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The Dublin Central Local Elections and byelection Promotional Material – Cieran Perry, Independent… Part 14 of a continuing series. May 28, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Dublin Central Local Election and By-Election Promotional Material.

Here’s a leaflet from Independent local election candidate Cieran Perry. An interesting leaflet that focuses heavily on the national picture rather than the local.





As ever I’ll gladly post up any literature from left and center-left candidates/parties as I get it or as it is sent to me… usual address see email on right hand column.


1. Maddog Wilson - May 28, 2009

I have not been able to read it all yet, but it looks quite impresive, lots of information.


2. Joe - May 28, 2009

Perry must be in with a very good chance of a seat. He’ll be getting my No.1. I would expect he will take some no.1s from young McGrattan of SF – people who gave 1s to Kehoe the last time. FF have two strong candidates in Ahern and Fitzpatrick and a young teacher in Cabra, Kearney. There will be a swing to FG but their two candidates, O’Shea and McNab, are weak. Labour’s Keegan and Clancy are also weak candidates. My prediction:
FF 2
SF 1
Perry 1
FG 1
A big anti-FF swing might give one seat to Labour at FF’s expense. But at the end of the day this is a local election and people will vote for the candidates they know who have done a bit of work so Labour’s poor record on the ground will lose them a seat.


3. anthony bosco oneill - May 28, 2009

If that prediction were to come true then labour nor Fine Gael would be in the running for the Bye Election seat.


4. Joe - May 28, 2009

Fair point Anthony. There are four elections in Dublin Central – the byelection, the Euro and the two local elections. All different, all intriguing, all impacting on one another.
There are so many possibilities – some people will vote for e.g. Bacik but not for their local Labour candidate in Cabra/Glasnevin. Ahern won’t win the byelection but the fact that he’s standing in that will probably boost his local election vote. Fitzpatrick will get some votes on the basis that people might believe she’s been shafted by the local FF. The FG local election candidates will do well from the votes Donohoe gets in the byelection. And so on and on.
Anyway I live in Cabra/Glasnevin. That’s my prediction. Slaughter me after the election when FF and FG are wiped out and the red flag flies in Phibsboro (as opposed to those Sandinista ones which have been fluttering since Bohs won the league).


5. Leveller on the Liffey - May 28, 2009

I hope Cieran gets in as he’s a hard-working Leftie but this newsletter won’t help him: it’s too texty; the long lines across an A4 page are hard to read; and it’s just too earnest.

Before anyone screams “What about sound politics?”, remember this has to compete with the small rainforests of election stuff pouring through people’s doors, most of which, I suspect, are straight on their way to the recycling bin if they don’t catch your eye.

Joe Higgins, PBP and the Shinners have a better handle on DTP design and, IMHO, Cieran would better with fewer words and better presentation.

He should get in despite this, not because of it.


6. Big Yellow Taxi - May 28, 2009

That’s true. He really needs a designer badly. It looks like a leaflet from 1983.


7. WorldbyStorm - May 28, 2009

There I agree…


8. Cabra blow-in - May 28, 2009

It’s not primarily an election leaflet; its one of the Perry team’s regular newsletters that come in through your door about every two months. The election stuff is shorter and snappier.


9. WorldbyStorm - May 28, 2009

Fair dues. Any chance you could email a copy to me?


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