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The Dublin Central Local Elections and byelection Promotional Material – Patrick Maphoso… Part 13 of a continuing series. May 27, 2009

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I’m indebted to a now regular contributor of election material for the latest leaflet, this from Patrick Maphoso who is running as an Independent. You know, this is one of the more precise leaflets in this election with a very clear approach, perhaps not so surprising when one learns that he was an active member of the ANC.

As the contributor notes:

I have to say, I like what I’ve seen of him.

One of his issues, raised earlier in his campaign, was that he didn’t think people should have to go to Garda stations to register to vote (you still have to if you want to get on the supplement to the register after the official register closes).

He reckons public libraries would be better, and I agree.


maphuso back


1. Wednesday - May 27, 2009

It’s telling that one of the first things he points out is that he came here on a work permit – obviously to head off the assumption, which all black people here seem to face, that he’s one of those “bogus asylum seekers”.

He’ll get my No. 3.


2. Damian O'Broin - May 27, 2009

Thanks for posting that up WbS – I had seen some of his posters but didn’t know what he stood for.


3. Wednesday - May 27, 2009

Incidentally he’s dead right about the Garda requirement, which is completely anachronistic and frankly a bit mad in a supposedly modern democracy. It’s also contrary to Green Party policy although I have a PQ reply from Gormley in which he says he thinks it’s grand.

The Garda signature requirement for a passport is also daft. There’s no need for police involvement in either of these processes.


4. Dr. X - May 27, 2009

There’s a couple of African candidates for the council here in C/bar – one independent, the other with the Blueshirts. I think (I’ll have to check this) they’re both small businessmen, and their politics reflect this. . .


5. Leveller on the Liffey - May 27, 2009

Can I just say thanks to the comrades supplying all this stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see.


6. Eamonn - May 27, 2009

Does anyone know why the NIC Fine Gael candidate from Poland withdrew his nomination? Was he asked to step aside to allow Tar McAdam a better run?


7. StripeyCat - May 27, 2009

Maybe he suddenly realised that he is was in Fine Gael?

Here’s a true story about getting my passport renewed. Went to Passport Office with old passport, completed form, and new pictures.

They told me I had to get the pictures signed by the cops, even though I had my old passport (which was still in date). I asked if there is a Garda available to do this in the building, but of course there isn’t, so I went to Pearse Street Garda station.

There I was asked for ID. I showed my (soon to be out of date) passport, which they accepted and so signed the pictures. This country is nuts, I thought, as I walked back to Molesworth Street.


8. Wednesday - May 28, 2009

I recently heard of a person with a passport application, having all the ID needed to prove their identity, being turned away from a Garda station on the grounds that “I don’t know you”. And this wasn’t in some rural village either.


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