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My Da would beat your Da in a fight May 30, 2009

Posted by Garibaldy in Complete nonsense.

Gotta love the Yanks. This story will raise memories among those who heard it of a joke doing the rounds in Belfast during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


1. Niall - May 30, 2009

I really want to see this show.

It asks all of the most important questions.

Except perhaps Cavemen V Spacemen.


2. Garibaldy - May 30, 2009

It does sound awesome.


3. WorldbyStorm - May 30, 2009

Yeah, but what about Godzilla?


4. Niall - May 30, 2009

Oh come on! How could any creature defeated by Matthew Broderick ever stand up to a real pirate, ninja or caveman?


5. Garibaldy - May 30, 2009

So that’s Sarah Jessica Parker losing then.


6. Niall - May 30, 2009

May God save us all if she ever won.


7. Niall - June 1, 2009

I just watched this show. It was hilarious. My inner 13 year old loved it. It’s unrealistic, with z-movie like simulations and bunch of ‘experts’ who act like fanboys.

The IRA won, but in an utterly absurd scenario that saw the taliban and IRA meeting in a car lot in some desert in teams of 5.


8. Garibaldy - June 1, 2009

Dude, where did you get it? I have to see it


9. Niall - June 1, 2009

It’s up on the usual torrent sites. I don’t want to mention any by name or link since I’m not sure what this site’s policy is on those kind of matters is.


10. Garibaldy - June 1, 2009

Thanks for that. Appreciate the info.


11. WorldbyStorm - June 1, 2009

As long as we don’t get sued I don’t think there’d be much problem. Would we get sued?


12. Niall - June 1, 2009

I doubt it. Its streamed off Spiked’s website to the US and Canada.

Here’s the link. You guys can delete if the solicitor’s letter arrives:


Have to love the description of the IRA fanboy’s claim to be a relative of Michael Collins.


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