one British Libertas candidate appears in the ad, there’s not one mention of a Libertas policy, not one mention of who Libertas are, and the black & white section consists mainly of Ganley telling the audience that voting in the European elections is important – not exactly a party specific message.

It’s not until 20 seconds before the end that Ganley actually mentions voting for Libertas.

As an introduction to a new, almost entirely unknown political party and an appeal for votes, it’s very, very poor, especially compared to the party political broadcasts by No2EU: Yes to Democracy and the Jury Team (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00kq4z1/Party_Election_Broadcasts_for_the_European_Parliament_2009_The_Jury_Team_28_05_09/)


10. WorldbyStorm - May 30, 2009

That’s a very fair critique.


11. Leveller on the Liffey - May 30, 2009

And the danger (?) with this sort of headline-grabbing by Libertas candidates (‘Libert-ass’s Naked Truth on the EU’)


is that it will be seen as a fringe party of wing-nuts and publicity seekers. Outrageous.

(BTW: What does the Chairman and Caroline Simons have to say about Amy Diamond’s upfront exposure for Libertas?)


12. Garibaldy - May 30, 2009

They had someone on the main BBC News last night as part of a piece on fringe candidates. An English woman.


13. WorldbyStorm - May 30, 2009

No doubt they’re delighted. Still, the point is clear, the No2EU campaign is much more sussed. The libertas one much less so.


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